How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed In 11 Ways


Welcome to this guide on how to sell feet pics without getting scammed in 11 ways.

These eleven tips will equip you with wisdom on;

  • How to sell feet pics online safely
  • How to anonymously sell feet pics online

There are pros and cons of selling feet pics, so you need to be equipped with this information to know how to deal with the disadvantages.

There are so many things that can go wrong when selling feet pictures like;

Most of the information on this post is a compilation of feet sellers who have advised on these two Quora questions; How to sell feet pics on Reddit and How to sell feet pics on the whisper app.

If you are curious or in a hurry…


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How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed In 11 Ways

#1 – Know There Are Different Clients

For example, what a blogger looks for in a foot picture is not the same as what a person from the foot fetish nation looks for.

A blogger will look for quality and professionalism, while a fetish idol will often ask for additional features like painted toes, feet in nylons, and more.

The more a client asks for, the more you shall charge for the pictures, and this is a way of avoiding getting scammed through being underpaid.

Also, to keep a professional-client relationship, you must know how to set boundaries with fetish idols who might ask for erotic content.

In summary, the more you understand your target buyer clientele, the more you will keep away from scammers.


#2- Accept That All platforms are not the same

I read one user review saying that she makes $70 daily on Feetfinder and less than $10 daily on Instafeet.

She added that FeetFinder has too many clients, which makes her work easy because she does not waste too much time closing deals.

Based on this user review, the truth is that some feet pictures selling platforms and websites are better than others.

FeetFinder seems to be labeled as the best place to sell feet pics by most sellers who have used it over other platforms.

Other foot sellers have reported that they have found more success selling on Instagram than using Onlyfans.

Therefore, it is essential to research feet-selling apps and websites to avoid those with lots of scammers, fewer buyers, and underpaying clients.


#3- Do Your Research

 If you get a buyer from a platform like FeetFinder, check their history to see if they have paid foot sellers they have worked with or if they have a good reputation.

When selling on third-party websites like Instafeet or Feetify, make sure you read their user reviews.

Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, or other reputable blogs or websites that can be trusted to offer objective & non-biased opinions.

Any place you decide to use to sell your pictures must have high domain authority, high user traffic, and a low spam score, which you can check with tools like Moz and Similarweb.


#4- Stay Organized

The goal is to work smart by focusing your time and efforts on profitable activities only.

That is why you need to keep a record of all the financial transactions to measure if you are getting a return on the time, money, and energy investment.

Keeping such records can also help to settle future disputes related to clients asking for refunds or task purposes quickly.


#5- Keep Yourself Safe

 Keep all personal information like your real name, addresses, social media accounts, driver’s license, social security number, and credit card details, among others, private.

This means creating a different and separate email, phone number, and social media account dedicated only to this type of online job.

So many psychopaths and other toxic people can use that information to cyber bully you or force you into doing stuff.

In addition, imposters can get you into real-life problems if they impersonate your identity.

Being hacked, stolen from, or manipulated often happens from evil using this personal information against you.

Learn how to trust your gut or intuition, which will always keep you safe if you do. For instance, if a client is asking more than you are comfortable with, end the communication with anybody that brings out a bad vibe or negative energy in you.

Any client that makes you feel ‘pressured,’ ‘disrespected,’ ‘hurried,’ or any other toxic feeling is not worth your time. These are common gimmicks used by manipulators to make people fall into their tricks.


#6- Use These Security Tips

Your profile must clearly state your boundaries, expectations, and rules for buyers to know your limits before they engage with your services.

You can reinforce this further by using only a professional business account on all platforms you sell.

Also, in a business account, you can set extra layers of security with features like the two-factor authentication process.

The devices you use for this type of job, like your mobile phone or internet connection, must have strong passwords and other security measures.


#7- MaintainAnonymity & Avoid In-Person Meetings

 It is safe if you can avoid meeting up physically with clients. If you must meet face to face, do thorough research on the client to ensure they can be trusted.

Also, before the meeting, tell someone you can trust, like your parent or friend, about it before you attend.

After a buyer pays for your picture, you have zero control over what they do with that image. Some might use it on porn sites or other platforms that are likely to damage your reputation.

For this exact reason, you need to maintain an anonymous identity in this dirty way of making money online.


#8- Protect Your Images

 Unfortunately, it’s easy to steal feet pictures because most sellers stay anonymous and do not show their faces.

Below are some of the things you can do before you share your pictures to make stealing impossible for such scumbags;

Add a watermark that is not intrusive or distracting in the form of text, digital signatures, foreground layering, barcoding, or logo.

Only share compressed and low-resolution versions of your image. After the client shows commitment to buy the image, you can send the high-resolution copy privately.

Only sell through third-party websites that protect sellers from copyright infringement and image theft through their terms of usage, disabling the “save image as” feature, and dispute resolution processes.

Always add the copyright metadata to all the images that you upload online. You can take this further by legally registering a copyright for your pictures.

Use strategies like Google reverse image search to discover images that have been stolen, then report such people or ask them to take the pictures down.

Only sell on the platform where you have direct control over who uses your images and where and how they use them.


#9- Have a Pricing Table

People sell too many types of feet pictures like;

  • Feet in heels
  • Soles of feet
  • Pedicured & painted toenails
  • Feet in pantyhose
  • Dirty feet
  • Whole leg pictures

The price you charge per picture will depend on the type because some pictures require more professional camera work and additional than others.

To avoid dealing with scammers who ask more than they can pay for or those that waste too much time in negotiations, create a list of the feet pictures you offer and the price per list or group.

For instance, professional feet picture sellers have reported charging around $20 for five pictures without additional or special features.

After you set this pricing guideline list, it can only be effective if you keep away the urge to over-compromising and haggle on it.

You must remain faithful to it because some clients with good negotiation skills can cause you to budge on your pricing if you allow them.


#10 – Getting Paid Securely

Choose your payment gateways wisely so you can only collect your fund via safe and secure platforms like PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, or Wise, among others.

Only work with clients willing to pay cash via PayPal, direct deposit, mobile money, and other trusted gateways.

This means keeping off clients who offer donations, gift cards, vouchers, or merchandise as payment.

The problem with this payment is that the sender can easily revoke them. In addition, they have an expiry date that will put you under much pressure to try to beat them.


#11- Know How To Recognize scammers

Most scammers use the same textbook rules to lure ignorant or uninformed sellers into the trap of selling for free or sharing personal information.

Below are common tactics used by scammers that you must know;

The shiny object” We all love to get rich quickly, but when the deal seems too good, you need to analyze it deeply.

Yes, they might pay those high prices, but these are the same people that reverse or ask for refunds on such transactions.

The freebies” There is a type of client used to getting things for free without paying for them.

Always ensure you get paid before you send pictures to a client. Unless you have the right payment gateway, avoid selling through social media.

Its best to sell via third-party sites like FeetFinder than have safe payment methods integrated with their platforms.

The middleman” Avoid selling to clients who buy your feet pictures, then sell to other clients at higher prices. In most cases, these will buy at meager and poor prices.


Wrapping It Up

Selling feet pictures comes with its pros and cons.

That is why you need these 11 tips on how to sell feet pics without getting scammed and minimize the harmful risks related to;

Legal issues: Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

Safety & security problems: Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous?

Pricing problems: How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures?



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