Jobs For 19 Year Olds With No Experience


What are the best jobs for 19 year olds?

A 19 year old is legally an adult and ready to explore all opportunities available to establish their life.

At this point, parents do not provide much support once a young person attains 19 years. Those do still encourage their kids to seek employment opportunities to become self-reliant.

As a result, pursuing jobs for 19 year olds is one way to attain financial stability.


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 Jobs for 19 Year Olds With No Experience

It is the digital era, and many people are trickling into the internet to look for jobs that serve their interests.

The 9-5 job model is not exciting, and the desire to create more time for yourself will spur you to join the online platform to look for jobs.

In addition, not everyone has the necessary experience to find a 9 – 5 job.

This means seeking alternative options, such as jobs that you can do without experience.

The number of jobs that one can do is many. What you need to do is to learn how to find such jobs online.

How to Find Jobs with no Experience?

Finding jobs for 19 year olds without experience is a challenge. Most employers tend to demand certificates.

Even though this is the case, you can still maneuver the challenges and find an ideal job.

First, create good connections with people to get referrals.

Secondly, create a short resume explaining what you can do and your experience.

Always be ready to demonstrate your skills to prove to the employer that you are up to the task.

How do I get a Job Online with no Experience?

Some websites which provide jobs that do not need experience include;

  • Indeed
  • Ziprecruiter
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoors
  • Flexjobs

Some jobs you can do without experience include filling out simple surveys and data entry.


#1 – Editing and Proofreading

Any 19 year old who is a literature or media and communication graduate can do editing and proofreading jobs.

In fact, technology offers a wide range of opportunities online to the extent no need to look for jobs in an office.

The average pay for a proofreader is $28+ per hour and an estimated annual salary of $50k+.

You need a degree in English-related courses or journalism.

Next, you need to have an understanding and mastery of the language and have expert grammatical skills.

There are many websites where to can find editing and proofreading jobs such as Amazon, Talent Desire, Proofread Anywhere, Fiverr and Flexjobs among others.

Is proofreading an ideal side hustle for you? You can two things to find out;

One, you can take these proofreading quizzes to test if you got what it takes to survive in this make-money opportunity.

Two, you can take this FREE proofreading workshop which will show you how to become a highly-paid proofreader, and some of the places to get high-paying clients.


#2- YouTube Content Creator

Any creative person who can shoot videos and edit videos has a chance to succeed as a content creator on YouTube even without talking or showing a face.

The advantage of using YouTube is the access to thousands of ways to make money even without fancy vlogging equipment.

The platform brings together advertisements, sponsors, and ad networks which enable to monetization of channels.

The average salary of a YouTuber per year ranges from $100 – $100M depending on the rate of monetization and proper channel branding.

Some must-have skills for a YouTuber are editing, hardworking, creativity, good research, and knowing how to use the YouTube platform.

There is only one place where you can easily succeed as a content creator, and that is the YouTube platform.

Google allows anyone with an email to create an account easily on the platform.

As a 19 year old, your role is to put your ideas out there, and people will make you famous.


#3- Survey Sites

Taking surveys is termed the most straightforward job that anyone can do.

Have you ever thought about venturing into completing surveys for pay?

If so, this is what to do because there are many legit survey apps that pay the most.

For example, advanced surveys on a site like Survey Junkie pay between $50 – $200 per task.

Simple surveys involve sharing opinions and pay poorly, while advanced surveys pay well and require professional qualifications to participate.

Some of the jobs you will complete include collecting data through the survey, entry, and analysis.

This is a beginner-friendly job because you will not need a degree or advanced certification or experience to participate in surveys.

All you need is some time and interest in providing opinions or feedback on a certain topic or product.


#4- Review Music

Reviewing music requires passion, and in most circumstances, it is a job reserved for literature graduates.

A 19 year old who has an English or journalism degree can review much and make money.

The purpose is to provide a unique perspective to help readers to understand the song better.

The average hourly pay is $20+, while the estimated annual pay is $50k.

The qualification needed to become a music reviewer is to have a college degree in English-related journalism.

Also, you need to have a passion for music to understand the lyrics.


#5- Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant handles activities customer care would do in a physical office.

Virtual assistants help companies that have an online presence. The aim is to address customer issues and update the management on the business challenges.

For example, the average pay for a Pinterest manager virtual assistant is $24+ per hour. In short, the average annual salary for a virtual assistant is $45k+.

Most employers demand prior experience. So, start small, then seek opportunities in significant companies

Moreover, a virtual assistant needs to be tech-savvy and be a quick learner to work with the latest technology.

It’s easy to find a virtual assistant job because almost all well-performing businesses which have integrated online services into their operations need a virtual assistant.


#6- Sell Online

You can either sell a physical or digital product online and make money.

As a19 year old, you have already learned many technology systems and can understand how to use any website. This makes it possible to register on any website and post your items.

The amount of money one can earn from selling online ranges from $0 – $ 1 billion, depending on your effort and inventory.

There are so many websites that can allow you to sell your items such as Etsy, Poshmark, Depop, and Amazon among others.


#7- Web Design & Programming

Web design is reserved for those who have undergone training in school. This can either be a technical college or a college.

Web designer needs to learn several programming languages to ensure they can do any job.

A web design professional earns between $35k – $300k per year.

Some of the languages they need to learn to include C++, PHP, JAVA, JS, Python, .Net, HTML, and CSS.

Additionally, it is advisable to learn several frameworks such as WordPress, Laravel, VueJs, GitHub, Andriod, iOS, Flutter, and React, among others.

You can find web design and programming jobs on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr or on job boards like Flexjobs.


#8- Data Entry

Data entry is easy but not as much as you think. The tasks are complicated and require a higher understanding or specialization in a particular field.

If you want to make good money, then it is advisable to focus on learning to become an expert in a particular field.

Most data entry jobs are based on accounting, finance, actuarial, engineering, and project management.
This demonstrates that only professionals in these fields will succeed.

The average pay depends on the project. The rate ranges from $5 entry upward especially on these data entry jobs from home.

There are many places you can find some of the best data entry jobs without investment like Sigtrack, MTurk, and 3HourJob among others.



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#9 – Driving Jobs

When you hear someone mention driving jobs, what comes to mind is being on the road 24/7 and getting meager pay.

That is not the case because driving jobs pay well and give people a chance to put their skills into practice. Driving jobs pay depend on the vehicle driven and the goods delivered.

It is easy to find high paying driving jobs in many countries.

The creation of delivery companies has made it possible to 19 year olds to find their ideal jobs.

Some of the best driving jobs are as listed below:

  • Airport Shuttle Driver – Estimated weekly salary is $1300.
  • Professional Driver – Estimated salary per year is $50k
  • Charter Bus Driver – Estimated salary per year is $45k
  • Party Bus Driver – Estimated salary per year is $43k
  • Chauffeur – Estimated average salary per hour is between $16 – $22.
  • Personal Driver – Estimated average salary per hour is 20+.
  • Limo Driver – Estimated average salary per hour is $20+.
  • Motor Coach Operator – Estimated Salary per year is $40k.

Some of the well-known trucking companies which constantly employ truck drivers are as listed below:

Fraley & Schilling

This company operates worldwide and provides drivers with the best benefits. Fraley & Schilling was founded in 1955 and has grown to 300 employees.

The company provides jobs such as box freight, dry freight, van freight, flatbed freight and tanker freights.

Further, Fraley & Schilling offers extra health and life insurance services.

The average salary per year for employees working in this company is $45k+.

Schneider National, Inc.

This is an international company which is found in almost all countries in the world.

The company is very considerate and employs even fresh graduates. This makes it an ideal place for 19 year olds to work.

Currently, Schneider National, Inc. has 19,600 employees. The company pays an average of $50k+ per year.

Some extra services offered to employees include medical coverage and paid vacation.

 US Xpress Enterprises, Inc.

US Xpress has invested in the trucking industry and has integrated modern technologies into its services.

The company offers extra services such as insurance and unpaid weekly or daily home for drivers to relax.

As a new 19 years old graduate, this is a job you can do well.

The company pays $50k and above.

Knight-Swift Transportation

This company operates mainly in the United States. The company has over 21,900 employees.

It also provides shipping and logistical services.

The wide range of services this company provides ensures that even 19 year olds can find a stable job.

Currently, Knight-Swift pays between $48k – $98k per year.

Other benefits given to employees include insurance and vacation.


The company was founded in 1962 and currently has more than 2500 employees.

The company pays an annual average salary of $50k.

Additionally, the company cemented itself in the trucking industry and supported drivers by providing them with medical insurance.

C.R. England

Do not be confused by the name: C.R. England is an American family-owned trucking business founded in 1921.

The company provides training and employs drivers.

The average salary for drivers per year is $90k.

Werner Enterprises

Warner is a great start-off company that offers excellent jobs for 19 year olds.

The company has more than 13,000 employees responsible for 8k trucks and 24k trailers.

Warner employees’ average salary per year is between $40 – $95k.


#10- Summer Jobs

It is a holiday, and you are not sure what to do. Imagine you can make money by doing simple jobs.

Summer jobs are ideal for 19 year olds because it gives them a starting point in life.

It is possible to establish a company within the same line if it is a passion.

Some of the summer jobs include:

Job Skills Needed Estimated Pay
Camp counselor Leadership skills, experience working in a camp, first Aid skills AVG Per Hour: $12+

Estimated Annual Salary:  $25k+

Ride operator High school diploma or Certificate  Estimated Annual Salary: $15k – $80k
Concessions worker No limitation on requirements  AVG Per Hour: $12+

Estimated Annual Salary: $26k+

Car wash attendant Customer service skills, Physically fit, attention to detail, Hygienic  AVG Per Hour: $12+

Estimated Annual Salary: $30k+

Housekeeper Certificate, Experience, Hardworking, Hygienic  AVG Per Hour: $14+

Estimated Annual Salary: $30k+

Lifeguard Lifeguard certification, Passionate, Swimming skills  AVG Per Hour: $13+

Estimated Annual Salary: $30k+

Food service worker Certificate of qualification from a college,  AVG Per Hour: $13+

Estimated Annual Salary: $30k+


#11- Highest Paying 

If you have decided to venture into the job industry, ensure you understand the market dynamics.

Certificates can only prove that some jobs that pay well tend to require qualifications.

You can get high paying jobs for 19 year olds and start to make a stable income.

Job Skills Needed Estimated Pay
Restaurant cook a Certificate of qualification, work experience, Ability to cut vegetables with speed, Hardworking AVG per hour: $10+

Estimated Annual salary:  $25k+

Home health aide Empathy, Communication, medical skills AVG per hour:  $15+

Estimated Annual salary: $30k+

Food manager A degree in hospitality or related courses, Communication, time management AVG per hour: $20+

Estimated Annual Salary: $60k

Call center agent A certificate in a communication-related course, hardworking, keen on details AVG per hour: $10+

Estimated Annual Salary: $31k

Photographer assistant Skilled in handling a camera, know to use different editing software Estimated Annual salary: $70k+
Data entry clerk Excellent data management skills, a certificate, specialized in math-related courses, good communication skills AVG per hour:  $16+

Estimated Annual salary: $23k+ depending on company

Pharmacy technician High school diploma or a college degree, AVG per hour:  $13

Estimated Annual salary: $28k+

Construction worker No qualification limitations, work experience, License, or Willingness to work under a team AVG per hour: $13+

Estimated Annual salary: $37k+

Property Manager Be of legal working age, be a Citizen, and have a real estate license. AVG per hour: $12+

Estimated Annual salary: $50k+

Graphic designer Computer skills, Knowledge of graphic editing software AVG per hour: $10+

Estimated Annual salary: $40k+

Web designer Diploma or degree, Know several programming and web design languages AVG per hour: $15+

Estimated Annual salary: $50k+

Tutor Knowledgeable in a particular field, hardworking AVG per hour: $20+

Estimated Annual salary: $30k+


#12- CDL Jobs

 It is possible to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) at 19 years and start to make money.

Most people choose to pursue driving careers, and they end up becoming owners of major trucking companies.

After obtaining a CDL, a 19 year old can approach companies to apply for jobs.

A truck driver is tasked with transporting many things, such as food products, vegetables, electronics, building materials, and medical supplies.

Some of the highest-paying trucking jobs a 19 year old can consider includes:

  • Ice road driver
  • Special haulage vehicle
  • Team drivers
  • Private fleet drivers
  • Mining industry drivers
  • Hazmat drivers

The minimum age for a CDL driver is 18 years, even though some states have set it at 21.


Wrapping It Up

Being of legal working age, a 19 year old can knock on any door and ask for employment. Even though the job industry has changed, the process of applying for jobs remains the same.

One must find what works for them because they are considering venturing into any career. As a young person, the decision you make at an early age influence a more significant percentage of your life in your 30s and above.

Current jobs, such as working online, offer flexible and more lucrative opportunities.

Additionally, some jobs do not need experience, which is an easy way to achieve your life goals. A 19 year old would find such jobs ideal because they are fresh from college and need to gain experience.

Other Age-appropriate Jobs:



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