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How To Sell Feet Pics Online [Make $200 Daily]


Welcome, this sell feet pics for money guide.

We are going to talk about;

  • How to sell feet pics
  • Where to sell feet pics
  • Apps to sell feet pics
  • Other best places to sell feet pics
  • Answer some frequently asked questions on selling feet pictures.

Apart from foot pics, you can also sell pictures of your Hands, Body, and selfies.

If you are curious or in a hurry, the best two feet fetish websites for selling feet pictures in FeetFinder and Instafeet.

If you prefer to sell from your mobile phone, the best two apps for selling feet pictures are OnlyFans and Instagram.



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Sell Feet Pics Introduction


Why Is Selling Feet Pics a Real Thing?


1) The demand is high

You can clearly tell that feet pictures have too many uses.

This means their market is promising and has lots of opportunities to make money.


2) Flexibility

This is a side hustle you can do from anywhere even in the comfort of your home.


3) Inexpensive

Feet are a free God-given resource.

With just a good camera you can easily get started on making money selling pictures of your feet online.


4) Universality

Anybody can do it even the illiterate or school dropouts because no college degree is required.

Anybody who has attractive and well-kept feet can succeed.


Who Buys Feet Pics?


1) Foot Fetish Idols

People who have foot fetish are always looking for attractive foot pics.

Foot fetishism is a condition where a person has a strong attraction to beautiful feet.


2) Movie & Documentary producers/directors

Some movie producers will often enter into contracts with people who sell pictures of feet.

They use those pictures to complement the message in the film, movie, or documentary.

For example, in this video clip, you will see that Eddie Murphy is portrayed to love the feet of women in the movie The Boomerang.


3) Bloggers & Online Marketers

A blogger writing content related to feet like this post will need foot pictures to complement and support the text.

Similarly, marketers or brands who are advertising feet products or services will require high-quality professional feet pictures to fulfill their marketing goals.

See this example of an online marketer who is marketing a popular feet product using very beautiful and attention-grabbing feet pictures.


How To Sell Feet Pics


How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed?



Read More: How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

As easy as selling feet pictures sounds, it comes with its risks, especially for a person’s safety.

This is particularly true for people who sell to the fetish nation.

Foot fetish is often associated with people with an extreme lack of control over their sexual desires and personal morals.

Therefore, such individuals can result in stalking their victims or putting them in danger in many other ways.

Therefore, you can make sure you are safe from such psychopaths through the following strategies;


1) Operate Privately

Make your social media business accounts different from personal accounts.

Instead of using your personal social media account to sell feet photos, create a separate business account purely for feet pictures business.


2) Be Anonymous

If possible hide your identity and every personal detail as much as you can.

It’s advisable to use a different name from your real one.


3) Family Awareness

Let your close family members know about your dealings.

They will be able to make a follow-up quickly in case of any uncommon circumstances.


4) Avoid Dangerous Meeting Points

Some clients will want to meet up to have a chance to touch your feet.

In such a case avoid such deals or meet in non-risky places in the company of someone else.


How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram



Below are two examples of Instagram feet models making lots of cash through selling feet pictures;

You can sell feet pics on Instagram in three ways;


1) Influencer Marketing

Look for brands who deal with foot-related products or services then ask the to sponsor you to post their content on your page.


2) Affiliate marketing

Sell other people’s products and then get paid a commission after every successful sale.


3) Entrepreneurship

Create your own feet products or feet pictures then sell them to your followers and fans.

You need many followers to make good money on Instagram. A tool like Milotree can help you grow your followers.


4) Direct Selling

Posting consistently will grow your account and earn more followers.

With time, those followers will reach out to make an order.

You need to use relevant hashtags to get found on Instagram such as:

  • #pics
  • #photo
  • #photooftheday
  • #feetmodel
  • #modeling
  • #feet
  • #feetfetishworld
  • #foot
  • #feetfetishnation
  • #bigfeet


How To Sell Feet Pics On Onlyfans




Above is an example of an account of a feet seller in OnlyFans. They charge $10 per subscriber.

OnlyFans is another social media platform where fans and subscribers come together to share content.

You can sell feet pics on OnlyFans in these ways;


1) Content subscription

Post your feet pictures content and then instead of letting your fans or subscribers view it free, make them pay a monthly or one-time subscription fee to unlock it.


2) Networking

This is a platform you get to meet new people.

Among those, there will be customers willing to buy feet pictures from you.


3) Direct Selling

After creating an account on this site, gain some followers to start selling feet pictures directly in their inboxes.


4) Pass The Screening

The upside of this site is that it’s completely safe since they carry out a 2-3 days screening and background check process.

The goal is to make sure they only pick legit customers, sellers, and fans.


5) Secure Your Payments

They also offer secure payment methods which means your hard-earned money will not be stolen from you after you earn it.


How To Sell Feet Pics On Craigslist



It is totally legal and acceptable to sell feet pics on Craiglist.

1. Profile

Make sure you fully complete all details on your profile to attract the right target audience.


2. Local Market

Start advertising to the local audience first because you might face lots of competition when starting out.


3. Unique Selling Proposition

Have a unique selling proposition that will help you to stand out. For example, you can do the following;

Use quality and attention-grabbing feet pictures to attract the right target clientele with your ad.

Post consistently because the more you do the higher the chance of getting noticed.


4. Ads

Craiglist is a popular advertising site where people place ads.

These ads announce their services, open job positions, wanted products, and more.

In such a case, you can create an ad targeting buyers of feet pictures then post it on this site.

For example, you can create items wanted or for sale posts as shown below.



 5. Apply for jobs

Employers are always posting open job positions on Craiglist.

You can look for companies that are hiring foot models or foot photographers here.


6. Participate in discussion forums

Engage in Craiglist feet community and discussion forums.

When you see a client who says they want feet pictures, reach out to them.


How To Sell Feet Pics On Etsy




Etsy is a very popular marketplace where people sell vintage items and handmade goods.

Yes, you can sell feet pics on Etsy by following the tips below;


1) Feet art drawings

If you love to draw, then you can design graphics and hand-created drawings of feet and then sell them on Etsy.


2) Market tattoos or Footprint Signs

Etsy is a place where people market handmade designs.

A tattoo is a hand art that can be marketed on feet on Etsy.


3) Know Your Worth

I also noticed that the least price per foot pic on Etsy is $10.

That means you can easily make good money on this site with your feet pictures.


Where to Sell Feet Pics ( 5 Foot Fetish Websites)




FeetFinder is a place where buying and selling of feet pictures is carried out in a secure and well-managed environment.

This site has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on TrustPilot. You can read all the reviews here.

Another green sign showing that this is not another make money online scam, is that they have very active social media pages which are updated on a daily basis.

Another thing I noticed is that there are so many Youtube video testimonials of people sharing how they made money selling feet pictures on this website.

They also have lots of clients who are willing to pay well for feet pictures, even more than $50 per picture.

Read our detailed Feet Finder Review to get more details on how to make money and how much you can make on this platform.

Sign up @ FeetFinder here: https://feetfinder.com/




What is instafeet?

Instafeet describes itself as a platform for feet enthusiasts.

Foot models create accounts on the site, then they posts their foot pics.

Feet fetish idols and other people who buy feet pictures will support them by liking or buying those pictures.

This is platform which connects people with beautiful feet with potential secret admirers of their feet pictures.

You must be at least 18 years to get accepted on this site.

You must create a convincing profile on this site to increase your chances of finding.

Therefore, Instafeet is a website where you can create a feet selling career because you get connected to the right customers and you get a place you can share your beautiful pics.

Lean more here on Instafeet About page.


Is instafeet a legit website?

Yes. Instafeet is totally legit. Most people do not know about it because it is relatively new (established in 2017) with less traffic.

Foot models who have already used it have confirmed that this is one of the best sites to sell feet pics and they actually pay.


How much can you make on Instafeet?

Clients pay a $20 subscription fee to access feet pics posted by the models.

If you have 5 clients, that means you shall make (5 * 20 =100).

Instafeet with take a 10% commission out of that money which means you shall end up with $90.


Do I have to show my face on Instafeet?

No. This is a platform for selling feet pictures. Amazing and beautiful foot pics are what sell on this site, not your face. Read more on Instafeet rules.


Is instafeet secure?

Yes, it is.

This is a private platform which means your content is only accessible and shown to your subscribers and followers.

Additionally, you can secure your account in many ways like activating the 2-factor authentication.


Sign up @ Instafeet here: https://instafeet.com/




What is Feetify?

This is a site where you can sign up for a free account which you shall use to sell feet pictures. They also have a premium membership where you get more benefits. You must be above 18 years to join.


Is Feetify.com legit?

Yes. They have a smart and secure website with so many registered users. I really loved the design of their website and reviews left by other users. Check out Feetify.com in that link.


Is Feetify safe?

Yes. You can join anonymously which means your real identity will be protected. They also have a two-factor authentication setting which will secure your account further.


How do you get paid on Feetify?

Feetify will send all the money you have earned every month to your PayPal account, Payoneer account or bank direct deposit.


How much can you make on Feetify?

You can easily make more than $1000 per month on this site through two ways: selling feet pictures and participating in the monthly cash award contests.


Sign up @ Feetify here: https://feetify.com/





This is a feet pictures sharing website created by Lauren Oyler in 2016.

The site is used by many celebrities and foot fetish idols which means you can easily get clients who are willing to pay a lot of money for your feet pictures.

They have other similar websites like WikiFeet men where male celebrities share feet pictures with their fans, and WikiFeet X a site for adult performs and webcam models to share nudes and other sexual content.

Sign up @ Wiki Feet here: https://www.wikifeet.com/





The name tells you that this site where you can make dollars through selling feet pictures online.

One advantage of this platform is that they have a fast approval process which takes less than 24 hours.

Apart from selling feet pictures, you can also sell feet videos to clients who prefer pictures in gif or video format.

The advantage of selling videos is that the pay is high. $25 is the least amount you expect to be paid on a single video.

They also have a wide range of payment methods, such as Paypal, Skill or gift card which means you shall receive you money conviniently.

They allow you to assume an anonymous identity though allowing you to use a nickname and not show your face which an addition to your security.

Sign up @ DollarFeet here: https://www.dollarfeet.com/

9 Apps To Sell Feet Pics







See the example above of how this seller posted on a Facebook group called Feet Fetish on the image below;

How to sell feet pics on Facebook in 4 ways:

Sell on Facebook marketplace: You can sell anything using the “sell something” option.

Messaging: Send private messages to potential buyers using the Facebook messager.

Sell in groups: Jobs groups for selling feet pictures and post your content there.

Run Facebook ads: To reach a wider global market, Facebook advertising might be the way to go.

There are so many Facebook groups you can join and sell feet pictures such as the ones below:

You can find such groups through a Google search using this phrase, “facebook groups to sell feet pics”.

Or you can simply search on Facebook then use the “Group filter option” to only see results for groups to sell feet pics.

How to sell feet pics on Facebook 





Discord is a free instant messaging where people send text, image, video, audio and all other forms of communication from one person to the next. An app which is closely related to Discord is slack.

Selling feet pics on discord starts with downloading the app then register for an account. Make sure you fill out your profile before you get started.

Next you will need to add friends using their Discord tags or searching for people you know using the “Add friend” feature on Discord.

Once you have enough friends, you can begin the process of selling feet pics through sending interested and potential client’s pictures, videos and audio promoting your pics or telling them where they can buy the pics.




Snapchat is also another good place to sell feet pictures.

However, the problem is that they do not have a direct link or function dedicated to supporting people who want to sell feet pictures.

The only option you have here is to sell the images directly to your clients then give them your bank account where they can pay after they get the photos. This is really a risky way of doing business because you can easily get caught up by scammers who will refuse to pay you.

You can also use Snapchat Ads to sell your feet pictures. Unfortunately, this method might end up being costly since it might not bring expected results.

Therefore, it is advisable to check out other places, such as Instagram, Facebook groups and stock photography websites like DepositPhotos to sell your feet pictures there.





Uses hashtags like #feetpics or #sellfeetpics and #buyfeetpics to find posts of people looking for places to buy feet pics on Twitter like in the image below.

Focus on growing your Twitter followers to maximize your earning potential with this side hustle. One simple way to do this is by publishing content regularly. You can use a scheduling tool like Smarterque which will post for you when you are busy handling other things.

You can also educate yourself on how to write best pitches so that you can grab the attention of interested customers.





Tik Tok is a very popular mobile app which allows you to create short mobile videos.

Most people use this app because it adds fun and joy to the serious day to day life activities.

People selling feet pictures like Venno have taken advantage of this platform and they are now making lots of money from this simple side hustle.

You can easily get the Tik Tok app from Apple Store or Play store free of charge without any extra costs.


#6- FOAB


Foab is photo and video selling platform.

To sell feet pictures on this platform, you need to sign up first. You can also download their mobile app from Apple store and other places, such as Play Store.

Upload the videos and photos you want to sell on your Foab Portfolio.

Not that for every sale you male, the profit will be shared 50/50 with the company. For example, if you get paid $10 for every image, it means that Foab will take $5 and you will take the remaining $5.

To make lots of money selling feet pictures on this site remember the tips below:

  • Use tags when uploading your images
  • Be creative, unique and different to survive the competition.


#7- KIK


Kik is a communication platform used for many purposes like group chatting, direct messaging friends and exchanging videos and audio from one person to the next.

Therefore, you shall use this app to sell feet pics the same way I described the process of selling pictures on Discord.

You can use hashtags like #feet in Kik groups to find people interested in buying feet pictures on this app.

Sign up @ Kik here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kik.android&hl=en




This is another app you can use to sell feet pictures with an anonymous identity. You must be at least 17 years old to legally use this app without attracting any legal complications.

However, this app is not very recommended because many people have complained of having their private information being leaked or displayed publicly.

Sing up @ Whisper here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sh.whisper&hl=en_US




Yes you can make money on MeetMe through selling pictures of your feet as explained in the sentences below.

MeetMe is a socializing, dating and networking app where you meet people you share similar interests, professionals and opinions with.

You can use this app to meet with new people looking for online friends if you are someone who loves to chat with strangers.

Among the new people you shall meet on this app, some of them will be buyers interested in buying feet pictures from you.


How to sell feet pics


Other Best Places To Sell Feet Pics


#1- EBAY


Ebay is an e-commerce store or an online marketplace where buyers and sellers trade cars, clothes among other products.

To be able to sell anything on eBay, you must create a seller account. Once the account is activated, you shall be able to sell feet pictures.

Make you use the right feet related keywords in your pictures descriptions to increase the possibility of them appearing on the search results of related queries.




Yes, you can sell feet pictures on Fiverr.

Since Fiverr is a global freelance services, you can offer any type of service on this website including feet pics for sale.

However, Fiverr is best known for other things such as being a place to find freelancer who can complete short task on proofreading, blogging and virtual assistance and Freelance writing among others.

Therefore, I would recommended you consider selling feet pictures in other places like social media accounts, stock photography websites and more.




These are websites where people buy images from.

For example, all the paid images I use on my blogs, Pinterest and other social media accounts I always buy them from Deposit Photos and ShutterStock.

Below are some of the best stock photography websites to check out;




You can always create a shop where you sell anything including feet pictures on E-commerce platforms like Shopify, Ebay among others.

Additionally, you can sell image or pictures on e-commerce sites like Alibaba and Amazon.

These websites will allow you to create a shop where you can sell photos or photography-related products.




You can also sell photos through a blog or website as explained below:

A blog is simply a platform where you share information either in form of text, pictures, video, audio, graphics or a combination of all on a given topic.

You can start a blog where you share images of your feet, then some of the readers who are interested will reach out if they want to buy those feet pics.

The upside of a blog is that you can make money with it in other ways, such as advertising, affiliate marketing and selling digital products like book among others explained in this post.

However, you need to remember that your blog must have sufficient traffic for you to be able to make good money from it.

I have already created a step by step guide you can use to start a blog without any coding expertise or previous experience.


Sell Feet Pics FAQ’s


1. How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures?

2. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Selling Feet Pics?

3. Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous?

4. Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

5. What Are The Tips On How To Take Feet Pics To Sell?




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