Sigtrack Reviews: Are Sigtrack Data Entry Jobs From Home Legit?

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Sigtrack Reviews: Is Sigtrack Legitimate?

Welcome to one of the most detailed Sigtrack Reviews on the Internet.

In this post we shall answer two questions:

  • Is Sigtrack Legitimate?
  • How does Sigtrack work?

One thing the Internet did was creating work from home online jobs opportunities for freelancers.

Sigrack is a company which offers freelance data entry jobs from home which you can do from any remote location.

If you are wondering the type of data entry jobs offered on this site, some examples include processing petitions and voter registration forms among others.

Clickworker, Capital typing, Scribie, Zirtual, Google, Axiondata and 3hourjob.com are other sites similar to Sigtrack offering data entry jobs from home without investment.

Data entry is one of the many examples of typing jobs online. You can follow that link to discover other examples.

Who is Sigtrack for?

  • Residents of the United States
  • Someone with fast typing speed
  • Anyone who wants to work online from home and get paid by online data entry jobs.
  • People with amazing reading and writing skills
  • People who have the discipline to work alone under minimal supervision
  • People with fast internet and a computer or laptop. It is recommended you have a 1080p or 4k monitors to see the whole page clearly. Internet connection below 20ms is not acceptable.
  • People comfortable with lowly paid tedious jobs.



Sigtrack Company Profile Summary

Name: Sigtrack

Website URL: https://sigtrack.net/

Headquarters: The United States

Offers: Data Entry Jobs


  • It’s totally free to join
  • They offer flexible work schedules
  • No training or special qualifications needed
  • Sigtrack is 100% legit site
  • They actually pay weekly.


  • It’s a source of supplemental not full-time income because jobs are seasonal.
  • Works are repetitive so you must love routines and tedious jobs.
  • The pay is relatively low.

Do we recommended it: NO! (Find our reasons of the final thoughts sections at the end)

Instead of signing up @Sigtrack which pays too low, its better you get data entry jobs in freelance marketplaces like Guru, Freelancer and Fiverr. You have a chance to negotiate the pay here.

Some people even use job listing sites also known as job boards like Flexjobs or Indeed.

Alternatively, you can check out our top 5 most recommended online jobs other than data entry. I am able to earn a fulltime income from home without a 9-5 day job with number two.

    • Proofreading: Get paid to correct grammar mistakes and errors as explained in this post.
    • Blogging: This is what I do and I am able to make more than $2000 a month as explained here.
    • Virtual Assistant: Hired to complete tasks for busy entrepreneurs as explained here.
    • Writing: Get hired to write content for magazines, blogs and other publications.

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Is Sigtrack Legit?


Sigtrack is totally a legit site offering online data entry job from home.

If you decide to work at Sigtrack, you must remember the following;

#1 jobs are seasonal

You must remember that those jobs are part time side hustles because they are seasonal. Some seasons you will get lots of work to do, especially when schools are open, while other times you will have little work.

That means you will need several sources of passive income when starting out on this online job. Once you get several high paying clients, you can make the data entry jobs from home without investment on this site your fulltime job.

Another way you can build the stability is through working for clients in other sites similar to Sigtrack such as 3HourJob.Com.


#2 you must be a fast typist

You do not need a college degree or special expertise to get started on Sigtrack.

However, you need fast typing speed because data entry is an example of typing jobs where you enter lots of data from one source to the next.


#3 the pay is low

This is not a get-rich quick make money online opportunity. It is also not a low stress or easy job for lazy people.

You must be willing to apply for work repeatedly even when your pitches are turned down.

Delivering quality work is also a must if you want to get paid or make any more on this site.



How Does Sigtrack Work?

Getting Started on Sigtrack

Before you even apply for a job at Sigrack you must do the following;

  • Provide proof of residence: If you are not a resident in the United States, there is no way you are getting this job. You can check out these companies which hire worldwide.
  • Must meet technical requirements: Must have dual computer monitors with 1080p or more and must run windows 8.1 or Mac OS 10. Additionally, you must have fast internet connection, not less than 20mbs.
  • Have a Paypal Account: This is where you shall get paid through.


After you ensure you have meet those requirements, now you can proceed with the application process below:

Step #1– Take an identity verification 3-second video while holding your driver’s license or ID next to your face.

Step #2-Send the video to this email Support@sigtrack.net

Step #3-Once your account is activated after the email review, you can now get started on applying and completing available data entry tasks.


How Much Does Sigtrack Pay?

They pay every 7 of each month through PayPal or any other payment method supported on their site.

The amount you earn at the end of the day will depend on the accuracy of your work as summarized in the example below.


The amount of money you make on Sigtrack will also depend on the quantity of work you shall complete. The higher the workload you complete, the more you earn.

Top earners on Sigtrack claim that they make around $2000 to $4000 so you can estimate your fullest earning potential on this site based on that.


Do We Recommend Sigtrack?

Yes and No!

Yes because…

  • This site is not another make money online scam. It is true that they offer legit data entry jobs.
  • They actually pay so your effort will not be wasted in vain.
  • You can do the jobs from anywhere, anytime on a flexible work schedule and location. That means you shall be able to work from home.

No because…

  • You will never make fulltime income from this site since the jobs are seasonal and not too many of them.
  • You will do too much work for a little pay.

There many other online jobs similar to data entry you can make more money with like the ones in this post.

Alternatively, you can check out the ways to make money online fast below if you are interested in making extra cash fast.



Swagbucks: Get paid cash rewards and points for completing offers, such as browsing, watching videos, taking tests, and completing surveys, among others. InboxDollars is the next alternative to Swagbucks.

Survey Junkie: A popular survey site online to earn cash by sharing your thoughts and opinions.

Zippy Loan: Get a fast unsecured loan for bad credit from $100 to $15000 deposited to your bank account by tomorrow. That loan can help you start a business which will help you to make $50 or more daily.

Flexjobs: This site will help you to find your dream remote job from some of the best work from home companies

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