How To Get Paid To Sext Apps & Sites


Do you know you can get paid to sext?

Welcome to this post where we are going to talk about three main things, that is;

  • How to Sext
  • Sexting Apps &
  • Sexting Sites

To sext is the process of receiving or sending erotic, explicit, dirty, or improper content from one party to the next.

This process can take place via online live chat, mobile chat, instant text messaging mediums, or video chat platforms.

The use of several communication media has created several types of sexting jobs, such as;

In addition, the type of relationship between the parties will also dictate the form of sexting taking place, such as;


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How To Get Paid To Sext


Content Handling

Before entering the market of sexting jobs, make sure you are well equipped with the right strategies of how to handle different content.

For instance, clearly determine what criteria a client must meet before you send them private content like nudes.

Also, you can turn on features like the “screenshot notification and prevention”, which will limit anyone from taking screenshots of your content.

In summary, make sure you know how to handle different types of clients and content before you stand exchanging any images, audio, or videos.


Test Compatibility

At the beginning of any conversation or hookup make it your mission to establish if you want the same thing with the other person.

For example, if you are looking for casual sex meet-ups, make sure that your match is also looking for the same and not a strings-attached commitment.


Match The Speed

Don’t get over-zealous, such that you end up out-matching the energy of your match.

For example, if they are not asking for or sending nudes, avoid doing any of that too.

You can hook up with many matches to avoid focusing all your energy and efforts on one person who is not willing to do the same.


Be Consistent

Establishing trust and connection requires consistency. Clients will never take you seriously if you keep changing the goal post daily, weekly, or monthly.

Stick to the same tone, image, and personality to build loyalty and long-lasting future relationships. This will help you to build a business in the long run.


Learn & Grow

We go to school, with coaches and mentors to be taught new skills.

Sexting is a skill, and that is why there are professional, intermediate, and newbie sexters in this industry.

For example, you can read sexting messages sent by professional sexters to discover the right template that works for arousing high-paying clients and keeping a steamy conversation going.


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Get Paid To Sext App Or Site


Privacy & Discretion

You want a site that allows you to send private messages, photos, and videos in an encrypted manner.

You should be able to delete that content whenever you want.

In case anybody tries to take a screenshot of your content; the best platform should have notification and prevention measures that limit that.

The platform should not ask for too many personal details during registration to allow you to operate anonymously with a hidden identity if you want.


Ease Of Use

No one wants an app or site with too many distractions from ads, disorganized layout, and site architecture.

The platform must have a clean user design, which anyone even beginners can maneuver around without any help.

You don’t want to sell off your identity or private businesses when trying to ask so many people how to use the site or app.


The Community

All sexting websites and apps are not the same in the sense that they target different groups of people.

For example, some target singles, couples, casual groups, and fetish idols among other clients or audiences.

You must make sure you join a platform with a community of like-minded personalities.

This saves you the time of finding meaningful engagements and compatible conversations.

That means you must know yourself first in terms of what you are exactly looking for before you start hunting for these opportunities.


The Cost

Most sexting sites are free, but to access the premium features that keep you more secure, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership plan.

The good news is that most of these platforms offer cheap premium packages starting from as low as $5.


FREE Get Paid To Sext Sites For Everyone



 With over 300 million users, SnapChat offers an instant messaging sexting opportunity for users above 16 years.

They have many features, which will keep your activities private like the screenshot theft notification.

Also, they have the ‘my eyes only’ feature which keeps all your private content in a password-protected mode.

In addition, the “stories” feature will allow all the content you share on these terms to self-destruct within 24 hours.

You can enjoy basic texting benefits or deep sexting features depending on your goal and knowledge of using this app.



Tinder is a 2012 founder networking and dating app for people looking for social connections of all forms from casual texting, and erotic sexting to sex hookups.

The platform has many features, that support healthy sexting with maximum benefits like the two below.

The ‘swipes’ feature helps you to decide who to sext with and who not to.

Also, the ‘double opt-in” feature ensures that the two parties share similar interests before the site can allow them to exchange any messages or content.



The two platforms above are full of teens, young adults, mature adults, and all types of people.

If you are looking for a platform with more people from the mature adult category, then Match will be the best option in that case.



You can be sure that OkCupid is one of the best social networking, dating, and sexting platform because it’s a sister company to Tinder, Hinge, and Plenty of Fish, since all are owned by The Match Group.

The site has a highly sophisticated multiple questions matching process, which will make sure you find a compatible connection based on your goals.


Get Paid To Sext SECRET APPS For Sex Texting & Anonymity



Kasual improves your privacy by the fact that you only need a phone (of yourself or anyone else) to sign up.

This means no emails, addresses, social media accounts, and other personal information provided during sign-up to keep you safe.

All matches are given a 3-hour response window after initial contact. If your match does not respond within that time, you are marked as incompatible. This will help you to avoid spending time in unmeaningful connections or conversations.

All users get started on a 30-days free trial, and then pay a $19.99 monthly fee after it expires.



This means any content you share on this app is turned into “dust” after 24 hours.

What is more interesting is that you can shorten that self-destruct period or increase it depending on your preference.

They offer other security features to keep your profile private like hiding your identity, encrypted private messaging, and screenshot notification among others.

Dust is so focused on keeping your profile private that you might never know whom you are chatting with.



If you want to send private photos, messages, videos, and files to someone you know, then Wickr is the app to use.

You are in full control of who to send the content to, and when to delete it.

They offer most privacy features like encrypted private messaging and no personal information asked during sign-up.



Most of the apps above provide the screenshot theft notification feature, but not the screenshot prevention technology.

When someone tries to take a screenshot of your images, you shall get a notification, and also, they will not succeed because they will capture a blurred image.

Confide is so big on keeping your content confidential, which you can tell from the name.



Unlike most of the secret sexting apps above where you have to go to the privacy settings and configure stuff, for Signal all these settings come as default.

This is so ideal for beginners and ignorant newbies who get started without researching about staying safe and discreet in the sexting industry.

If you are not a beginner, this app gives you the flexibility to opt-out of the default settings like those related to data sharing based on your preferences.


Get Paid To Sext Websites For Fetish, Kinks & Casual Sex


These are sexting websites where you mind all types of people. There is a community of singles, the married, fetish, kinks, and all other groups of people.

You can get any type of experience on these platforms, such as mingling, sexting, hooking up, being matched, dating, casual sex meet-ups, online sex text friend, and more.

NOTE: looking for a serious connection or committed strings-attached relationship on these sites is similar to looking for a teff grain in the sad.



XMatch Stands out in the fact that it allows you to meet more than one match instead of one if you use their in-built features like; ‘choose your own adventure’, ‘sex academy’, and ‘webcam activation’ among others.

These options will help you to cast your net wide such that you shall get most of your sexting desires, fantasies, and fetishes fulfilled on one platform.

The site is FREE to join, but if you want to unlock the most exclusive features, you can get a monthly paid membership for $20.


Adult Friend Finder

At first, when you visit AdultFriendFinder, you will think that it’s a porn site, but it is not.

They have a ‘sex preference’ feature which allows you to determine the nature of the content you want to see from explicit to non-erotic.

You will be able to perform any adult sexting activity from chatting, texting, phone sex, hooking up, and more on this platform.


Friend Finder X

Anybody whether a single person, a casual sex group, or a couple will find their ideal community of like-minded kinkers on the FriendFinder-X platform.

All your sexual and sexting desires, wishes, and goals can get fulfilled by having multiple hook-ups and steamy conversations with different parties on this platform.


Kirk Friender

Kirk Friender is a platform that will help you to find the following;

  • Sexy girls’ dirty nudes
  • Leaked Snapchat nudes
  • Hookups with sexy girls in your town or city
  • Dirty usernames to use in sexting platforms
  • Local guys to have one-night stands and casual sex with
  • Sexters looking for friendly, steamy, and sensual sexting conversations or relationships


Bang Sexting

If you are looking for a professional sexter that is looking for a physical sex hookup, then Bang Sexting is the place to go.

It is a community of people who know how to get what they want quickly without cutting corners, and this will save you time spent on negotiations and testing compatibility.

Its widely used by people looking for quick local hookups with no strings attached.



Skibbel is a no-registration anonymous sexting platform that will allow you to send nudes, have live camera sex, and exchange dirt messages with strangers.

It offers all the talk to strangers features found on Omegle, only that it takes the conversation a notch higher by allowing the users to send private and erotic content.


Get Paid To Sext Sites That Combine Fantasy & Reality


The sexting sites in this category offer all benefits related to sexting, hooking up, dating, mingling, and matching offered by the sites above.

The difference is that there is a possibility to find people looking for the following on the options below;

  • Long-term relationships with strings attached
  • Real people looking for genuine love and soulmates
  • Intellectual personalities looking for online friends


Ashyley Madison

 Ashyley Madison helps the married, the single, and the in-betweens to have an online affair, and love a free fun life.

Married couples looking for extramarital affairs can find that on this site.

Singles looking for one-night stands and any other forms of casual sex hookups will find that here too.

Serious individuals who want to be matched with their soulmates for love, marriage, and long-term commitments can find that here too.

In summary, this 2002-established online community with over 60 million users has a benefit to offer for everyone.


Plenty Of Fish (POF)

Plenty Of Fish (POF) offers two main features (advanced search filters & trending searched categorizations), which will save you time.

With the advanced search feature, you can use terms like ‘nearby’ or ‘viewed profile last’ to get customized results.

Profiles grouped in popular categories like ‘most likely to respond or ‘hot or not hot’ can speed up your process of finding a compatible match.



I was amazed by the popularity of Zoosk based on the following statistics;

  • They have over 40 million verified and registered profiles
  • More than 8 million verified photos have been shared on this platform
  • Members on this site exchange around 3 million messages daily

Those figures prove that this is a legit site, which will fulfill most of your sexting goals.

Zoosk is big on protecting its members from catfish individuals through the photo verification process, which ensures that people are sharing their real images.


Just Be Wild

JustBeWild will offer you all types of sexting and sensual experiences like any other flirting, sexting, fetish, or kink platform.

The advantage of using this platform over those others is that they care about your privacy and safety.

All new users must pass a vigorous and serious verification process before they officially operate freely on this site.

Also, the site offers sophisticated search filters and profile settings that will allow you to determine the kind of relationships that are ideal for you.


Be Naughty

BeNaughty will allow you to build both non-romantic casual hook-ups and romantic meaningful connections leading to marriage.

They allow for one-on-one private messaging for people looking to build deeper conversations and connections.

The ‘image blur’ feature will protect your private content from being used against you, in case it falls into the wrong hands.



Between is a sexting app that offers couples four main benefits;

One, it has online calendar tools that couples can use to schedule and make plans for the future.

Two, they have a feature that allows couples to track all special dates like anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

Three, couples get a place to store all their memories in form of photos, videos, and texts for future references.

Finally, the couples get free calls and chatting services, which is more cost-saving than using paid platforms.


 Get Paid To Sext Chat Rooms


Adult Chat

Adult Chat is a 1998 established platform created to provide both clean chats for the general public and adult chats for fetishes, kinks and other people in the adult industry.

You will enjoy using this chat room because it has a clean and easy-to-use design. They have committed to making redesigning the website every year to make it compatible with all devices, browsers, and user needs.

What you do on this platform is secure because they use the latest security protocols, and they have moderators and support staff who are available 24 hours.

Anybody whether single, gay or lesbian can get their sexting desires fulfilled via video, audio, photos, or text on this site.


Lewd Chat

Lewd Chat has so many no-registration chat rooms designed according to different user preferences.

If you prefer, you will have a 100% anonymous identity because getting started only requires you to click on the “chat now”, and you shall not be asked for any personal details like your name, phone, and more.

This chat room is 100% FREE, and it is open all the time on a 24/7 consistent basis.


Upwork Online Chatting Jobs

With a rating of 4.9 out of 5 from over two million reviews, Upwork online chatting jobs, will provide you an opportunity to make money on the side, and also build successful relationships.

These two benefits can boost your career advancement in many ways by providing resources and opportunities for growth.

There are more than 600 chat support specialists’ jobs posted on this freelance marketplace, which means there is a job for everyone.

These are more professional sext chatting jobs without too much exchange of adult content.


Free Chat Now

FreeChatNow offers three main types of chat room technologies; online live chat, mobile chat, video chat, and instant messaging apps.

The availability of these many options has brought about too many chat rooms grouped based on the participant’s interests or sexuality.

Anybody who is above 18 years can get their sexting desires fulfilled on this 1990s-established chat room.



SextChat is the best chat room that will connect you with locals looking for no-strings sex, or just a simple sexting experience.

They partner with other bring brand sexting companies like BeNaughty, XXXHookups, 2-Fuck and JerkMate to provide the best free sexting opportunities for everyone.

Therefore, apart from offering chat services, they also offer adult job search from their wide job board selection.


I Sext Chat

Since 2006 ISextChat has been offering anonymous chatrooms without any registration for everyone.

There are both clean chat rooms for the general public and erotic ones for adults only.

Apart from the money-making chat rooms, there are other money opportunities like paid surveys and selling pictures opportunities.


Chat Operator Jobs

At ChatOperatorJobs you shall get weekly paid online jobs for everyone including people without experience. They pay via PayPal and direct bank deposits, which are both secure and globally available.

There is a possibility to make lots of money on your mobile phone or PC since they pay approximately $0.13 to $0.19 per message.

You will enjoy the flexibility of being able to work on a personalized schedule either part/full-time or remote/office based.


Wrapping It Up

That is how you can get paid to sext online.

Sexting always occurs in many forms like phone sexting done via texts, phone sex operators’ jobs for human voice performers, and webcam modeling done with video hosting software like zoom or WhatsApp.

Erotic and explicit sexting occurs in many adult industries like the sugaring and escorts business for online girlfriends for hire.

Clean and less sensual sexting jobs can be found on these online friend companionship websites, or these text chat operator jobs from home.

Of course, those who choose the more erotic sexting options make more money than those in relaxed options of flirting.


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