Sproutmentor is a site dedicated to providing beginners with tricks, hacks, guides, tutorials and courses on how to start an online business and how to make money online. Thus, this site is for people who fall in these categories;

a) Beginners who want to learn the process of starting an online business, making money online and all other topics related to internet marketing, such as WordPress, SEO and blogging tips among others.

b) Anybody who want to learn more on internet marketing topics, such as social media marketing, Google analytics, SEO, WordPress, online business, website monetization, content marketing and email marketing among others.

C) If you are a business or individual who is stuck in writing content for your online copies-You can Hire SproutMentor coach for blogging, copywriting, editing and research services.



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In 2015 I decided to create a fulltime income online and I hired someone to create for me a website.

Despite being provided with this poor quality website I paid more than $400 for its development. It was ugly and poorly developed, and it did not even get me a single client.

This motivated me to start the journey of doing more research on creating WordPress websites, digital marketing and making money online.

My efforts bore fruits and I was able to create my second website from scratch without the help of any developer.

This site helped me to understand SEO, Google analytics, WordPress, email marketing and content marketing and making money online further.

My struggles, lessons and wins along this journey motivated me to create sproutmentor.com to help a beginner who does not know how to start off from those humble beginnings of making money online.




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Sproutmentor has three main missions:

To provide highly practical and easy guides, tutorials, hacks and information that any beginner can apply to make money online and start and online business.

To breakdown the big bulk of information on digital marketing and online business topics into easy step by step guides that beginners can apply to build successful online businesses.

To offer high-quality content creation and freelance writing services.



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