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Get paid to donate sperm, interesting right?

If you thought getting paid to sell feet pictures or getting paid to donate saliva were the only weird ways of making money online, you need to add getting paid to donate sperms to that list.

This is not a get-rich overnight opportunity because being selected as a sperm donor is a highly competitive process and only 5% of the candidates successfully persevere to the end.

That should not discourage you because you can easily earn over $18000 per year if you are the lucky candidate who gets accepted.

In this post I shall discuss several things such as;

  • How to get paid to donate sperm ( The process of application)
  • Sperm donor pay
  • Sperm banks
  • Sperm donor requirements

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Sperm donation is the process where a man gives away his semen (fluid containing sperm) to a sperm bank. The semen is produced after ejaculation either initiated through sex or masturbation.

That semen can be injected into a woman’s reproductive system to help her conceive a child. Additionally, the semen can be used to fertilize mature eggs in a laboratory through a process called in vitro fertilization.

Therefore, the major benefit of sperm donation is to enable third party reproduction for couples who cannot have children naturally or those who do not want to go through the journey of pregnancy and other processes associated with reproduction.

Why Become a Sperm Donor?

Financial reasons: You will make money for every semen sample you donate.

Help others achieve their dreams: Your sperms might help a couple who cannot conceive or a woman who has trouble with carrying a pregnancy to full term.

Rise of LGBT community: These types of couples cannot conceive naturally. For that reason, they will always look up to sperm banks and donors to help them sire children.

Health complications: Some people really want children but they might have genetic complications they do not want to pass to their children. In such a case, they might need a sperm donor with healthy sperms to help them sire healthy and full functioning children.

Exclusive benefits enjoyed by sperm donors

Anonymity: If you wish to remain anonymous or not known as a sperm donor, almost every sperm bank guarantees that to its donors.

Id Release: If the child you help to sire through your donated sperm wants to meet you after the age of 18, most sperm donors allow for that.

Future use: As a sperm donor your sperms can get frozen for a very long period of time. In case, something happens to your health along the way, you can easily use the same sperms you donated to sire your future generation with healthy sperms.



Almost every normal man can produce sperm. This might make someone to assume that landing a sperm donation job is as easy as that.

However, I must warn you because the process involves too many screening tests which you must pass before you are accepted as a sperm donor by most sperm banks.

Step One: Screening

Depending on the sperm bank you apply to, the screen process will take 8 weeks to 6 months.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and The American Society for Reproductive Medicine provide that sperm donors must pass the following screening tests and questionnaires.

The screening process will involve you answering questionnaires, taking blood screening, specimen testing, genetic analysis and physical evaluation tests.

Interviews/questionnaires: You will be required to answer questions related to your family background, past sexual behaviors, motivation for sperm donation among others.

Sperm Testing: Your sperm cells will be tested to determine their quality, count, quantity, morphology and motility among other factors.

Physical evaluation tests: You will have to go to the sperm bank to take several tests, such as HIV tests, hepatitis B tests among others.

Age: People from 18 to 35 years are most preferred.

Family Medical History: If you have a history of medical conditions, such as Cystic fibrosis or sickle cell anemia among others you cannot qualify to become a sperm donor.

Sex orientation: You must be a normal healthy functioning male because heterosexuals or other unnatural sexual orientations cannot donate blood.

Step Two: Semen Collection & Final Test

If you are lucky enough to pass all the intensive and comprehensive tests in the screening step above, you are now ready to step into step two with the following activities.

Semen Collection: You will be ushered in to a private room with pornographic materials content that will help you to successfully produce semen after masturbation. The semen is collected using a sterile container to avoid getting it contaminated.

Semen Freezing: The original specimen collected above is mixed cryopreservative solution then frozen with liquid nitrogen to temperatures below -321 degrees. After sometime the semen will be thawed then tested again. If it passes all test again you are ready to go to the final step. Most semen does not pass the freezing process so you are lucky if yours does.

Signing the Contract: You are a successful candidate who will become a regular sperm donor for that sperm bank.

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Most sperm banks pay around $40 to $100 for every semen sample.

Therefore, let say you earn $70 for every donation and you are able to donate sperm 10 times a month. That means you can easily make $1000 per month.

That is good money given that this is a side job without any health risks. Additionally, you will be giving back to the society because your sperm will help to sire a child to a miserable couple somewhere who are desperate to have one.



There are so many sperm banks in the USA and all over the world.

One of the simplest way to find the most appropriate for you and one nearest to you is by goggling this phrase, “Sperm Bank near me”.

Below are some of the best sperm banks in the USA;

Cryos International: The largest sperm bank in USA with over 25 years of experience and operation. Their main office is at Orlando, Florida.

Fairfax Cryobank: They hire sperm donors from anywhere in the world and their site has too much information on who they are and what they do. They are based in Fairfax, Virginia.

Xytex: This sperm bank does not only offer offline services but also online sperm donation procedures and centers.

Additionally, you can look for legit sperm banks on online directories like the ones below;

Best sperm bank directories

Things to consider when choosing a sperm bank

Pay: The sperm bank must pay at least $50 for every semen sample to get you motivated to work with them.

Policies: You must make sure that the sperm bank operates on non-discriminatory rules to make sure you have an equal chance of being accepted like everyone else. This will help you to avoid wasting time or getting caught up with legal battles in future.

Reviews: You can read reviews left by other sperm donors about that specific sperm bank to determine if they have good reputation or not.

Location: The sperm bank you choose must be near your location to avoid incurring any transportation costs since I mentioned earlier that sperm donation is a long-term commitment. You must be able to fulfil the end of your contract without incurring other additional costs.

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You must consider these facts before you fully decide that you want to get paid to donate sperm;

Getting accepted is a nightmare: You will take test after test and in case you thought this is an easy process, think again. Getting accepted to Harvard Law School might even be easier than qualifying to be a sperm donor candidate.

Clients are Perfectionists: For instance if you are short forget about being a sperm donor because clients wants people who are at least 5 feet and 9 inches to avoid siring short children.

Delayed pay: You will not get paid immediately after the donation because your sperm must pass the freezing stage which takes at least 6 months.

Long-term Commitment: Most sperm banks only work with donors who are willing to commit to the plan for at least 6 months to one year. Therefore, this is not a side job, weekend job, or part time job that will give you the flexibility to work during your spare hours only.

Fathering unknown children: The idea of being the father to multiple children whom you might never might can easily hunt you at some point in your life.

The mood might not always be there: Remember you shall work within the timings of the sperm bank. Sometimes you might not be in the mood for an ejaculation, yet you must fulfill the obligations of the contract you signed.

Long application process: The whole application, screening and getting accepted process is likely to take more than 4 to 6 months.


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