How To Make Money Online Free & Fast In 32 Ways

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Are you looking for ways to make money online free?

If you are, this post contains 24 ways to make money online without investment or even paying a single dollar.

The invention of the internet has brought so many benefits to our lives.

We can read a newspaper online, order food, buy a dress, watch TV, network with friends and do almost everything online.

One commonly ignored benefit of the internet is that you can earn money online for free, fast, and easily during your spare time.

In this how to make money online without paying anything post, I will give you my favorite top 24 how to make money online free websites I use on a daily basis.

Apart from the make money online websites, I will also share the make money online free apps I use to put some extra cash in my pocket every month.


This post might contain affiliate links. I may earn some commission if you click on such links. You shall not incur any extra cost if that happens. Please read our full affiliate disclosure here!



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How To Make Money Online Free & Fast In 32 Ways


When companies create products and services, they gather customer feedback to identify any defects and opportunities for improvement.

Surveys are the most common market research tools used to collect such information.

Survey Junkie is a company that pays people who are at least 13 years and above to take surveys. Also, they only provide surveys to people who are in one of these three locations: Australia, the United States & Canada.

This company was established in 2013, in Glendale, Califonia. Since then, they have managed to grow their membership to more than 300,000 members.

3 Proofs That Survey Junkie is Legit

Survey Junkie Reviews: Survey Junkie has a rating of 9/10 on Trust Pilot, a very popular public review site. See all reviews here.

The professionalism of their site: If you follow this link which takes you to the Survey Junkie website, you will notice its very organized, attractive, and mobile-friendly. They have also clearly outlined their mission, privacy policy, and information.

Search Volume Statistics: If you use a keyword research tool like Keyword Everywhere you will notice that these keywords, ‘Survey Junkie,’ ‘Survey Junkie Review’ and ‘Is Survey Junkie Legit’ have more than 20,000 monthly searches. If more people are searching for something on Google that means it is popular. See a detailed explanation here.

>>> Click Here To visit the Survey Junkie Official Website <<<

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Zippy Loan is a site that prides itself on providing its clients with fast personal loans using a simple, secure, and transparent process.

This is one of the best ways to earn money online for free because you do not need any form of security to get a loan. All you have to do is prove your identity and regular source of income to qualify for a loan.

They have over 100+ loan lenders who provide a wide variety of unsecured loans for bad credit, which suits the needs of anyone willing to get a personal loan.

How it Works

  • Step One: Fill out the short form online, which only takes 5 minutes.
  • Step Two: Your details are scrutinized, and your loan is approved and deposited in your account within three business days.
  • Step Three: Collect your money and once the loan period is over, repay your loan.


  • All states in the United States are accepted except for New York, West Virginia or the District of Columbia.
  • The amount you want to borrow must be within the range of $100.00 to $15,000.
  • You must complete all the four steps above on “how it works” section to get your loan approval.
  • Must be willing to work with the Lending period: 6 – 72 months.

>>> Click Here To Visit Zippy Loan Website To Learn More <<<

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Proofreading is a lucrative online job without investment you can use to make extra cash every month. According to this Glassdoor Report, proofreaders earn an average salary of $36, 290 per year.

General Proofreading: Theory and Practice is one of the best online courses that will teach you how to make money online through proofreading from the comfort of your home.

There are many positive reviews and customer testimonials on this course, which proves that it’s worth your investment.

The instructor, Caitlin Pyle, is the founder and owner of Proofread Anywhere, one of the most famous blog/website you can find information about proofreading.

Pyle is also a successful proofreader who makes $50,000+ per month, which means she has perfectly mastered all the tips you need to build a profitable proofreading business.

If you are not ready to get the paid version of this course yet or do not have enough cash to get it, you can begin by taking the FREE 45-Minutes Workshop.

>>> Click Here To Visit The General Proofreading Website To Learn More <<<

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I am sure you have heard that blogging is one way to build passive income.

WordPress is one of the many blogging platforms out there.

Most bloggers prefer to use WordPress because it powers most websites on the web, has a broad ecosystem of plugins or themes, and has lots of tutorials.

I have been blogging on WordPress since 2020, and so far, I have built several blogs that generate more than $2000 every month.

For more information about that, you can get my FREE blogging guide to aid you on your journey to your first $1000 blogging.

Ways to Make Money Online with WordPress;

  • Build a blog or niche site, then monetize it in these ways.
  • Create an online store with the WooCommerce WordPress plugin, then make money from online shopping.
  • Build a membership site with a WordPress members plugin, then sell exclusive content like tickets, courses, and more.




In the internet world, some people have become overnight billionaires from a single video they shared on video-sharing platforms like YouTube, TikTok, OnlyFans, or Instagram, among others.

YouTube, created in 2005, is a platform that has helped so many people make money from video content without even showing their faces or talking.

Click here to see how I have built my YouTube channel from scratch without using any fancy vlogging equipment.

Ways to Make Money Online Free with YouTube;

  • Become a member of the YouTube partner program, where ads will be placed on your YouTube channel, and Google AdSense will pay you per view.
  • Allow brands and entrepreneurs to sponsor the promotion of their products and services to your audience.
  • Recommend your followers to buy the product and services you use through your affiliate link for you to earn a commission.
  • Activity the donate button to receive crowdsource funding from supporters and fans.



Etsy is a global marketplace for shoppers and creative people creating products.

Etsy is a community made up of sellers and buyers of products.

 Ways to Make Money Online Free with Etsy;

  • Sell any handmade, both physical and digital products, on Etsy. Watch this video to learn how to open an Etsy Shop from anywhere in the world.
  • Join the Etsy affiliate program, which Awin manages, and you shall receive a commission for every successful referral.
  • Become an active member of the Etsy forums and teams, where you shall gain knowledge and tips, which you can post in a monetized blog, podcast, or YouTube channel.
  • Visit the Etsy careers page to know some of the open positions in the company.



FlexJobs prides itself on the identity of being the number one job site on the web because they filter its jobs to keep out scams, distracting ads, and junk posts.

Apart from helping you to find an ideal work-from-home or remote career, Flexjobs will help you make money in several other ways, explained below.

Ways to Make Money Online Free with FlexJobs;

  • Become a member of the FlexJobs affiliate program, then earn a commission for every person who buys the membership through your affiliate link.
  • Please apply for a job from those posted by FlexJobs on their job board. Finding your dream job this way is straightforward because most are posted by Forbes 100 Fortune companies that are always hiring.
  • Become part of the FlexJobs team by applying for an in-house job from the FlexJobs Careers page.



Shutterstock is an online library with over a billion images, videos, music tracks, and other downloadable clips or content forms.

They have more than one million creators, some of whom post their content for free while others sell it at a specific rate. For example, see how you can make $50 per body picture with Shutterstock and similar platforms.

Ways to Make Money Online Free with Shutterstock;

  • Become a contributor who sells their video, image, vector, graphic, and any other artistic or photography content on this platform.
  • Join their affiliate program, then make referral commissions recurrently from every person who uses your affiliate Link.
  • Visit the Shutterstock careers page, then apply for the open job positions.



Star-Clicks is a make-money opportunity that is free to join or get started.

Their excellent TrustPilot reviews clearly show that Star-Clicks pays through PayPal, bank transfer, and other methods. You can get paid manually within a cycle or activate the auto-payment feature, where you shall get paid $10 every time you log in to your account.

Apart from the fact that this site is free to join, it does not require any experience, technical expertise, or equipment to earn from the platform.

Since 2021, Star-Clicks has recorded more than two million users or members, which is information you can confirm with tools like SimilarWeb.

Watch this video on Star Clicks to learn more about the platform and how it helps you to make extra cash.

Ways to Make Money Online Free with Star Clicks;

  • Publish an ad on your blog, website, mobile app, or any other online business, then get paid per view those ads get.
  • Click on ads and get paid $0.1 for every successful click.
  • Share your referral link and earn $0.08 for every sign-up and $5 or $10 for every account upgrade to the paid options.



Previously SproutGigs was called PicoWorkers before they rebranded.

SproutGigs brings together two types of participants or groups.

The first is freelancers looking for easy-to-do short tasks that pay.

The other is employers and business owners looking for people to do short-term gigs or contracts at affordable rates.

This company is available globally in more than 250 countries and territories worldwide.

This platform offers too many types of jobs, which the freelancer can find the most ideal for them by using the filters.

They payout in both PayPal or bank transfer cash and cryptocurrency payouts sent to crypto wallets.

Watch this video about SproutGigs (previously picoworkers) to learn more about the platform.

Ways To Make Money Online Free With SproutGigs;

  • Complete gigs like graphic design, writing, music promotion, transcription, Pinterest manager, proofreading, and mobile app development, among others.
  • Take surveys from Bitlabs, PollFish, YourSurveys, and Wannads, among others.
  • Complete offers like watching videos or playing games from AdGate Media, Adscend Media, and Lootably, among others.
  • Do micro jobs like website sign-up, data entry, Instagram following, YouTube commenting, forum posting, and product reviews.
  • Join their affiliate program, share your referral link, then earn a commission for successful referrals.



For every offer you complete on Swagbucks, you earn points called SBs. After gathering enough points, you can exchange them for cash, gift cards, merchandise, charity donations, sweepstakes entries, and other rewards.

Swagbucks is the largest and most popular GPT site on the internet where you can make lots of money in the following ways;

 10 ways to earn money online free and fast on Swagbucks

  •  Earn $10-20SBs after doing 20 searches using the Swagbucks browser extension.
  • Become a new member today and receive a $5 free sign-up bonus.
  • Get 15-50SBs for every mobile app you test, download, install or even use directly from the Swagbucks dashboard.
  • Earn 3SBs for every $1 you spend shopping online at your favorite online stores, such as Amazon and Walmart.
  • Make 40-100SBS for every survey, poll, or offer you completely by sharing your opinions.
  • Earn 10SBs for every daily goal you accomplish.
  • Earn more than $10SBS for every game you play online.
  • Make 5SBs for every swag code you find a use.
  • Earn 10-50SBs for every 10 minutes video or TV show you watch online.
  • Refer someone and once they become a member you shall take 25% of their lifetime earnings at Swagbucks.

>>> Click Here To Visit The Swagbucks Website To Learn More <<< 

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InboxDollars is the second largest get paid-to (GPT) site on the internet after Swagbucks.

In GPT sites you make money by completing several tasks such as the ones below.

They pay in cash instead of points, which makes them unique from home GPT sites.

9 Ways to make money online on Inbox Dollars

  • Do simple tasks, such as testing products. You can easily make $0.25 to $3.00 per offer.
  • Become a new member and receive a $5 sign up bonus.
  • Earn $1 for searching/browsing the web using their search toolbar.
  • Earn $0.06 for every video ad or TV show you watch online.
  • Make $0,05 to $10 for every survey or opinion poll you complete.
  • Find paid coupons from their coupons page and make extra cash.
  • Refer a new member and make $1.25 for every successful sign up they make.
  • Open and read emails and get paid for doing that simple task.
  • Make money through shopping online at your favorite stores, such as Wallmart and Amazon.



Amazon is one of those companies that offer many opportunities for making money.

I have been making money with the Amazon associates program through affiliate marketing in my niche sites as explained in this video.

Ways To Make Money Online Free with Amazon;

  • Influencer: Build and sell through your Amazon Storefront using the Amazon influencer program.
  • Selling: For instance, write books and sell them on Amazon Kindle.
  • Micro Jobs: Make money with the short task on Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)
  • Proofreading: Get hired to write, edit and proofread for Amazon blog, product listings, and Kindle books.



Nielsen mobile and computer Panel is a famous market research panel run and managed by the famous, Nielsen Inc. Company.

I think it’s good to mention that Nielsen is one of the top 100 work from home companies that are always hiring for remote jobs.

5 ways to make money online free with this app

Scanning barcodes: After you successfully sign up and become a member, this company will give you a barcode reader. You should use that to scan the barcode for every product you purchase. After sending that information back to Nielsen consistently daily or weekly, you become eligible to receive payments and other rewards.

Taking surveys: This Company will periodically send surveys to your email inbox. After completing a study, you will be paid in the form of points or annual gifts.

Using mobile apps: For example, you can download their Nielsen mobile and computer app, and you will be paid $50 annual compensation for keeping that app active. You can make more money with this app among others as long as you use it to scan barcodes and take surveys too.

Product testing: You can also make money in this site by giving feedback about the products on the testing program.

Focus groups: Taking part is specialized market research focus groups is also another way to make money in this site.

After you complete the activities above, you shall be paid in the form of; Cash sent via PayPal, Sweepstakes entries, and Merchandise and Gift cards among others.

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Shopkick is an app for smartphones, iPhones, Tablets, and other electronic devices that will reward you during your in-store or online shopping processes.

This company was co-founded in 2009 by three investors namely, Cyriac Roeding, Jeff Sellinger, and Aaron Emigh.

Unfortunately, it was not recognized and popular until in 2013 when its partners reported that the app had driven over $2.5 billion in sales and 200 million store visits.

8 ways to make money online free with Shopkick

  • Walking into stores: All you have to do is turn on the app anytime you walk into your favorite store to earn kicks.
  • Scanning barcodes: All you have to do is turn the app on and then hold your phone close to the product barcode.
  • Submit shopping receipts: Do not through away your shopping receipts anymore because this app will pay you to share them with their team.
  • Link your credit card: Do you love to pay with your credit card? If you do you can link it to this app and you shall earn kicks for every dollar you spend.
  • Invite friends: For every new member who signs up using your referral code, you shall get 250 kicks.
  • Watch videos: Check out the in-app promotion videos to make money with this app.
  • Scan QR codes from home: If you do not have time to go into stores you can also submit online QR codes to make more money.
  • Shop online: You can also shop in Shopkick partner stores to earn more kicks.

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Have you ever heard of cashback sites? If you have, I bet you know that Rakuten is the largest and most famous of them all.

The idea behind making money with this app is by saving on the amount you spend on shopping online.

If you spend less than usual, that means that the saved amount is extra cash you can use for something else.

They always have a Rakuten browser extension which you can install to ensure that you shall never miss an update on coupons, cashback offers, and new price changes.

How to earn money online free with Rakuten

  • Get a $10 sign up bonus which is given to all new members after they successfully sign up.
  • Find and apply for coupons and discount codes that will help you to save money when shopping online.
  • Get cash back credits from your favorites stores.
  • Use their price magic feature to compare prices at different stores, so that you can shop at the lowest price.
  • Refer a friend and earn $25 for every successful.



Springboard America is a legit best survey site in America and a favorite to many people.

It has many positive reviews despite operating for a more extended period since 2009.

Most lovers of this site say that you can easily make money online in this site because their surveys are short and well-paid.

How to make money online free on Springboard America

Completing surveys: They have a wide range of survey options from teen surveys, mobile surveys, and even market research surveys. For every survey you finish, you shall get points.

Focus groups: Another way to make money on this site is by participating in focus group interviews. These are highly paid, and you will be so lucky if you land such an opportunity.

Forms of rewards: Cash, for example, $50 is equivalent to 5000 points, Amazon gift cards, prepaid credit cards, donations to charity, Sweepstakes entries, retail vouchers, and Google play credits among others.



Pinecone Research is a popular market research company and survey site on the internet.

Many people love it because they do not have disqualifications like in many other similar sites.

This means that you will get paid whether you pass or not as long as you complete a task until the end.

How to make money online on Pinecone Research

Take surveys and earn $3 to $5 per survey or more depending on the length and complexity.

Participate in focus groups interviews or studies and earn more than $6 per focus group activity.

Watch movies and TV shows and increase your chances of winning cash rewards.

Product testing: This Company will send you offers to participate in paid product testing campaigns.



Fiverr is rated as the top 1 freelance marketplace on the internet. It is a platform which brings together employers and freelancers from all over the world.

The employers who can be companies, individuals or businesses post projects then the freelancers bid on them.

This is one of the best ways to make money online because Fiverr is a marketplace you can find any projects in all niches, such as writing, design, programming and any other skill you might want to monetize.

You can easily make lots of money on this site if you pitch your skills well because the lowest paying gigs offer $5.

Other similar marketplaces; UpworkGuruFreelancer.

How to make money online free without paying anything on Fiverr

    • Write blog posts, academic papers, eBooks among other content, and get paid.
    • Become a social media manager or virtual assistant for individuals or businesses.
    • Get paid to design logos, business cards, flyers, and other forms of design work.
    • Edit videos, documents and complete other editing gigs and get paid.
    • Become an affiliate who refers people and get paid.
    • Graphic design
    • Digital Marketing
    • Writing &Translation
    • Video & animation
    • Music & audio editing and creation
    • Programming & Information Technology
    • Business services, such as virtual assistance, bookkeeping, data entry and more.
    • Lifestyle services, such as image consultants, coaches, trainers and more.



 VIPKID is ranked number one work from home company offering work from home jobs by Flexjobs, a popular job listing site.

You can make money online in this site by offering tutoring services. This company will pay you $12-21 per hour to teach English to cute Chinese Children.

All new teachers receive a $300 sign bonus after they successfully pass all tests and become part of the team. You can find other 17 sites that will give you a sign-up bonus here.

It’s 100% free to become a member on this site, but you must pass all the assessment tests for your application to be approved.

Other Similar online tutoring sites: Education First and Course Hero. Visit this post to discover other 10 websites similar to VIPKID.

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21. AVON

Have you heard of making money online through direct sales? This means getting a commission for every purchase that is made.

Avon is a popular beauty, household and personal care products company in the United States. According to Alexa rankings, it is the fifth largest beauty company in the world

They are always hiring sales representatives who are given a 40% commission for all the sales they make.

Apart from the commission, you shall also get free education and insurance benefits enjoyed by other Avon employees.


22. I-SAY

i-Say is one of the best and most popular survey site owned and managed by the famous market research company Ipsos.

You must be from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada and above 18 years old to take surveys in this site.

iSay strictly focuses on surveys, but there other ways you can make money online on Ipsos, such as product trials and reading emails among others.

Every time there is a new survey which matches your profile, iSay panel members will send you an invite to your email.

Once you complete the survey, you shall earn points which you can redeem into cash, gift cards, and shopping vouchers among other rewards. For example, $1 is equivalent to 100 points.



CashCrate is a survey site which was established in 2008, and it operates in more than 45 countries globally.

In this site, you can become a member of different survey panels to maximize your exposure to multiple survey options.

How to earn money online free on CashCrate

Complete Surveys: CashCrate is not a market research company with its surveys. Instead, it is more like an aggregation site that collects the best surveys from trusted market research companies.

Therefore, you apply to the available surveys and wait to be awarded or approved. They have a mobile app that will enable you to complete surveys on your smartphone.

Participate in content: You can easily win lots of money in those contents.

Refer a friend: Make money by recommending other people to use this survey sites.

They pay in form or cash, gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and shopping vouchers among others.



Getaround is a car-sharing company that will help you to monetize your idle car.

After you list your car in this site, you will begin to make money online after customers borrow/rent out your vehicle.

This is a company you can easily make good money because customers pay high.

Also, apart from the profit, you make from renting your car, you will save money because you shall be given free parking space, fueling credit card, and insurance.

There are many ways you can turn your car into money such as;

Ridesharing: Get a job from Uber or Lyft of moving customers from one place to another.

Delivery agent: Get hired to deliver packages to people, such as groceries, shopping items, and pizza among others

Car Wrapping: Put ads on your car then get paid per mile or day.

Scrap Selling: Sell your old car as scrap metal to a salvage yard near you.

Gas Saving: They say the money saved is money earned. Learn the tips for saving money on car gas.

Renting: List your car for hire on sites like RentalCars.



Survey Rewardz is a market research company which collect data from users through surveys.

The primary way to make money online free in this site is through completing surveys.

You expect to earn between $0.01 and $10 per survey which is paid via cash of gift cards.

The minimum PayPal withdrawal threshold is $1, which makes this site convenient to use.

They have high market expertise because the company was established in 2014.



Harris Poll Online is a very famous surveys sites that will pay you to take surveys, polls and participate in focus group studies.

This company was established in 1975, and its main headquarters are based in New York. You must be at least 13 years old to sign up and begin making money online on this site.

For every survey or poll, you complete, you shall earn points called HIpoints, which you can later redeem into cash, gift cards among other prizes. For example, a $10 gift card is equivalent to 1250 HIpoints.

The upside of this company is that they are legit, they pay, and you shall receive more than five survey invites every month.

Another advantage of this company is that they will still reward you even if your surveys responses are disqualified.



GrabPoints is a famous survey site where you can easily earn money online free for doing easy things, and it was founded in 1999.

The upside of the surveys offered by this company is that they are highly paid, and they cut across all topics, such as movies, automobiles, consumer products and any other subject that interests you!

The sign-up process is concise and straightforward and will only take you less than 10 minutes, plus it’s entirely free to join and use this site.

For every survey you complete, which generally take 10-20 minutes, you shall earn points, which you can redeem into cash, gift cards, and other prizes. For example, 480 points are equivalent to $20 PayPal cash.

Apart from being a market research company, GrabPoints works closely with over 1,600 research companies and clients.

Therefore, you shall find lots of survey offers in this site both from within and those from other clients.



Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform that will help you make money online through selling online.

Using Shopify, you can create an eCommerce or drop shipping online shop, and begin to make money online today!

These types of online business models have high returns because buying online has become so popular and future trends show that more people are likely to prefer online shopping.

Use this step by step guide to get started with understanding how to you can create an online store with Shopify, and begin selling online today!

Other things you can sell & Make Money Online Free



ShopTracker will pay you for shopping on Amazon and other verified online stores.

After you download, install and link this money making an app to your Amazon shopping account they will begin to track your shopping history.

You do not have to worry about your data, such as payment details being leaked because this company only looks at your shopping receipts.

They need this information because they are a market research company interested in understanding consumer behavior.

You will get a $3 sign up bonus plus every month this app will send you $3 every month if you keep the app active. The upside of this app is that it will pay you for doing close to nothing.



MobileXpression is another money making app that will pay you to download, install and keep the app active on your mobile phone.

The goal of this company is to monitor how people use their electronic devices both for browsing the web and in their daily activities for market research purposes.

They are also a research company whose goal is to understand consumer behavior. They share such information with consumer goods companies to ensure that future inventions match the needs of the consumers.

This company will send you $50 annually plus other monthly rewards for keeping this app active.



LifePoints is a site where you can make money online free through taking surveys and polls.

This is ranked the world’s number one survey site because they have over 4 million registered members and they operate in more than 40 markets in America, Europe, and Asia.

It is entirely free to join, and the registration process takes less than 10 minutes to complete. 

Therefore, you do not have to hold down your opinions because companies like LifePoints will pay you to share those opinions.

They also have a mobile app, which you can download and make the process of taking surveys on this site even simpler.


32. E-POLL

E-Poll is another famous survey site you can use to make quick cash.

Unlike most other survey sites, this will send you survey alerts and invites directly to your email.

The upside is that you will only be sent alerts, which match your profile in their dashboard. This is time-saving because you do not have to log in all the time to apply to surveys.

For every survey, you complete you shall earn points which you can exchange into cash, gift cards, and other rewards.


Wrapping It Up

Have you been making excuses for your poverty, brokenness or any other difficult financial situation? You have no reason to anymore because you know how to make money online free without paying anything.

The other upside of these ways to earn money online free, fast and easy is that they are simple and can be done by anyone even lazy people, teens, stay at home moms and retirees among others.

Therefore, pick one of these and begin to make money online without investment not even a single dollar.



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