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There are many side hustles and weekend jobs one can use to make extra money every month.

Delivery jobs are some of the best part-time side hustles for drivers with valid driver’s license and excellent driving record.

Most delivery driver jobs will pay above $5 per hour, which means you can easily make more than $300 every day if you cover more round trips.

Another advantage of these part-time delivery jobs is that there 100% free, and they give you the flexibility to set your working schedules so that you can work whenever you want at your extra hours.

In this post, I am going to discuss 25 best delivery driver jobs which you can use to make money on the side even if you’re a very lazy person.



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Food Delivery Driver Jobs



1. Doordash


This is a company which hires drivers to deliver food. According to Indeed and Doordash market reports, Doordash delivery drivers commonly known as “dashers” earn around $18 per hour plus other bonuses.

Doordash is one of the best places to get delivery driver jobs because they have positive reviews, and they are not that strict in comparison to other companies.

Doordash Driver Requirements

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Your driver’s license must not be expired or suspended
  • Must not have committed any legal violations for the last seven years, such as Homicide, Assault, and reckless driving, among others.
  • You must pass all the background checks and individualized assessment tests.
  • Must have a vehicle, bicycle, motorcycle, scooter and other forms of transport.

How Doordash Works

  • Sign Up: Follow this link to sign up as a Doordash driver today.
  • Get activated: Complete your profile, provide all necessary info, and do all background checks to make your profile ready.
  • Get ready: Download all the necessary Doodash apps, take your work gear, and get updates on all essential requirements.
  • Find work: Apply for a job, get selected, and deliver your order.
  • Get paid: It is now time to collect your check.

Pros of working at Doordash

  • Very flexible working hours, you get a chance to choose your schedules.
  • They are legit, and they pay weekly
  • You can even get paid on the same day through their FastPay program. To qualify, you must complete 25 deliveries and mostly work during the weekends.

Cons of working at Doordash

  • Increases wear and tear of your car because there are a long distance to cover and many trips to complete.
  • When on leave or breaks you will not get any discounts, holiday pay or free offers.
  • Finding work is highly competitive



2. UberEATS


This is an online food delivery system launched in 2014 and based in the United States. Users who use this app to order food from restaurants which partner with UberEats. After successful ordering and payment, this company will use its drivers to deliver the food to the customer.

The advantage of taking delivery driver jobs at UberEats is that you will work on your schedule, earn good money, and have the freedom to use whichever transportation means you wish.

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3. Grubhub


This is another company always hiring for delivery driver jobs which are high paying and flexible.

To qualify, you must be 19+ years, have 2+ years driving experience, have an iPhone or Android smartphone, have a valid bank account, and pass all background and personal assessment tests.

GrubHub’s four-step application process (complete application, training, and initial induction, pick up working gear, and finally set your schedule, then hit the road) is very simple.

As a Grubhub’s food delivery driver, you shall enjoy excellent pay, flexible working hours, and more opportunities to increase your earnings.


Grocery Delivery Driver Jobs



4. Shipt


Shipt is another amazing company you can get delivery driver jobs. They are always hiring drivers who can help to deliver groceries to customers.

Apart from delivery jobs, you can also apply for shoppers jobs on Shipt, which increases your chances of making more money.

Shipt drivers make around $9 to $20 per hour based on location and experience, which makes this one of the best sites to make extra money weekly.

How Shipt Works

  • Sign up: Follow this link to download the app, gain access to available deals
  • Set your profile: Fill out all the necessary details, such as payment, address and more
  • Choose your schedule: Fill out when you are available for work.
  • Apply to orders: Choose the right order, apply to it then complete it if accepted.
  • Get paid: Sit back and wait for a payout every week.

Pros of working for shipt

  • Flexible working schedules and hours
  • Have a super friendly app and easy work process
  • Sometimes you get free lunches and other discount offers
  • They pay weekly

Cons of working for Shipt

  • You pay for your gas and liabilities for your car
  • To make more money, you will need to work on weekends and nights
  • Customers can rate drivers, but drivers cannot rate customers



5. Instacart


The advantage of Instacart’s delivery driver jobs is that you will be able to work when you want, you shall get paid weekly, and you have the freedom to set your working hours and schedules.

Another upside is that Instacart drivers make more than $10 per hour, and they can also make extra cash in other ways, such as shopping for clients.



6. Postmates


It will only take less than 30 minutes to sign up as a Postmates delivery driver in their simple three-step process (create your account, get a welcome kit, and finally hit the road, then make money)

The upside of this company is that their screening process and delivery driver requirement are not that strict. Also, joining is 100% free!




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Amazon Delivery Driver Jobs



7. Amazon Flex


Amazon is one of the largest online retailer on the internet. Customers are always buying things from Amazon.

The Amazon Flex program exists to make sure that the items bought or ordered by those customers are delivered to them.

There are several types of Amazon delivery driver jobs you can use to make extra money as explained below;

Five ways to become an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver jobs

  • Amazon package delivery jobs: This is run through the Amazon Logistics program which manages the delivery of all packages purchased on Amazon.
  • Amazon prime now delivery jobs: Amazon Prime Now is used by customers who wish to receive less than 2 hours deliveries.
  • Amazon food delivery jobs: Through the Foodler program, you can sign up to become a food delivery driver for Amazon.
  • Amazon fresh delivery jobs: Amazon Fresh is another delivery program which is always hiring drivers to make same-day deliveries to customers.
  • Amazon Lockers: The Amazon Locker Hub program was created to provide secure and convenient pickup locations for customers who do not like to receive deliveries at their place of residence.


Pizza Delivery Driver Jobs


Important Note: You can use the following keywords and search terms to find latest pizza delivery jobs postings on social media or search engines; “Pizza delivery jobs near me” “Pizza delivery driver jobs near me” Pizza delivery driver jobs.” You can also use your location, such as “Pizza delivery jobs Toronto,” and “Pizza delivery jobs Calgary” among others.

Best Daily Jobs listing sites to find Pizza Delivery Jobs: FlexJobs, Indeed, and Glassdoor


8. Domino’s


Domino’s is a food store which started in 1960 and has over 14,000 stores worldwide. They have more than 500,000 delivery centers globally, which means they are always looking for delivery partners.

To qualify for dominos delivery jobs, you must have a valid driver’s license, have a clean driving record and be able to communicate with customers effectively.

As a Dominos delivery driver, you will enjoy several benefits, such as flexible working schedules, paid training, meal discounts, and paid holiday hours.



9. Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut is a franchise that was started by two brothers in 1958 after they borrowed their mother $600 to start a small business after college. From those humble beginnings, this company has grown to 16,000 pizza Hut restaurants located in different places in the world.

To qualify for Pizza Hut delivery jobs, you must be at least 18 years or older.  You must also love to serve customers and always make them feel appreciated and loved with a smile.

The upside here is that this company has so many delivery driver jobs because they operate so many stores and restaurants globally.



10. Hungry Howie’s Pizza®


This is another company that is always hiring Pizza delivery drivers. They pay around $15 per hour plus other bonuses.

You must be 18 or older, have transportation means, and have a valid driver’s licenses and a good driving record to get a delivery job in this company.



11. Sarpino’s Pizzeria


 This is another legitimate company that is always hiring pizza delivery drivers. You must be 18 or older to get a job on this site.

You must also pass all the background check information and not have any criminal records or lousy driving test scores.


Newspaper Delivery Jobs


Important Note: You can use the following search times to find delivery driver jobs in this category; “Newspaper delivery jobs near me” “Early morning newspaper delivery jobs” “local newspaper delivery jobs,” “part-time newspaper delivery jobs” “newspaper delivery driver jobs.”

Best Daily Jobs listing sites to find Newspaper Delivery Jobs: FlexJobs, Indeed, and Glassdoor

Other Newspaper Delivery jobs: Publisher Circulation Fulfillment Media and MediaNews Group, among others.


12. Tampa Bay Times


The benefit of getting a newspaper delivery job at Tampa Bay Times is that you shall enjoy flexible working schedules, receive weekly pay, and get access to employee benefits, such as accident insurance and possible make over $800 per month.

You must be at least 18 and above years, have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation means, such as a vehicle in good condition to qualify for a delivery driver job in this company.



13. The Inquirer


This a media company based in Philadelphia, and it is always hiring morning and night shift newspaper delivery drivers.

You must have a valid driver’s license, be able to work early morning and late night, have GPS direction tools, ability to work independently and have a reliable means of transport to get a newspaper delivery job in this company.


Medical Delivery Jobs


Important Note: You can these search terms to find delivery driver jobs in this category; “driver medical supplies,” “medicine delivery driver jobs,” “medical courier,” “pharmaceutical delivery driver,” “medical delivery independent contractor,” “driver medical supplies,” “pharmacy delivery jobs.”

Best Daily Jobs listing sites to find Medical Delivery Jobs: FlexJobs, Indeed, and Glassdoor


14. Shrivers Pharmacy


You must have a high school diploma or an equivalent, one year experience, excellent driving skills and knowledge of roads and landmarks to qualify for a medical delivery job in this company.



15. OSF Healthcare


Before you can be accepted for a delivery driver job in this company you must meet the following requirements;

  • Must be able to take oral and written instructions, then implement or follow them effectively.
  • Have a high school diploma or an equivalent
  • Have a valid driver’s licenses and good driving record
  • Be able to attend the 0ne-6 weeks training classes
  • Must be service oriented and love working with people
  • People with previous experience will be given a top priority.


Package Delivery Driver Jobs


16. UPS: United Parcel Service (UPS) is a package delivery company which operates globally.

17. FedEx: One of the biggest competitor or UPS, and both operate similarly.

18. Sendy: This is a platform which connects customers with drivers who can help to deliver goods.

19. Doorman: This a company which offers delivery services to E-commerce businesses and other retailers. 

20. MyBoxMan: It operates the same way as Sendy delivery platform described above.

21. Mail Delivery Jobs, such as RadNet

22. Parcel Delivery Jobs, such as Hermes

23. Paper Delivery Jobs, such as Quest Diagnostics

24. Shopping delivery jobs, such as Asda delivery jobs

25. Labor Nurse delivery Jobs, such as St. Joseph Medical Center



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