Onlyfans Feet: How to Make Money on Onlyfans With Feet


Would you like to make some Onlyfans feet pics income?

In other words, are you looking for tips on how to sell feet pics on Only Fans?

If you are, welcome to this guide on how to build an Only Fans feet revenue,

I am going to share specific tips on selling feet pics on Onlyfans by answering the questions below;

  • What are the best tips on how to make money on Onlyfans with feet?
  • What is the average OnlyFans Feet salary?
  • What is the step-by-step blueprint on how to start an Onlyfans for feet pics?
  • How much money can you make on onlyfans with feet?





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How To Start An Onlyfans For Feet Pics?

Why choose OnlyFans For Selling Feet Pics?

Free: You can get started on Only Fans with zero investment and without paying anything!

Easy Setup: The Only Fans setup, layout, and user interface does not require technical expertise.

Clean layout: The Only Fans app does not have advertisements or distractions.

Large Audience: There is a possibility of building a large audience and customer base on Only Fans.


What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social networking site used by influencers like sex workers, entertainers, and artists, to monetize their skills, products, services, talents, and influence.

Those influencers come to OnlyFans to sell exclusive or private content on a subscription or membership basis.


How Does OnlyFans Work?

There are two main ways of making money on OnlyFans;

1. Subscription Paywall

When you post content on OnlyFans, you can make it free or paid to view.

When you make your content “pay-to-view,” your subscribers must pay a certain fee to access that private or exclusive content blocked by the subscription paywall.

Out of the subscription fee paid by the fans, OnlyFans takes a percentage fee, which is usually their commission.

The monthly subscription fee ranges anywhere between $4.99 to $49.99.

Below are some of the content or features you can monetize using the subscription paywall;

Paid posts: Instead of paying for all the content in your account, only make some posts accessible after paying the subscription fee.

Paid messages: Allow your subscribers to pay a fee to send direct messages to you.

Live Streaming: Activate the tipping and subscription paywall feature when doing live streaming to make money.


2. Tipping

OnlyFans offers a tipping feature/icon on posts, profiles, direct messages, and live streams.

You can encourage your fans to use the icon if they want to donate, tip or appreciate your content.

Note: This feature is only available to accounts with more than five posts.


What Do People Post on Onlyfans?

Influencers on OnlyFans mainly post two types of content- videos and pictures.

That content can either be adult or mainstream content.

There are so many sex workers, phone sex operators, sugar babies, webcam models, and sexting experts who are primarily on OnlyFans to promote adult content to their fans and subscribers.

On the other hand, there are bloggers, vloggers, coaches, and trainers who go to OnlyFans to promote their content.

For example, food bloggers, fitness influencers, and workout enthusiasts share recipes, videos, and meal plans.


4 Tips for Creating Successful Only Fans for Your Feet

1. Follow This Get Started Guide

In their blog, OnlyFans provides this step-by-step text and video guide for new creators who want to join the platform.


2. Use a Cute Username

The username should be short so that it can be easily memorable and rememberable by your buyers.

Also, it should be cute and match your purpose of selling feet pictures.

Check some examples of cute names for selling feet pics for that list.


3. Understand Your Buyer Needs

Different groups of people want foot pictures for differing goals or reasons.

For example, in an article answering the question, why do men want feet pics, the author claims that the main reason is an intense desire for stability.

Some of your clients come from the fetish nation, while others are from the business marketing world.

The first category wants to fulfill its deep sexual desires, while the second seeks to promote brand awareness and sales using your images.

Therefore, one audience category is looking for a casual sensual appeal, while the other wants a professional and formal taste.

Therefore, how you take or display your feet pictures must satisfy the end customer’s needs.


4. Fortify Profile

There are many things you can do to make your OnlyFans profile stand out of the competition like;

  • Use keywords and descriptions to help fans find your content.
  • Upload content daily
  • Market it on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.
  • Have attention-grabbing profile pictures and banner images
  • Write a unique and specific bio to target the right buyers
  • Encourage your fans to give you likes, follows, and more engagement.


Onlyfans Feet Salary

Can You Make Money on Onlyfans With Feet?

Yes, anybody can make money on OnlyFans with their feet pictures, videos, and related content, as explained in the questions below;

Who should sell foot pictures?

Most people assume that selling feet pictures is a side hustle for models or people with beautiful feet.

That is only one side of the coin because selling feet pictures is for anybody comfortable with taking and sharing their photos on the internet.

Anybody with a camera or smartphone which can take high-quality images qualifies to get started on this extra income opportunity.

Additionally, pretty feet pics are not the only ones that sell because many clients are looking for all types of feet pictures, including ugly feet, shoes, and more.


What kind of feet do pics sell on OnlyFans?

The assumption is that only gorgeous feet pics can be sold on OnlyFans.

Pretty feet are just one of the many types of feet pictures you can sell. Below are other examples of images that sell;

  • Tattooed feet
  • Feet with high heels
  • Anime feet
  • Feet soles
  • Sexy and hot feet
  • Meme feet
  • Barefoot feet on the beach
  • Pedicured Feet


How Much Money Can You Make on Onlyfans With Feet?

What is the average onlyfans for feet income?

On average, most feet pics sellers make around $25 per monthly subscriber on OnlyFans.

Therefore, the more subscribers, the higher the revenue. For instance, if you have 500 subscribers, your monthly income will be 25*500 =$12,500.

Regarding pricing per photo, you expect to make around $5 to $100 per picture, depending on the factors explained below.

Out of the total you make, Onlyfans will take their commission, which is usually 20%.


What factors affect how much money you make selling feet pics on OnlyFans?

Subscribers Count: High number of subscribers equals high revenue.

Photo Quality: Photos with good lighting, resolution, unique scenery, and aesthetically appealing feet will fetch more money.

Extras Requests: If the client makes specific requests, such as using certain accessories, angles, and props, then you will charge more for that.

Competition: As a beginner, you might make less than the veterans who have been in the business longer.

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6 Tips On How to Make Money on Onlyfans With Feet

#1 – Attract New Customers

There are many strategies you can use to attract and turn new visitors to fans like;

Bulk Selling: Create a portfolio for similar pictures based on their themes, niches, setting, and other categorizations. Then sell each category or grouping as a bundle to give your buyers the best value.

Discounts and offers: Give seasonal discounts, welcome bonuses, and other promotional offers.


#2 – Post Frequently

The more you upload, the higher the chance of earning a higher income.

As you upload more, ensure each photo brings out new creativity or versatility to attract a broader buyer base.

For instance, make it your daily goal to upload at least ten photos to your account.


#3 – Consistently Be Active & Up-To-Date

Before your buyers become subscribers, they must be your fans.

An influencer makes fans through active engagement, follow-up, and meaningful contributions to their lives.

Fans later become subscribers and loyal followers or promoters if you keep offering them valuable up-to-date, and relevant content, depending on the season.


#4- Embrace Cross Posting, Promotion & Selling

The same images or videos you create for Only Fans, make a habit of posting them on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest.

It would also help if you could join foot fetish buy/sell websites like Instafeet, Feet Finder, and FunWithFeet, among others.

The more you expand to new platforms, the more audience base you shall be targeting and reaching.


#5-  Be Patient

Brands are not built overnight. They require years and years of consistent hard work and strategy.

In anything you do, always prepare your mentality to accept the price of building capacity in the season of preparation and testing.

Never allow yourself to adopt the “microwave” mindset that success must be attained fast and easily.


#6- Invest In Learning

One way to shorten the period of patience is by learning from others who have tried and tested the landscape before you.

You don’t have to waste time making the same mistakes they did because they have already paid the price of knowing the shortest routes to take.

You can redeem your time by taking courses offered by such mentors and entrepreneurs like the ones below;

Make OnlyFans Your B*** Courses by Dalma Rosa to learn the art of making money on OnlyFans through selling.

How To Sell On Etsy 1-to-1 coaching by Sasha Hutchison to learn how to sell feet pictures and make money on Etsy.

PInteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell to learn how to sell feet pictures on Pinterest.


Onlyfans Feet FAQS

What Are the Tips on How to Take Feet Pictures for Onlyfans?

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Master the art of taking a wide variety of feet pictures from different poses, camera angles, settings, locations, backgrounds, lighting, and all forms of creativity.



Identify at least three competitors to get inspiration from their best-performing pictures.



Your feet will be the subject of the picture. Therefore, become intentional in taking care of your feet to remove blemishes, imperfections, and other unhealthy conditions.

For example, try out this Baby Foot Mask, which will keep your feet moisturized and hydrated to keep them soft, smooth, and appealing to the eye.

Also, you can try this manicure and pedicure set to keep your toenails flawless and maintained at home.



Yes, you can take good pictures with a smartphone, but for a more profitable investment in the equipment below;

Tripod -It will help you to attain the versatility of shooting in different angles, poses, and settings.

Camera – Photos taken with a camera are always higher in resolution than those from a mobile phone.

Ring LightWhen you cannot shoot in natural lighting during the day, you can compensate for poor lighting with this tool.


What Are The Tips On How To Sell Feet Pics On Only Fans?

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Without Getting Scammed

  • Always use a business account
  • Only send the feet pics after you have made sure the client has paid
  • Avoid other outside payment methods like gift cards. Only focus on being paid in PayPal or bank deposit cash.
  • Beware of deals that sound too sweet to be true.
  • Add copyright protection, such as a watermark, in your pictures.

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Pros & Cons

  • On the advantage, you shall make money, start with zero to minimal cost and build a brand.
  • On the flip side, you will open your world to scammers, cyberbullies, and other psychopaths online.

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In most cases, OnlyFans is a safe place to sell feet pics.

Avoid any danger by doing the following;

  • Sell anonymously
  • Keep your face out of the pictures
  • Avoid in-person meetings

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In most states or countries, it is legal to sell feet pics as long as;

  • Meet the age requirements of being at least 18 years
  • Comply with state laws like paying taxes
  • Sell in platforms without any legal restrictions or bans.

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What Are the Other Places To Sell Feet Pictures & Make Money Other Than OnlyFans?


This is a platform for feet pictures sellers, buyers, lovers, and admirers.

As a feet pictures seller, you create an account and post your pictures on this website. Those pictures will not be publicly visible to everyone.

 Feet buyers, foot idols, or admirers who like your pictures must pay a subscription fee of $20 to be able to see and download the images.

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Feet Finder

A place where foot pictures are bought and sold in a secure and well-managed environment.

This site has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot after being reviewed by more than 4000 users.

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Selling feet pics on Instagram comes with many advantages;

  • It is a feet pics app which is free and easy to use
  • This is called the ‘rich kid app,’ which means the users have money to spend
  • Has a broad buyer audience due to its high popularity?
  • There are many Instagram growth and automation tools to increase efficiency.

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The best way to sell feet pictures to your local audience is through advertising and targeting.

A place to also get feet-related jobs such as modeling.

Also, a platform to build a fan and subscribe base through their discussion forums and communities.

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