Income Shift Pro review: Is Income Shift Pro Scam Or Legit?

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Welcome to my Income Shift Pro review!

If you work from home like me, you must be constantly looking for ways to make money online fast.

This is how I decided to be writing these reviews so that I can be able to expose make money online scams you should avoid and help you find legit ways to make money online free online.

Read this incomeshiftpro review to discover the following:

  • What is Income shift pro?
  • Income shift pro scam
  • Income shift pro sign up
  • Income shift pro website
  • Income shift pro reviews

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Incomeshiftpro and ISP are some other ways the name of this program can be spelt out.

Ivey Stokes and Alvin Curry are claimed to be the founders of this program.

To understand this program you must refer back to the MyEcon MLM financial program.

MyEcon is the short form for My Economy and is a company founded by Larry Gates in 2005 to help people manage their finances and credit cards. Read a MyEcon Review here.

Income Shift Pro is an automating software created for users of the MyEcon program to help them attain high sales conversions.

Therefore, this program can be likened to a “secretary” who serves the MyEcon program boss.

You will get free training, promotion templates and analytics data which will help you to improve your MyEcon program targeting and sales.


Pros of Income Shift Pro

  • The sign-up fee is $25 per month which is relatively cheap compared to other MLM programs on the internet.
  • Members can earn a $5 referral bonus. If you refer someone who successfully signs up and stays at the company, you earn $5 every month from their total sales.
  • The system is fully automated so you do not need to be an expert at technical stuff or anything similar to get success.
  • Sign up is very easy. It will take you less than 5 minutes to get started.
  • They have a professional website
  • They offer free training taught by six figure earning experts.

Note: Check out the income shift pro scam section for some of the cons of the Income Shift Pro program.



Below are some of the features you shall get inside the ISP system. For more explanation you can check out the video below.





 You can access Income Shift pro website through this link:

My first impression of the website is that it was simple, good looking and generally easy to use.

However, I did not notice any “About Us” page which at least explains what the company is, what it does and who are the founders.

Mostly you find three courses on the home page. The first course is to help you set up your Income Shift pro account and link it to the MyEcon program.

The second and third course are meant to equip you with skills on how to use the ISP system and how to become a marketing expert.

Another good sign is that all the courses seem to be FREE.



I looked up the profile of the course instructor Derek Jones on Google and he seems to be real with active social media account which are constantly updated. You can check out his LinkedIn and Facebook profiles here.






You must remember the following if you decide to sign up:

Firstly, the cost of joining this program is $25 per month.

Secondly, you must be a member of MyEcon program first which you need to pay a $47.90 set up fee and then a recurrent $34.95 cost every month.

Finally, to generate more leads you might be required to pay for other things, such as Facebook ads so you must be ready for all these cost investments.

Simply follow this link to sign up to the ISP program.

You will be required to provide your name, email address, password and agree to terms of the website before you can hit the sign up button.

Once you successfully signed up, follow this income shift pro login link to access your account and get started. You can use the instruction sent to your email to get started.




Below are images of the overall ratings and recommendations of the ISP system left by other make money online scam exposers, reviewers and bloggers like me.







The ISP system is not a scam. It is legit as shown by the many green flags, such as:

  • Professional website
  • Real owners are mentioned
  • The cheap price
  • Free training available


This is not a program for everyone. It is only recommend for people who are members of the MyEcon MLM program.

The MyEcon program seems to have a good rating on Better Business Bureau as shown in the image below.





ISP seems to have positive reviews and positive indications that it’s legit.

On the other hand, MyEcon does not seem to be a favorite of many people as you can tell from these 13 reasons why you should avoid it.

We recommend you look out for better opportunities to make extra money like the ones below:


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