7 Amazon Proofreading Online Jobs Work From Home No Experience Needed


What are the best Amazon proofreading jobs?

Proofreading apps, writing assistants like Grammarly, and any other artificial intelligence will never replace humans.

A human proofreader will always do a better job when it comes to creating copies, which match the reader’s intent.

As a result, the demand for skilled and passionate proofreaders and editors will always be high.

This has created so many types of proofreading jobs like Amazon proofreading online jobs work from home no experience needed, which we shall talk about in this post.

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#1- Virtual Positions

 If you visit the Amazon Virtual Jobs page, you will notice they offer millions of remote, freelance, micro-tasks, and work-from-home careers globally.

All you have to do is filter the jobs based on your location and job type by typing the job title, such as “proofreader” on the search bar.

To become an Amazon proofreader, you must possess some grammar skills and proofreading expertise to identify documents’ errors. For instance, you can take this Proofreading Quiz to test if got the skills below;

One, have a sharp eagle eye with great attention to detail to avoid missing any errors. 

Two, a deep understanding of grammar rules that apply to punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure to offer professional proofreading services.

Three, possess good communication skills to be able to sell your services to potential clients and also be able to understand their requirements when they offer you a job.

Four, it would help if you also were disciplined with your time so that you can deliver work within the agreed deadlines and requirements.

Finally, taking some proofreading training, especially where you get a certificate of completion will increase your potential of getting a job and making more.

A proofreading certification helps to demonstrate that you are serious about your career growth, are teachable, and have an innovative spirit.


#2- Kindle Books

Amazon Kindle is a platform for digital media powered by Lab126 hardware and e-readers software.

Ebooks, magazines, and newspapers are some examples of digital media available on the platform.

Amazon kindle proofreading jobs are popular because;

One of the platforms powered by Amazon kindle is Kindle Direct Publishing, where authors and publishers can publish their books directly. This is an opportunity proofreaders can use to find ebook proofreading jobs.

Amazon kindle is very popular and heavily used worldwide. For example, in the United States alone, the Amazon Kindle store has more than six million ebooks available.

Amazon Kindle is popular because this product can be accessed in many forms.

For example, the cloud reader is used by people with modern browsers, while the Kindle Fire app is used by people reading content on their mobile devices.

Amazon is always working on the kindle hardware and software to make it better.  Currently, Amazon kindle is operating on tenth-generation technology which was rolled out in 2019.

That means this platform has undergone nine previous developments. These changes help to keep the program relevant, modern, and applicable in all scenarios.

Amazon Kindle software offers some tools which can be valuable to a proofreader. For instance, a proofreader can use the annotation tool to highlight errors and also bookmark them for the original owner to preview.


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#3- Products Listings

Amazon is likely to be the most popular e-commerce store where people shop for goods like electronics, books, and clothing, among other items.

When you shop on Amazon, one thing that grabs your attention first is the beautiful images with high resolution and clarity.

If you are keen, I am sure you have noticed that even an image is accompanied by a description to help buyers know the qualities of the item being sold. 


Some people are paid to write and proofread the content written on those descriptions. You can use one of those people.

Amazon can hire you to carry out product listing proofreading jobs. To get such a job, you must apply by following the guidelines listed on the amazon jobs page.

Alternatively, you can visit the merchant’s website selling their products on the Amazon platform and then apply for a proofreading job from there.

For example, in the product below, Gildan Store is the merchant selling that product. You can go to their website and apply to open proofreading jobs or send them an email.



#4- Blog Content

Amazon has several blogging platforms like the Amazon News blog, the official Amazon blog, and Amazon Associates help center blog for affiliate marketers.

As an affiliate marketer, I can confess that the third option has to help me in building a stable income from this blog.

No one wants to read a blog post with grammar errors and other proofreading mistakes. For that reason, Amazon blog content must always pass through a proofreader to make it more appealing to their audience.

Therefore, Amazon is always hiring proofreaders to carry out their blog post proofreading jobs. To get such a job, you must apply by following the guidelines listed on the Amazon jobs page.


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 #5- Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular marketplace where employers post jobs, and freelancers apply to those jobs using a bidding process.

The employer or client goes through the bids, then awards the project to one freelancer who offers the best price and has a good reputation.

One advantage of getting an Amazon proofread job on Fiverr is that creating an account is FREE using your Gmail, Facebook, or Apple account. 

Another advantage is that you can get work almost immediately because there are too many jobs available. 


#6- FlexJobs

Have you heard about job listing sites, also known as job boards, where employers post open job positions?

If you have, then Flexjobs is a job site that holds the reputation that it’s the number one job site for remote work since 2007.

Every job posted on Flexjobs is thoroughly evaluated and reviewed to remove any spammy opportunities to provide a non-risk experience to the job seekers.

Flexjobs customer support is also timely and always replies faster when you have an issue that requires their intervention.

Go to this site and search for the term “proofreading” or “amazon proofreading job,” they will display all the available jobs.


#7- Social Media & Networking

Use social media networks to search for jobs.

For example, on Twitter, you can use hashtags like #proofreading, #proofreadingjobs, #proofreaderforhire, #amazonediting, and #amazonproofreader.

Alternatively, you can use word of mouth to tell your friends, family, and colleagues at work that you are looking for proofreading work.

If possible, attend conferences, conventions, workshops, and webinars related to proofreading.

You will either get a new client or learn a new strategy you can apply to find clients from such events. You can start by taking this FREE proofreading webinar.

Wrapping It Up

You finally came to an end of this guide on the best Amazon Proofreading jobs.

I hope this post equipped you with the skills and resources you need to get started as an Amazon proofreader.

Getting Amazon online jobs work from home no experience can become challenging because the competition is high.

The good news is that you need not be discouraged because there are so many other proofreading jobs online with no experience available.

One advantage of these other alternatives is that they are proofreading jobs online for beginners.

These are also known as entry-level proofreading online jobs, which you can do without prior experience or expertise.

Another advantage is that they are remote proofreading jobs and freelance editing jobs where you do not have to report to a physical office.

That means you will enjoy the benefits of working independently from anywhere, like in these jobs where you work alone as your boss.

There are other ways to make money on Amazon like becoming an affiliate, signing up as a delivery driver and selling/shopping among others.


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Amazon Proofreading Online Jobs Work From Home No Experience Needed


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