How To Take Feet Pics To Sell Like A Pro (The Ultimate Guide 2023)


Welcome to this guide on how to take feet pics to sell.

First, we are going to talk about three (buyer, preparation & research) things to consider before you take the feet pics.

Next, we will discuss tips on how to take feet pics to sell by looking at the best poses and camera angles to use.

Finally, we shall look at three (editing, portfolio & FAQs) things you should do or consider after you take the feet pics.


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How To Take Feet Pics To Sell Like A Pro

 A) Before You Take The Feet Pics

1. Understand Your Buyer

 A business owner does not create a “one-size-fits-all” solution for their target audience.

They will often produce multiple variations of the product or service to appeal to the needs of the wider audience.

When you decide to sell feet pictures, you must remember that your target audience has different preferences, needs, and motives.

Therefore, when taking every shot on your feet, you must always make sure you match its content with the end needs of the target consumer/buyer.

There are many reasons why you might want to take feet pics to sell, like;


Modeling agencies or companies are looking for professional photographs from leg models.

Producing high quality is a must-meet requirement in these kinds of feet pics.


Capturing Milestones

Maybe you are a new mother who wants to capture the change in your baby’s foot while they grow.

Alternatively, you could be recovering from a form of treatment or surgery and decided to tell that journey in pictures.

In all these scenarios, the picture must be as natural as possible.



What if you are in a career or job serving clients with some form of fetish?

Examples of such careers might include phone sex operator, webcam model, and sugar baby, among others.

In such side hustles, you are likely to encounter clients with foot fetishism. Some will want to buy your feet pictures to fulfill their interests.

When taking such pictures, you must make sure that they bring out that sensual and erotic arousing aesthetic appeal.



Maybe you are just someone blessed with adorable and pretty feet.

In this age of social media and the Internet, you can use that to your advantage by selling pictures of your feet.

There are many places to sell the feet pics you take, like on Instagram, Instafeet, and other best sites discussed in this post on how to sell feet pics online.


2. Prepare

Your Feet

Your feet are the subject of the picture, so they must be well-kept to maintain a consistent quality.

Taking care of your feet will also save you the time you might spend doing too much editing on the pictures to make them flawless.

You can take care of your feet by;

Hydrating them by using a moisturizer, foot mask, or cream.

Smoothening them by regularly exfoliating them with a scrub to remove rough patches and calluses.

Protecting them with sunscreen.

Manicuring them by filling, cutting long nails, and giving them periodic spa treatments, whether at home or in a nail salon.


Your Device

What device shall you use to take the foot pic?

Is it a camera? Is it a smartphone? Is it a webcam? Is it a screen recorder?

Whatever device you pick, you must ensure that it delivers the best quality, which matches the buyer’s needs.

You must also ensure the device has all the basic settings well-configured before you start the shooting process.

For instance, if you are using a camera, ensure the memory card has space, the lens is clean, and the settings are configured.


The Lighting

Do you plan to do the shooting outdoors with natural lighting?

If you do, you must plan by choosing the best location and time of the day to do the photoshoot.

For instance, places with a lot of shade (but well-lit) will create a well-contrasted picture.

Also, shooting early in the morning or late afternoon is the best time to take romantic pictures with a soft, flattering, aesthetic glow.

What if you decide to do the photoshoot indoors?

The best recommended indoor setting for photography is a studio with commercial lighting kit equipment such as overhead lights and lamps, among others.

If you cannot afford the cost of studio photography, make sure the room has windows you can open. Also, you can improvise your extra lighting setup to eliminate all the harsh shadows.


The Setting

Below are some of the things that can make your setting wrong for a perfect foot pic;

Aesthetic scenery: The best photographers travel globally because they come across breathtaking locations. Maybe you can adopt this habit of taking photos from multiple beautiful views instead of one spot all the time.

Distracting surroundings: For instance, when shooting in the house, you must remember there is furniture or pets, which can become a distraction.

A busy background: Always keep the background plain. If it must have some elements, make sure it is a simple pattern that complements the photo subject.


The Probs

Probs will get you ahead of your competition because they amplify your creativity.

They are meant to turn the common into uncommon, the usual into unusual, and the boring into fun/interesting.

You must carefully select the prob which complements your feet, the setting, and the buyer’s needs.

Examples of probs include;

Flowers, which add elegance.

Feathers add a playful and fanciful touch in an appealing, dreamy, and amusing way.

Leaves bring out a natural, plain, simple, countryside, unsophisticated and minimalistic touch.

Rocks add interest, texture, pattern, and contrast to your photos.


3. Research

Your Competitors

Identify at least five competitors who are making lots of money by selling feet pictures.

For each competitor, get at least two feet of pics you know are loved by their audience.

Look at those pics closely to identify the background, setting, lighting, camera angles, and pose used.

Any pattern that seems similar in your competitor’s pictures uses the same way in your photographs.

For example, if you discover a particular pose used by all, take multiple feet pics with the same poses.


By Paying For Extra Knowledge

Consider paying for such a service if you find a competitor offering one-on-one mentorship or coaching.

For example, if you are interested in selling feet pics and related items on Etsy, you can check out Sasha’s 1-0n-1 Coaching.

Additionally, if it means taking paid courses in photography or selling online, do not hesitate to make such a decision.

On the other hand, if you do not have extra money to spend on such materials, always remember that on Pinterest, YouTube and Google, you can find lots of free resources.


By Keeping Up With Trends

There are different trends throughout the year, depending on the season.

For example, when I write this blog post, we are in the Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s seasons.

Taking foot pictures while matching these trends and seasons can keep you ahead of your competition.

Hence you must ensure that you stay up-to-date with all the trends, seasons, and updates in the photography, feet, and selling markets.


B) 10 Poses & Camera Angles On How To Take Feet Pics

1. The Sole Shot


The arch, heel, and toe back structures are the camera’s focus in this position.

When it’s a close shot angle, this is a great way to showcase the beauty of the bottom of your feet.


2. The Pedicure Shot


The pedicure shot is meant to showcase the beauty of your pedicured, moisturized, maintained feet.

It’s a great shot to bring out glamour or promote a product used during the foot care process.


3. The Aerial Shot


This is a shot with the camera looking/facing down on your feet.

It’s meant to capture the top of your feet to showcase the tootsies and the frame of your feet.


4. The Show-Off Shot


A shot meant to show off the beauty of your whole body.

You take it while lying down, and then your feet are up in a visible position.

It’s meant to bring the viewers a relaxed, casual, sexy, and cute vibe.


5. The Arch Shot


 The arch is the center part of the sole, which is usually slightly curved inside.


6. The Heel Shot


This part of the sole is meant to hold all the elements in the foot sole in shape and position using the padded calcaneus material during movement.


7. The Air Shot


 This is a shot with the feet suspended in the air while seated or lying down.


8. The Shoe Shot


They were taken with shoes on your feet. These can be shoes of any type, but most people use heels.


9. The Candid Shot


It is usually a natural shot taken while you complete a particular action, such as walking on the beach, peeking through sand, resting on the grass, railing, and more.

Most of these shots are usually in outdoor places with proper natural lighting.


10. The Close-Up Shot


Do you have a foot tattoo? This is the shot to showcase that!

Are there elements of your feet you want to show off or draw attention to? This is the show to achieve that.


 C) After You Take the Feet Pics

1. Edit Them

 The goal of editing is to polish, perfect and improve the professionalism or aesthetic appeal of the picture.

There are many photo editors, and the good news is that most are free.

My favorite, which I use for all design and editing work for my blog and YouTube channel, is Canva.

Canva is 100% free, but if you want to unlock more premium features, you shall pay $6 per month with the flexibility to add up to 10 members to your team.

During editing, you can do the following;

Resize the photos by cropping, zooming, cutting, and more.

Erase distractions by deleting or cropping them out.

Add filters to enhance your pictures’ colors, vintage look, and polished feel.

Use color correction and saturation settings to create a balanced contrast in the lighting.

Altogether remove flaws like shadows and blemishes to keep them from distracting the viewer.


2. Build a Portfolio

 You will end up taking many feet pictures.

The best way to improve their deliverability to the target audience or buyer is by building a portfolio.

In a portfolio, you get to arrange your images into folders grouped based on the location, audience, or demand.

The goal is to showcase your work in a more organized manner.

There are many ways to build a portfolio;

A social media photo album: Create a social media account on OnlyFans, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, then post on it consistently daily.

A website/blog:  Apart from selling feet pictures, there are so many other ways to make passive income with a blog, like advertising, affiliate marketing, coaching, and sponsored content, among others.

Online store: The existence of e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and Alibaba, among others, makes selling via a digital store very possible.

Feet Directories: Some entrepreneurs have created specific platforms for foot buyers and sellers, such as Feet Finder and Instafeet.


4. Learn More From These FAQs

Can I Make Money Selling Feet Pictures?

Yes, it is possible to make money by selling feet pictures as long as you follow all the tips on how to sell feet pics offered in that blog post.


What Are the Pros And Cons Of Selling Feet Pics?

There are many pros and cons of selling feet pics. The main advantage is that you shall get to make extra money.

On the other hand, the main disadvantage is that there is too much competition, so you must prepare well.


What do I Need to start taking Feet Pictures?

To take great feet pictures, you need a device (your smartphone or camera), photo editing software, and some basic photography skills.


What Is The Feet Pics App For Selling?

The top four apps for selling feet pictures are Instafeet, Feet Finder, Onlyfans, and Instagram.


How Can I Improve My Skills at Taking Feet Pictures?

You can take a cheaply priced photograph, sell an online course, or one-on-one coaching/mentorship.

Two, keep practicing because practice eventually makes perfect.

Third, closely monitor your competitors and remodel what they do until you succeed.


How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures?

Your feet pricing model will depend on many factors, like the beauty of the feet and the client’s offer, among others.


What Should I Wear in My Feet Pictures?

What you wear depends mainly on the buyer’s request and your personal preferences.

Some options available are taking the bare shot feet, wearing socks, wearing heels, or putting on a stocking.


What are the best tips on how to sell feet pics without getting scammed?

Is selling feet pics dangerous?

Sometimes, it can be, especially if you get caught up with scamming or dangerous clients.

Every business has its advantages and disadvantages so is the industry of selling feet pictures.

Make sure you sell feet pictures legally and follow these tips for not getting scammed to avoid attracting any danger.


What Type of Camera Should I Use to Take Feet Pictures?

Any Camera, even those on a mobile phone or webcam monitor, will work as long as you configure the settings correctly.

If you have the budget to spend on a commercial camera, go for a DSLR or point-and-shoot option.

Also, go for those options with macro lenses to achieve the best results.


How Do I Edit My Feet Pictures?

There are many tools for preparing images for the web that you can use.

My personal favorite is a combination of Canva and Photoshop.

The two will give you the highest quality of your edited photos.



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