How To Get An Online Girlfriend Paid Virtual & Invisible Jobs

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Welcome to this blog post on how to get an online girlfriend paid virtual & invisible jobs.

This is a blog post, for females who want a paid girlfriend experience virtually without strings attached.

An online girlfriend is also known as an internet girlfriend.

I will give you a list of the best girlfriend apps, sites, and agencies where you can find the best online girlfriend jobs.


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How To Get An Online Girlfriend Paid Virtual & Invisible Jobs In 21 Ways

#1- Build An Escort Girlfriend Business @ MUSTANG & BUNNY RANCH

Mustang Ranch and Moonlite Bunny Ranch are popular brothels in the United States, which are fully licensed to operate legally globally.

They have online websites where you can get apply for escorting, stripping, and catering jobs among others.

You expect to make lots of money providing escort services or girlfriend-for-hire-related tasks because these two clubs have built a wide base of high-paying clients since 1995.


#2- Sell Exclusive Fun Club Subscriptions @ ALUA

Alua is a place that allows content creators, social media celebrities, models, and influencers to connect PRIVATELY with their fans.

Their fans will pay a subscription fee, which allows them to request some services like chatting.

One advantage of using this platform is that you get to keep 80% of the total amount you make.

Another advantage is that you shall get paid instantly once you attain the $20 withdrawal threshold.


#3- Apply for The Girlfriend Experience Movie Actors Role @ STARZ

The Girlfriend experience is an example of a television series featuring so many roles of girlfriends like escorts, and interns among other cash roles.

This series airs on popular broadcast networks like Starz, which means it will expose you to getting more casting roles.

There are so many other similar movies where you can achieve the same results.


#4- Sell Girlfriend Application Forms @ SLIDELEGEND

Some sites below will require you to submit girlfriend application forms where you share your dating preference, contact details among other personal details or information.

SlideLegend and FormsPal are some of the two best places where you can get some templates for this kind of task.


#5-  Build an AI Girlfriend Simulation Career @ iGIRL

iGirl app is available both on Google Play and the Apple store.

It is used by people who want to build love or companionship connections with artificial intelligence girlfriends.

Such AI girlfriends are created from simulations of real girls, and this is how you can make money by joining the simulator program.

Alternatively, you can get a backdoor career like video editing or graphic design.


#6- Become a Virtual Girlfriend @ VIRTUALMATE

At Virtual Mate, simulated girlfriends are hired to offer intimacy via gaming on personal computers, smartphones, and VR headsets.

This system is built with a high technology core structure to keep it safe, effective, and seamless.

They offer other additional ways to make money like their affiliate program, paid surveys, and money giveaway contests among others.

If you do not have money to pay for a girlfriend for hire on the sites above, this app will give you a robot-simulated girlfriend experience.

This app is programmed to have many virtual texting girlfriends. You shall pick your top 5 girls to chat with on all topics you would with a real girlfriend.

Virtual Girlfriend Simulator & MindPersuation are the other girlfriend generator apps similar to this one.


#7- Get Paid to Text Flirt @ FLIRTBUCKS

FlirtBucks is a site that will connect you with guys looking for women to have fun with through flirting.

It is a get paid to text flirt and sext app where you get paid to talk to lonely men looking for companionship and erotic sexual encounters with women.

Therefore, you get paid to chat in a fun and flexible environment where you work whenever you want without any strict restrictions.

Another site similar to this one where you get paid to chat online with men is Phrendly.


#8- Get Paid to Sext @ SEXTINGJOBS

There are so many ways you can get paid to sext on SextingJobs.Com like the two below.

One, is phone sexting where you use text messages as the main medium of sexting.

Two, phone sex operator jobs where the human voice is the main medium.


#9- Get Paid To Talk To Lonely Men @ ISMYGIRL

IsMyGirl is a popular cam site you can achieve so many things, and still, get paid.

For example, you can sell your collection of X-rated movies, clips, photos, and videos to clients registered on this site.

Also, you can use their only chat rooms to talk to lonely people, especially men who are bored or guys looking for online lovers.


#10-  Get a Freelance Online Chatting Job @ UPWORK

Upwork Chat Support Jobs have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 after being reviewed by more than 2 million clients and freelancers who have used this site.

Currently, there are more than 700 online chatting Jobs listed on this freelance platform.

The other two sites similar to this one are Freelancer and Fiverr where you can also get paid to be a fake girlfriend.

These two are freelance marketplaces where clients post all types of jobs such as internet girlfriend jobs.

To find such jobs on these platforms, you can enter one of the following phrases or keywords on the search bar;


“Girlfriends for cash”

” Online girlfriend jobs”


#11- Get Paid To Be An Online Friend @ RENT A FRIEND

RentAFriend is a platform is created for people who want to make new friends.

They will connect you with people with similar talents, passions, and hobbies as you. Some of those people are willing to pay you for your companionship.

For instance, a man who is new in your city might hire a girlfriend to show him around or one to spend good times with to take away the boredom.

Another similar site to this one is Rent A Local Friend.


#12- Become a Girlfriend for Hire @ RENT A DATE

In RentADate you get to rent a woman for the night or hire a girlfriend for a party.

It is a platform where you are able to rent a girlfriend for a date, party outing, or one-night stand sexual encounter.

Therefore, if you need a girlfriend who shall be your companion during social events, party functions, and night outs, this is the site to hire or rent one.


#13-  Find Hiring Girlfriend Agencies On GFRENTAL

GFRental is a platform where men get a woman for rent or a girlfriend for hire.

One of the advantages of becoming a part-time girlfriend to clients on this site is that you shall be paid lots of money. The starting pay is $50 per hour.


#14- Apply for Chat Agent Jobs From Home @ CHAT RECRUIT

Chat Recruit hires two main types of people: live webcam hosts and adult phone chat operators.

It is a site where you get paid to chat with strangers through text, voice, or video.

The advantage of this get-paid-to-chat app is that it allows you to work flexible hours. This way you shall be able to work from anywhere.

Another site similar to this one is Premium. Chat.


#15-  Get a Job For Invisible Girlfriends @ REPLICA APP

Some people like to have dates with no strings attached. This is a website you can achieve using a virtual girlfriend app like Replica.

One advantage of applying for invisible girlfriend jobs on this site is that they are highly paid and you have a wide variety to choose from, which increases your earning potential.


#16- Become a Sugar Baby @  FINDMYSUGARBABY

FindMySugarBaby is one of the best sugar daddy apps that send money to women who are willing to be in online sugaring relationships for money.

It is a platform where you get a cyber sugar baby who is willing to make you an online girlfriend for hire.

It is a site mostly used by women who need a sugar daddy to pay their bills.

Apart from giving girlfriend experience services to sugar daddies on this site, you can also sell stuff to them such as used underwear, nudes, and cam videos among others.


#16- Become a Model @ MINTEDMODELS

Minted Models is a modeling agency that operates internationally with main offices being in the UK, Europe, and Australia.

If you are a woman looking for a modeling job where you promote fashion, swimwear, or cam videos on a webcam, this is the site to get started on.

Apart from modeling jobs, they also have opportunities where you can get paid to be a virtual girlfriend by men willing to hire or rent you.


#17-  Get Paid For An Internet Girlfriend Relationship @ DOPOXY

Dopoxy will pay you to talk to men for money. You shall get paid to chat in English so you must know the language well.

This could also be a great way to meet your prince charming since you are able to assume a fully anonymous identity. This way someone will be able to fall in love with you based on your personality, not looks.

Therefore, register on this site to get paid to talk to lonely guys, and also increase the chances of finding real love.

One advantage of this virtual girlfriend app is that they have lots of customers which means you shall not lack work even when you are a total beginner.


#18- Get Paid To Be a Fake Anime Girlfriend @ CRUNCHYROLL

Crunchyroll is a company focused on creating, distributing, and licensing content related to anime, manga, and dorama.

They have content on how to rent a girlfriend online, which you can watch to get a girlfriend experience from anime characters and movies.

If you are interested in becoming an online girlfriend, you can apply for such roles.


#19 – Get Paid To Be a Phone Hacker For Girlfriends @ PANSPY

PanSpy is a cell phone tracking app that can help you to find people using their mobile numbers.

If you have a phone number for a girl, then you can enter it on this site and then run a find my girlfriend search to get her address details.


#20- Offer Private Sex Chats For Money @ MYGIRLFUND

MyGirlFund is a popular website where men give money to women who are willing to get paid to message guys.

All you have to do to make money on this site is have live text chats with guys.

Those guys will have paid a subscription fee to be allowed to chat with you. The company will then pay you every hour you spend chatting or texting those men.


#21- Find Work From Home Chat Jobs @ TEXT121

Text121Chat is an app that will help you to make money with your cell phone through texting.

In other words, you shall get paid to answer text messages from strangers looking for company or answers to their questions.

Apart from text chat operator jobs, this company also offers flexible work from home jobs for customer service agents and adult phone operators.


How To Get An Online Girlfriend Paid Virtual & Invisible Jobs


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