ALSIEE REVIEWS 2022: Alsiee Is a Scam & Can You Really Make Money with Alsiee Shop?


Welcome to the most detailed Alsiee reviews!

This is a new shopping site in town. I know on this site we talk about tips on how to make money online.

So, you might be wondering why am I reviewing a shopping site?

There are so many ways you can make money shopping online, so if we are able to establish that Alsiee is legit, it means you get a new loophole for earning extra cash.

I am going to list some opportunities you can use to make money while shopping, so make sure you read this review until the end.


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ALSIEE REVIEWS: Quick Alsiee Summary & Overview


Name: Alsiee

Website: (Which is currently down)

Category: A new shopping site (online store)

Domain Age: 1 year

SSL Certificate: Not Valid

Trust Score: Very Low

Owner: Not known

Recommended: No.      >>>THIS IS WHAT I RECOMMEND <<<


ALSIEE REVIEWS: 11 Red Flags That Indicate Alsiee Is a Scam!


#1 Alsiee Website

If you visit the main website domain ( you will get an error page saying that the site is unreachable.

I run a check using, and the response was that the site is down.



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#2 Alsiee About & Contact Information

One, Alsiee does not have a valid mail server.

Two, the fact that Alsiee website is down, we cannot clearly establish the About, history, or contact details of this site.

Most scammers operate anonymously without providing any information that might be used against them in case of a lawsuit.


#3 Alsiee Trust Score

Every review I read about Alsiee, came to the conclusion that the trust score of this website is less than 1.

For instance, according to ScamAdviser, this website has a trust score of 1, which is very very low.

Read this list of trust signals to know what to look for when determining if a website is trustworthy or just another scam.



#4 Alsiee SSL

This website claims to have Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL) offered by Let’s Encrypt.

However, Alsiee does not seem to have a valid SSL certificate based on the Xolphin SSL Check.

Lack of an SSL certificate is a possible sign of a scam because such sites are usually insecure.

Such websites can easily phish your personal information leading to privacy-related problems like hacking and cyberbullying.



#5 Alsiee Domain Age

This site seems to be one-year-old, which is not a good sign.

Most scam sites are always new and never stay long enough to prove their credibility.



#6 Alsiee Registrar

According to Whoisdata, Alsiee seems to be registered on a public directory, which has a bad reputation of hosting other scam sites.



#7 Alsiee Similar Domains

Is it possible that Alsiee has multiple domains that redirect to different websites?

The names in the image above seem to be so related to the original one

This is not a point made from clarity but just a critical analysis of a possible red flag indicating a possible scam.



#8 Alsiee Platform

Instead of using reputable e-commerce/ online stores powering platforms like Shopify, Debutify, Alsiee uses the shoplazza platform, which has a very low trust score.

A serious business manager whose goal is to build a brand that customers can trust will always choose the right tools with high trust scores.



#9 Alsiee Reviews

Alsiee is very popular in the United States, yet I could not find any reviews left by customers on review websites like TrustPilot and Better Business Bureau among others.

Remember to bookmark our reviews page so that you don’t miss updates on other companies we put under scrutiny in the future.


#10 Alsiee Target Audience

Alsiee was launched for online shoppers based in the United States.

However, the roots of the company behind the idea can be traced back to China.

Then the question we are left asking is does a China-based investor really understand the needs of American customers?

Read this post on how to choose the right audience for your online business to learn more about how buyer personas and your unique selling propositions will affect customer decisions.


#11 Alsiee Wrong Claims

At first, the word out there was that Alsiee is a new e-commerce platform owned and created by Amazon.

However, that information is totally incorrect because Amazon has no affiliation or linkage to this site.

Maybe they sold that lie to mislead customers into trusting their credibility with the wrong information.


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ALSIEE REVIEWS: Can You Really Make Money with Alsiee Shop?


No, you can’t make money with Alsiee shop because their online site does even not exist.

Below are legit shopping apps and sites where you can make money while shopping online or offline at your favorite stores.



Get cash backs and earn points every time you shop from your favorite stores using this app.

Learn More About Drop here >>>



Another shopping app that helps you to earn cashback, cash prizes, and other shopping-related rewards.

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This is a mobile app that will help you get Gift Cards from popular shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart, target, Swagbucks & Disney among others.

Get Dabbl iOS app for iPhones here >>>

Get Dabbl app for Android Phones here >>>



This is a get paid to reward site where you make money by completing several activities. Shopping online is one of those activities you can get paid for.

Similar sites: InboxDollars, InboxPays & MyPoints

See the Full List of Ways to Make Money on Swagbucks Here >>>



Get paid to shop groceries for people then deliver them to their homes or places of work.

See How Instacart Drivers Make $10 Per Hour or More >>>



This is a very popular online shopping store available worldwide.

Such sites always have an affiliate program, which you can use to make money through referrals.

For example, Amazon has a very popular affiliate program known as Amazon Associates.

AliExpress hosts its affiliate program through Maxbounty, which is one of the most trusted CPA networks out there.

Click Here to Learn More About AliExpress >>>


Homescan Consumer Panel

Scan barcodes of products you buy and also shopping receipts and this site will pay you to submit that data.

They have a mobile app called Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel where you can get paid to complete shopping-related surveys and other offers.

Click Here to Join Homescan Consumer Panel Today >>>




Shopping online involves both selling and buying products.

You can make money on this site by selling using a model known as auctioning.

Lean More about DealDash here>>>



This site allows you to lease the latest electronics, furniture, and other appliances.

You will be required to pay a weekly payment based on your contact agreements with the owner.

You can turn this into a zero investment business idea by reselling those items, paying the owner then remaining with the profit from the sale.

Click here to check out Flexshopper >>>


Mystery Shopper

Get paid to shop for other people who are busy or those looking for image consultants.

This is also a job where you get hired by brands to shop in secret while you carry out surveillance and analysis. The feedback you provide can be used to improve customer service.

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If you do your online shopping on this site, you can get a $10 plus cashback on all your purchases.

Additionally, you get 10% or more rebates on all shipped orders from more than 10,000 sites worldwide.

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This app will pay you to shop, walk into stores, scan bar codes, watch videos, link your credit card, submit shopping receipts and invite friends among other ways.

Read My Detailed ShopKick Review Here >>>



Formerly known as Ebates.

This app is connected to more than 2,500 stores. It will save you money by giving you cashback for every online shopping you perform.

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Formerly known as ShopTracker.

This app will pay you to shop on Amazon, share shopping receipts, history and give feedback on your shopping experiences.

Learn More About SignTracker Here >>>


National Consumer Panel

Get paid to take shopping-related surveys and polls where you get to share your opinions about things you buy and shop daily.

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This app will refund you money from stores that owe you when prices go down.

Try Out Paribus Today >>>



Get paid to try new products, get cashback when you shop online and apply for gift cards and other sweepstakes entries.

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A site that is looking for people who want to give opinions about what they consume, buy, and do things they do daily in exchange for cash prizes.

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This app will help you to get free coupons and cashback every time you shop.

The advantage is that you can get a cashback whether you shop in-store (offline) or when you shop online using the devices below;

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ALSIEE REVIEWS: Final Thoughts


Alsiee is not real, after all, their website is down and unreachable.

All analysis seems to point to the direction that Alsiee is a scam because it has a low trust score.

Trying to get customer reviews became an impossible mission, which means Alsiee is unpopular and not a safe site used by many.

Instead of wasting your try using Alsiee, check out other shopping sites and online stores like;

The advantage of using legit shopping sites above is that you shall be able to make money while shopping as explained in this post.

Alternatively, if you are looking for other ways to make money online apart from shopping, check out our TOP 10 MOST RECOMMENDED EXTRA CASH IDEAS HERE >>>>


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