60 Best Money Making Apps That Pay Real Money

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Apps that pay you, too good to be true, right? Yes, money making apps actually exist.

While these money earning apps will not make you rich overnight, they put some little cash in your pocket every month.

With these money earning apps for Android and iPhones you can easily turn your smartphone into a money making machine that will generate passive income every month.

Whether you want an app that pays you to walk, run heralds, shop, be healthier, sell stuff, or take surveys, these 60 best apps to make money fast will help you to achieve all that and more.

If you still doubt these earn money apps, you can always read online reviews left by other users to make sure you pick the best money making app that will solve your problem.

To make things easy for you, I have even sampled our top 10 money earning apps which we highly recommend.

In this post, I have categorized these online money making apps into 11 groups (such as money saving apps, money making game apps, and survey money making apps among others) to avoid confusing you with too much details since this post is long.

For more options and information, you can always run a search on Google or any other search engine with these phrases, “best money making apps”, “best money earning apps”, “apps that pay” and “earn money apps”.

In addition, you can search based on your location such as, “money making apps India”, “Money making apps UK”, and  “money making apps South Africa” among others.

Finally, you can run a search based on the operating system of your phone, such as “money making apps for Android Phones” or “Money making apps on iPhone.”


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Sign up with Survey Junkie to do quick surveys paying more than $50 daily.

Alternatively, you can even use Swagbucks to get paid to do regular everyday tasks like watching videos and searching the web!







Zippy Loan is a site which prides itself in providing its clients with fast personal loans from $100 to $3000 using a simple, secure and transparent process.

Check out other 15 similar sites here.

This is one of the best online money making apps because you do not need any form of security to get a loan.

All you have to do is prove your identity and regular source of income to qualify for a loan.

They have over 100+ loan lenders who provide a wide variety of unsecured loans for bad credit, which suits the needs of anyone willing to get a personal loan.

Click here to download Zippy Loan Apps today




When companies create products and services, they gather customer feedback to identify any defects and opportunities for improvement. Surveys are the most common market research tools used to collect such information.

Survey junkie has top paid surveys with their prices ranging from $1 to $20 per survey.

They pay in points which you can redeem or exchange into cash or gift cards.

For example, 1000 points are equivalent to $10. Check out our detailed Survey Junkie Review here.

This company was established in 2013, in Glendale, Califonia. Since then, they have managed to grow their membership to more than 300,000 members.

Click here to download Survey Junkie app today



Swagbucks is the number one get paid to (GPT) site on the web. In this site, you complete offers and get paid points called SBs.

After you gather enough SBs, you exchange them into cash, gift cards, merchandise, shopping vouchers, and other rewards.

For instance, 500 SBs is equivalent to $5 gift card while 2,500 SBs is equal to a $25 gift card.

For example, Swagbucks will pay you approximately 3 SBs per 30-minutes video/TV show.

10 Other ways to make money on Swagbucks

  • Use the Swagbucks browser to surf the web and earn 10-20 SBs for every 20 searches.
  • Earn a free $5 sign up bonus given to all new members.
  • Test, review, download and install mobile apps and earn 15-50 SBs per app.
  • Shop online and earn points and cash backs. For instance, for every $1 you spend on shopping, you receive 3 SBs.
  • Complete surveys and polls and make around 40-100 SBs per survey.
  • Set and complete daily goals and earn more than 10 SBs for every goal you accomplish.
  • Play games online and earn more than 10 SBs for every game.
  • Refer a friend and take 20% of their lifetime earnings at Swagbucks.
  • Find and use swag codes and make more than 5 SBs per Swag code.
  • Complete other offers such as taking tests and make more money.

Click here to download the Swagbucks app




InboxDollarsis probably the second largest GPT (get-paid-to) after Swagbucks.

After installing the Android or IOSversion of the InboxDollars app, you will be able to complete tasks, such as take surveys and watch videos then earn points.

This is one of the best money making apps because those points you earn shall be paid in the form of cash, gift cards, and sweepstakes entries. You shall receive a $5 sign up bonus after you complete the registration process.

Below are ways to make money with InboxDollars app;

  • Complete offers, such as trying new products and earn around $0.25 to $3.00 per offer.
  • Use the Inbox dollars search toolbar to surf the web and get paid $1 for every search you make.
  • Watch videos and earn $0.06 per every short video less than 10 minutes long.
  • Take surveys and opinion polls and make around $0.05 to $10 per surveys which are usually short and each takes less than 10 minutes to complete.
  • Shop at Walmart and win shopping vouchers and other sweepstakes entries.
  • Use the coupons page and earn $0.10 per coupon.
  • Refer a friend and make $1.25 per every successful referral.
  • Watch TV and videos online and make around $0.20 for every video or show you complete successfully.

Use the links below to download this app




Fiverr is one of the largest freelance marketplace on the internet. This platform brings together clients, business owners and freelancers looking for work.

This is one of the best money earning apps because you cannot earn anything below $5 because that is the lowest price clients must pay for projects.

On this site there is work for anybody with any of the skills below;

Click here to download Fiverr app today




Nielsen computer and mobile panelapp is managed by the famous Nielsen, a famous market research company.

This is one of the best earn money apps that will pay you $50 per year for browsing the web and keeping it active in your phone.

You will also have other opportunities to earn other cash rewards and sweepstakes entries.

Accepted Countries: United StatesUnited KingdomItaly, and Australia among others.

Other Nielsen Products you can use to Make Extra Cash

Nielsen Homescan: Get paid to scan product bar codes, shopping receipts and share your shopping history.

Nielsen Digital Voice: Get paid to watch videos and TV.

Click here to download the Nielsen Computer & Mobile app today




FanDuel is a site where you get a pay for games you play or watch mostly related to sports.

After signing up and creating an account, you expected to pick a contest, pick players, the sit back watch the game and win cash.

This site was started in 2009 and since then they have won many gaming awards, such as the 2015 Webby Awards.

They have more than 60 million registered users which means this site is famous and loved by many.

Therefore, it is a place where you shall find legit, scam-free and real money earning games.

They also give a free $5 sign up bonus to all new members who successfully pass the initial registration process.

Click here to download the FanDuel app today




MobileXpression app is owned by a research community, which is dedicated to conducting market research on mobile and internet usage.

This money making app will pay you $3 every month to keep it active on your phone.

They also give promotions, cash give away and other forms of rewards to people who keep the app active every 30 days.

You are also eligible to claim a $5 Amazon gift card every week if you keep the app active on your phone throughout.

Use these links to download this app:




Drop is another shopping app that will help you to make extra money when shopping in the following ways;

Earn points: Once you successfully link this app to your debit cards and shopping accounts you shall earn points which you can redeem into cash.

For example, every 1000 points you make, that is equivalent to $5.

Get cashbacks: You can get up to 30% cashback on stuff you already bought with this app.

Get cash rewards: Such as gift cards, free merchandise, cash prices among other prizes.

Click here to download Drop App today




VIPKID is one of the most popular sites which offers online English tutoring jobs paying around 22 per hour.

This means that you can easily make more than $2,000 per month working 3-7 hours per day in this site. Click here to discover other 16 Similar Sites.

This company was established in 2013. They hire people from home North America to teach Chinese Children (Kindergarten to grade 9).

Every class or lesson lasts 25-30 minutes and they pay is $12 to $22 per hour depending on your experience and expertise.

Click here to download VIPKID app today





Below are 3 top survey apps that pay you real money to share your opinions and feedback on products and service you consume. These are some of the best apps to make money fast because they are 100% FREE to join and use.




This is a survey panel operated by Amazon, one of the big four tech companies after Google, Apple and Facebook.

It is one of the largest online retail marketplace similar to Alibaba.

In this survey panel you will be asked to answer some questions and polls in exchange for rewards.

You can also link your credit card to your shopping account to gather more rewards.

Click here to sign up @ Shopper Survey




It is a relatively new survey site in the market founded in 2017 by Logit Group, a famous market research company.

After signing up, you will get 200 points free, which is equivalent to $2 bonus.

After you reach the minimum point’s threshold of 25,000 points, you will get paid in the form of prepaid debit and credit cards.

Their payment process is fast and only takes 24 hours from the time you withdraw to the point the amount is paid.

Click here to sign up @ Make Survey Money




Pinecone Research has too many surveys, which pay from $3 to $50, making it one of the best apps that pay you to take surveys.

You can also make money from testing and reviewing products and get paid $3 to $6 per test.

They offer a wide variety of rewards, such as cash sent through PayPal or cheque or gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, and other famous stores.

Accepted Countries: United States, Canada, Germany and United Kingdom among others.


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Lucktastic is an app that pay you to play scratch card games. You will have the freedom to pick your theme and swipe multiple times to scratch.

The upside of this real money earning app is that it is free and you shall earn DAILY prizes for all games you play.




GamerSaloon is an online global games tournament and competition site established in 2006.

They have more than 1 million registered gamers and have issued over $55 million worth prizes so far.

The site is owned and managed by Beyond Gaming, LCC Company which is very popular.

Therefore, this is a legit site where you will get paid to play games. Note: you will be required to pay a first time deposit (Click here to get a 200% discount)




BetFAQ is a money earning app for people who love sports.

You will be able to make money through giving betting tips, making predictions among other tasks.



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17. TRIM


Trim is a money making app that will help you to save money through trimming your budget.

This app will help you to create smart budgets and track your spending so that you can be able to save more.

Proper budgeting and financial management is the best strategy for increasing your savings.

Remember that money saved is money earned because that is extra cash you can use for more productive investments.

The advantage is that this legit money making app is free to use and it shall improve your life by increasing your savings.




Acorns is a money making app that will help you to save and invest more while you shop online.

After you download, install and link the app to credit cards you use to shop online, it will round every amount you spend to a whole number then save the balance.

For example, if you spend $9.35 on lunch and $30.25 on shopping, Acorns will round the two to whole numbers (9 and 30 respectively) then invest or save the balance (0.35 + 0.25 =0.60).

They give a $5 sign up bonus to all new members. You can check out other 23 sites that give free money in that post.


19. MINT


Mint is an online and web based personal finance advisor and management platform for people living in the United States and Canada.

This app will help you to track your bank and credit card transactions so that you are able to monitor areas you waste or over spend unnecessary on.

Also, the app will give you tools and intelligence advice you can use to make better investment and loan application decisions.

Therefore, this is a top money making apps that will help you to create realistic budgets and financial goals which will help you to save more money.




Digit is a micro-saving platform you can use to save little money on your spending over a period of time.

After saving for about a month you are eligible to get a 1% saving bonus for every three months.

Click here to try Digit’s 30 Days Free Trial.




Personal Capital is a web-based robo-financial advisor and wealth management software used by investors to calculate risks and make better investment decisions.

It provides tools and specialized advice which will ensure you make money saving decisions.

Similar Apps: Quicken, Wealthfront and Betterment. Follow these links to get a comparison of; Personal Capital vs Quicken, Personal Capital vs Wealthfront and Personal Capital vs Mint




Lowermybills is a money making app that will help you to save the money you spend on your mortgage and other housing plans.

It connects mortgage borrows to reliable lenders offering lower and friendly rates.




Credit Sesame will help you to identify and monitor your credit score so that you can be able to choose loans and credit cards with high money saving potential.



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Rakuten formerly known as Ebates is a cashback site that will help you to save money as an online shopper.

You can use this money making an app to apply for cash backs at your favorite stores, get shopping coupons & discounts, compare prices and find the store with the lowest price and also this app will pay you when you refer a friend.

It is free to join, and you will get a free $10 sign up bonus just for registering in their platform with no other strings attached.

3 Ways To make money with Rakuten

  • Download their app: This is ideal for people who love shopping on their mobile phones. You will receive alerts and notifications from Ebates, making sure that you will never miss a sale.
  • Install Ebates Browser Extension: After you install it, it will add a cash back button at the top of your browser. It will automatically find promos, coupons and cashback offers for you, which you can activate by clicking the button.
  • Sign in your Ebates dashboard Account & Shop: All you have to do is log in into your account from Ebates official website, and shop in 2000+ featured stores and retailers, such as Amazon, Macy’s, Noble and Target among others.




Paribus is a real money earning app that will make you save money when you are shopping online.

It will monitor your shopping history then identify stores that owe you when prices go down.

This app will then refund the difference, which makes it an easy way to make money online.




Ibotta is a cash back money making a mobile app that will pay you to do several tasks, such as scanning barcodes, redeeming coupons and taking images of receipts when shopping online.

Immediately after downloading and installing the app, you shall get a $10 sign up bonus free with no strings attached.

Below are some ways you can make money with the Ibotta app;

  • Shop with the app and get 2% to 10% cash back.
  • Refer a new member and receive a $5 bonus.
  • Earn points called rebates, then redeem them into cash. For example, 15 rebates are equivalent to $1.




ShopAtHome will pay you to shop online from home and you shall earn cash back credits, discounts and other cash prizes for every amount you spend shopping with this app.


28. DOSH

Dosh is a cashback mobile money making app that will pay you when you shop or pay with your linked credit cards. You can also refer new friends to earn more money with this app.




Mystery Shopper is a money making an app that will pay you to be a secret or mystery shopper.

This is a job where stores pay you to act like a shopper then you are expected to give feedback on your shopping experience.

For example, you can explain how clean the store was, how clients interacted with you, how easy it was to find products among other elements.




MyPoints is a money making app that will give you points after you shop using your linked accounts and cards.

After you gather enough points, you redeem them into cash, gift cards and shopping vouchers among other prices.

Taking surveys, reading emails and playing games are other ways to make money online with this site.




ShopTracker is will pay you to complete their simple registration process, install the app and then link it to your online shopping account, such as Amazon.

This app will send you $3 every month as long as you keep it active.

You will receive a free $3 sign up bonus within 48 hours once your application is approved.




Groupon is a famous site that will help you to save money when shopping online through the use of coupons.

Snap by Groupon is their mobile app, which helps online shoppers to find shopping coupons when purchasing items online on their mobile phones easily.



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These are apps that pay you money to stay fit and healthy is several ways such as walking, running and losing weight among others. For example, the three apps below will pay you to walk and achieve your fitness goals.




Sweatcoin is a money earning app that will pay you to stay fit, exercise, eat healthy, lose weight and accomplish goals related to staying fit.




StepBet will pay you to reach your fitness goals as long as you meet all the requirements in the six-week program.

You can easily make more than $40 for every goal you accomplish.




Rover is a pet sitting website where you can get paid to walk dogs and perform other pet sitting duties described in this post.




Achievement will not only pay you to walk but also to complete other excises, such as running, swimming, biking and playing sport among others.



HealthWage regularly hosts weight loss competitions and contests where the winners get up to $10,000 prizes. Therefore, this app will pay you to do weight loss related activities, such as walking.








DoorDash is a company which hires drivers to deliver food.

According to Indeed and Doordash market reports, Doordash delivery drivers commonly known as “dashers” earn around $18 per hour plus other bonuses.




Shipt always hiring drivers who can help to deliver groceries to customers.

Apart from delivery jobs, you can also apply for shoppers jobs on Shipt, which increases your chances of making more money.




Instarcart is another money making app that delivery drivers can use to apply for grocery delivery jobs.

The advantage of this app is that drivers make more than $10 per hour, and they can also make extra cash in other ways, such as shopping for clients.




UberEats is an online food delivery system launched in 2014 and based in the United States.

Users who use this app to order food from restaurants which partner with UberEats.

After successful ordering and payment, this company will use its drivers to deliver the food to the customer.


42. LYFT


Lyft is a mobile money making app that will pay you to ride and drive customers.

If you are a driver, this app will help you to receive driving jobs notifications and even apply to them directly from your phone.

After you are hired as a driver on Lyft, you become eligible to win a Free $250 sign up bonus after your first 100 rides.

Visit this link to check out Lyft Driver Requirements so that you can apply today for a chance to win the free $250 given to all new drivers after they complete 100 to 125 rides working for Lyft.


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Qkids is one of the most popular sites which offers online English tutoring jobs paying around 22 per hour.

This means that you can easily make more than $2,000 per month working 3-7 hours per day in this site.




Course Hero is a money making app you can use to find homework tutoring jobs.

You can earn $12-$20 per hour through answering simple questions posted by high school and college students.




Education First is a privately owned sites where you can find high-paying English online tutoring jobs when you live anywhere in the United States and Canada.



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TaskRabbit is a site you can apply to perform handyman tasks, such as mounting & installation, moving & packaging, furniture assembly, home improvement, and heavy lifting among others. 

Field Agent and GigWalk are apps similar to this one you can use to make extra cash.




Handy is a money making app and web-based platform which brings together people offering these services (moving, cleaning, home renovation, installation procedures, and gardening among others) with people looking for such service providers.




Sittercity is used by parents and caregivers looking people who can offer babysitting services, such as night babysitters, after-school baby sitters, daytime babysitters, last-minute care sitters, mother helpers, newborn care sitters, and special needs care babysitters among others.

Click here to discover other 12 sites similar to Sittercity & Hiring Now!




MTurk is an online crowdsourcing marketplace where businesses and individuals outsources skills needed for their businesses.

For example, you can get hired to perform Data Entry, Proofreading, Survey Taking, and Blogging among other tasks.



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70 under the table jobs and micro same day jobs.







Decluttr is a smartphone app you can use to make money online through selling stuff online.

You can sell anything from CDs, mobile phones, movies among other items with this money making an app.

They will also provide free shipping of the products to the ideal customers.

After successful sales, you will get paid the next day in the form of cash sent via check, direct deposit or check and charity donations. Similar App: Gazelle.




Shutterstock is a money making mobile app photographers.

It will pay you to sell and submit your best photos. Therefore, if you are a photographer, this is a site you can make extra cash through selling photos. 

Similar Apps: Foab, Adobe Stock & Deposit Photos.




Udemy is a place where people sell online courses.

They have more than 50 million registered students which means your course will find buyers. Similar Apps: Teachable & Sendowl.




Bookscouter is a money earning app you can use to sell textbooks both new and use in exchange for money.




CafePress is just one out of the many places you can sell handmade products, such as T-shirts, mugs, and clothes among others.




DealDash is one of the best penny auction sites where participants make money by placing bids on products.

Every bid that is placed, the price of the product increases by a small margin of about $ 0.01.

Below are other things you can sell online;

      • Sell crafts @ Etsy
      • Sell T-shirts @ T-Spring
      • Sell clothing @ LetGo
      • Sell baby used gear @ Craiglist
      • Sell ads on your car @ Carvertise.
      • Sell art @ Artfinder
      • Sell cars @ Blinker
      • Sell old and used books @ Cash 4 Books
      • Sell stylish clothes @ ThreadUp
      • Sell Electronics @ Gazzelle
      • Sell Jewelry @ Out of Your Life
      • Sell hair @ Hairsellon


Get Paid To Click Ads @ StarClicks

Get Paid To Play Free Online Games @ Swagbucks

Get Paid To Read Emails @ InboxDollars

Get Paid To Share Your Opinion @ SurveyJunkie

Get Paid To Do Micro Jobs @ PicoWorkers

Get Paid To Take Photos @ ShutterStock






Talk & Translate app will help you to translate over 33 foreign languages using its highly sophisticated voice and speech recognition software.

This an important app for people speaking with foreigners or those who want to learn a foreign language.




Getaround is an app car owner can use to make money with their vehicles through entering into a car sharing or car rental partnership.

Car owners can easily use this app to find the best deals and clients interested in such services. Similar apps: Turo and RVshare.




Slidejoy is an app that will pay you to unlock your screen. Once you download and install it on your phone, you will notice ads and news on your phone screen.




Dario is an app used by people to keep healthier through checking their glucose levels and avoiding the risk of suffering from diabetes directly from their mobile phones.

Use these links to get it; Dario App for iOS phones and Dario App for Android phones.




Aaptive is a fitness app which helps you to track your fitness goals and get access to fitness trainers from anywhere in the world.


61. CLEO


Cleo is a budgeting and saving app that will help you to track your spending.

This app allows you to ask financial decisions or calculation based answers.




Airbnb is a company which offers hospitality services related to rental bookings, lodging arrangements, homestays, and other tourism-related property is renting arrangements.

If you have an extra room in your home, this app will allow you to list it for renting by their clients.




MySoapBox is a money making app that will pay you to give your opinions about products you use, sites you visit and almost everything else you do on a daily basis.


Money Making Apps FINAL THOUGHTS


It took me close to one week to put this post together.

I took my time on it because I wanted to offer the best to you. As you come to the end, I hope you have the ideal and best money making app for your situation.

Remember that all these are easy money making apps that pay you to complete several tasks, such as walking, shopping, saving money, selling and tutoring among others.

Most of these real money earning apps are free meaning that you do not have to pay anything to use them.

To get more information or other money making apps options, you can always Google the following terms;

  • “Online money earning apps”
  • “Apps that pay you”
  • “Earn money apps”
  • “Best money making apps”
  • “Money apps”
  • “Money earning apps for Android”
  • “Online money making apps”

Remember to leave a comment below telling me your experience with these apps. You can also make an addition or correction to the information I have given. In short, feel free to give any form of feedback.

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