How To Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face Or Talking


In this blog post, I will show you examples of NEW VLOGGERS crushing it on Youtube.

They have been able to grow their channels fast in a very SHORT TIME.

These are YouTube channel ideas ANYBODY can do because;


Get My YouTube Media & Planner Kit

YouTube Planner

You shall get the following templates on this YouTube planner;

✔ A content planner for new videos

✔ A checklist template for all your to-do tasks for your YouTube channel.

✔ A monthly clear content calendar you can use to plan your YouTube content for a whole month.

✔ An idea planner you can use to brainstorm and plan for new unrecorded YouTube video ideas.


YouTube Branding Kit

Here are the things you shall get in this YouTube Branding Kit;

✔ YouTube Intro – get two templates of an animated YouTube intro sample

✔ YouTube outro – get two templates of animated YouTube outro with end slates and amazing design.

✔ Social media icons – get 10+ social media icons and signs with the background.

✔ YouTube banner – get multiple YouTube banner templates.

✔ 3 YouTube thumbnails, which are tested and tried on my personal YouTube channel.


YouTube Overlay

A YouTube Overlay can be used in the intro or within the video for branding purposes to prevent content theft.

Also, it can be a call to action, which reminds your viewers to subscribe or take some form of engagement with your content.


Examples of New Vloggers crushing it on Youtube

Comparison Algorithm

 Comparison Algorithm channel does comparison videos of trending searches like;

  • Most popular foods from every country
  • Best universities in the world &
  • Richest persons on earth

The reason I gave this example is that;

  • They only have six videos
  • The channel is three months old
  • They have managed to get more than 1 million views in one of those videos
  • They are already monetized. According to social blade, they are making an estimate of $200 to $4 000 every month.


Heavenly Inspirations

Heavenly inspiration is a channel that does content on Bible Quizzes and trivia.

The channel is 8 months old. They have managed to get 1 million views on several videos.

I never thought such a topic would perform so well on YouTube.


>>See the full list of other such channels here<<




I use canva to create my YouTube Thumbnails.

I use their explainer video templates to turn still images into video.


VidIQ is a a powerful tool designed to boost your YouTube views.

I use it to find trending videos and keywords in my niche.

After that, I go and recreate similar content. This is a strategy of growth known as reverse engineering.


Tubebuddy is a powerful tool designed to help you grow your YouTube audience.

I use this tool to get video tags used by my competitors.

I also use their analytics data to get tips on how to improve my channel performance.


MorningFame is a powerful tool designed to help you optimize your YouTube videos for search.

I use it for keyword research. It helps me to get low competition keywords for small channels.


I use the Boya Clip-on omnidirectional microphone helps me to boost my voice during recording.

I love it because its compatible with my phone, pc and even camera.


I use Adobe Premier Pro to edit my YouTube videos.

It helps me to combine all the gathered video resources into one coherent piece.


My videos are screen recorded.

This is the OBS Studio to do all the screen recording.


I use social blade to research my competitors earnings and performance reports.


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