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Cutie Garden Games That Pay Real Money


Welcome to my Cutie Garden App Review where we shall talk about;

  • Cutie Garden Game Is Real or Fake?
  • Does Cutie Garden Pay Real Money?
  • Is Cutie Garden legit?
  • How To Withdraw Money From Cutie Garden

The existence of the internet has brought about so many ways to make money online. It happens that playing money-paying games is one of them.


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Cutie Garden Games That Pay Real Money




Name: Cutie Garden

Developer: MiniJoy Studio

Availability: Worldwide

Cost: Free (All you need is the Internet and a mobile phone)

Find it on Google Play Store & Apple Store

Language: English

Category: Casual Gaming App






Cutie Garden is a merging game app.

You match small animals to form big ones or to match a particular pattern.

As you merge or synthesize identical animals, you shall be able to move from one level to the next

Unlocking several virtual rewards will happen as you progress through the levels.

In other words, this is one of the many gaming apps that pay real money.

This game is available for FREE on the Google play store for Android devices, and one Apple store for IOS devices.

The virtual rewards are paid in form of PayPal Money, which you can withdraw after you attain the $300 threshold.

Also, you can win products like watches or iPhones from collecting puzzle pieces.

Cutie garden developers make money through advertising.

Therefore, you must be ready to click on the ads on the app to be able to unlock new animals and levels on this app.




#1 Cutie Garden is popular

I could not help but notice that this gaming app is very popular.

On the Google play store, it has more than 10 million downloads.

Almost half a million users have left reviews, which have earned this app a rating of 4.4 out of 5.


#2 Cutie Garden is 100% Free

This game can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Playing the game is free and you shall not pay anything to unlock new levels.


#3 Cutie Garde has Multiple Rewards Available

Rewards are given in form of PayPal money, dividends, and puzzle prizes.

Read the section on cutie garden app rewards to understand how these rewards work and how you get them.


#4 Cutie garden Game Is Fun & Easy

This game is highly addictive.

The fact that it’s an easy game with a simple interface means it can be enjoyed by anyone at any age and intelligence level.




#1 Cutie Garden Users Lack Proof of Cash-outs & Real Rewards

Some players who left their reviews on this app on Google Play Store claim they have never been paid.

One user, in particular, said that they have been emailing the support team about the payment, but they have never received a reply.

I am sure you do not want to waste your time and money on an opportunity you are not sure if it’s going to pay you or not.


#2 Cutie Garden Give False/Fake Hope

Most players get to $200 very easily without any difficulties.

After crossing the $250 mark getting more rewards becomes harder such that most players end up stuck at $291 or $296.

The developer of this game knows that you cannot withdraw the PayPal money unless you reach the $300 threshold.

So, they make the game impossible for people who are almost reaching the threshold.

In the end, you waste too much time trying to earn the remaining $4, which is simply false hope.

Similarly, when it comes to the puzzle prizes, most people get stuck at the 9/10 or 19/20 levels.

This keeps them from getting the prizes since they did not progress to the final mark.


#3 Cutie Garden has Too Many Ads

Anytime you click anything on this app, an ad will pop up.

It’s impossible to scroll for more than 10 seconds without having to skip an ad or watch an ad video.

The most annoying part is that you cannot turn off data because you need the internet to play the game.


#4 Cutie Garden Support Is Not Reliable

The support team writes the same automated reply to all the reviews left on this app at the Google play store.

Also, most users complain that they have tried to mail the support, but they have never got any feedback.


#5 Did Cutie Garden Increase the minimum Withdrawal?

I was confused because after reading reviews left in the last two months (October and September), the minimum withdrawal limit is $300, but earlier reviews seem to say that the withdrawal limit is $100.

Make sure you confirm this detail in the app if you decide to download it.


#6 Cutie Garden Has Possible Update Messes

Some users of this app say that they experienced a change in interface, errors, and a change in their rewards after they updated it.

One user, in particular, said that their PayPal money balance moved from $296 to $216 after clicking on the update button.




Cutie Garden Download & Installation

Start by downloading this app from Google Play Store or Apple Store for free on your phone.

Next, you shall be required to register and also grant permission to the app to access your calls, messages, and location. I would recommend you choose the ‘deny’ option.


How To Play Cutie Garden

You start by merging small animals on the same level to unlock new animals on the next level.

Watch the video below to understand how that works.



Cutie Garden App Rewards

Below are the common rewards you get at the Cutie Garden App;


Every animal is worth a specific number of coins.

The higher the level of the animal, the more the coins. Remember you cannot redeem the coins for cash or other rewards.

Use those coins to buy animals on higher levels that way you are able to merge more animals and grow from one level to the next.


Cutie Garden PayPal Money Cash Rewards

Every time you unlock a new animal, you get rewarded in form of virtual cash which is around $1 to $5.

This is the amount you have to gather until $300 to be able to withdraw it to your PayPal account.



Once you get to level 50, the challenge is to match two animals to form a Rainbow Unicorn.

For every Rainbow Unicorn you get, this app gives you a reward known as a dividend worth $200.

The problem is that most users complain that they have never received the $200 reward even after being able to form over 10 Rainbow Unicorns.



Cutie Garden app has puzzle pieces found in two main games, the Lucky Spin and the Bubble of Puzzles.

In these puzzle games, you must collect 10 or 20 pieces depending on the level you are playing at.

If you manage to collect all the 10 or 20 pieces, you are eligible to win several prizes like an iPhone 11, Gucci bag and Versace Watch among others.

The problem is that the many ads on this app will not give you the peace you need to play these puzzles.


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I have no right to call this app a scam since I have no proof from my personal experience.

However, there are a few concerns that put the legitimacy of this app into question like;

Firstly, there is a high possibility that you shall never reach the $300 withdrawal limit because the developers will make sure you are stuck at $296.

Secondly, after reading more than 200,000 reviews on Google Play, I did not get a single user who was providing proof that they have cashed out.

Thirdly, the rewards model of this app is totally similar to that of Puppy Town, Doggy GO, and many other game merge apps that ended to be scams.




So far, I do not think Cutie Garden pays any real money or rewards they claim that you shall get.

After reading half of these Google Play Reviews, I did not find a single of these apps that gave proof of payment. 

5% of those users were complaining about how they got stuck at $291 or $296 without being able to proceed to the $300 withdrawal limit. Cutiegarden simply gives false winning hope.




The Cutie Garden Game is real. This is a game that is available on Google Play Store or Apple Store. It’s a fun game that can be enjoyed by anyone.

But always remember that…

One, Cutie Garden Game is for people who want to play for fun, and not those who want to play for money or rewards. Discover how you can get paid to play games by legit game-paying apps on that post.




Coins, PayPal cash, dividends, and products are the prizes or rewards you get from playing games on this app.

After you gather enough PayPal cash you are free to withdraw it to your account.

Most reviews say that the minimum PayPal withdrawal limit is $100.

However, when you read user reviews on Google Play and Apple Store, you notice that most people claim that the withdrawal balance was increased to $300.



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