15 DIGITAL Skills to Make Money Typing Online

What are the best 15 digital skills to make money online in 2023?

Anyone can learn and earn extra passive income from the skills discussed in this post. 

#1- Selling

Selling online has been made easy by third-party marketplaces.

Locally you can sell at Muthrwa, Jiji, and Jumia among others, while internationally on Etsy, Amazon, Poshmark, Depop, and Shopify, among others.

In addition, selling on social media pages is another way to get customers online.


#2- Teaching

Teaching languages, how-to tutorials, or complex topics through online courses, eBooks, or education portals is a way many people generate income on the web.


#3- Technology & Computing Development

The ability to design and develop websites, mobile apps, systems, and other hardware or software used to access the web or Internet-powered technologies.

For example, Kenyans love these apps that pay real money. I make more than KSH.30,000 every month with one of them. You can create such apps because Kenyans love to make extra cash from their mobile phone.


#4- Photography

Modeling agencies and business owners will always buy photographs to market their products and services.

Sell on sites like Shutterstock or Deposit Photos as explained in this guide on how to get paid for pictures.


#5- Writing

Writers who can write a blog post, marketing copies, and SEO-optimized content are always sorted after for ghostwriting, content writing, and copywriting.

You can learn more about those forms of writing in this blog post on how to get paid to write online.


#6- Editing

YouTube videos, Podcast content, or written content needs to be edited before they are published, hence the high demand for proofreaders and editors across all fields.


#7- SEO & SEM

Search engine optimization (SEO) is making content search friendly for it to be found by search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The process of driving traffic to that content from search engines is called search engine marketing (SEM).


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#8- Email Marketing

A business owner’s process to promote and sell their products through email is called email marketing.

Some people have become millionaires by effectively sending emails with a high open rate like this guy who has built a seven-figure business from this skill.


#9- Social Media Marketing

In this era, there are Instagram, Onlyfans, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Facebook billionaires globally.

What those influencers have done is mastered the art of building an audience through social media.


#10- Data Analytics

Before making any business decision or implementing a new strategy, one must study previous data.

This is where data analytics come in to help business owners to interpret data.


#11- Video

Almost every platform on the web has a section dedicated to video content only. For example, there are reels on Instagram and Facebook.

So far, Tiktok has become the most downloaded web app because of the power of short videos.

Therefore, anybody who masters the art of creating income-generating short videos can make lots of money online.


#12- Trading

Buying financial instruments such as shares, forex, indices, and metals, among others, is a money-making skill for most people.

The profit makers in this industry have mastered the art of making a profit through pricing changes in those instruments.


#13- Design

There are so many things you can design and sell online. For example, digital products, fonts, and T-shirts for print-on-demand, among others.


#14- Branding

Turning a business into a brand gives it a unique identity through visual elements like the logo, mission, and audio or video elements. This a process you can help business owners to achieve.


#15- Music

 Voice-over, promotion, mixing, editing, and transcription are some skills you can offer in music-related jobs.

15 DIGITAL Skills to Make MONEY Online In 2023



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