PICUKI REVIEWS 2022: What Is Picuki Instagram Viewer and Editor? And 9 Picuki Alternatives

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Welcome to one of the most detailed Picuki reviews where I shall answer the following questions;

  • What is Picuki Instagram viewer & editor?
  • How can use Picuki search?
  • Is Picuki stalking feature anonymous?
  • What are the best Picuki alternatives?

From the Picuki.Com About Us Page we can gather the following Picuki reviews summary;

Name: Picuki is the correct name but some people call it Pickuki, Pikuki, Pucuki, Pickuki, Picucki, Pickuci, which are simply wrong spellings of the initial name.

Website: www.picuki.com

Category/Purpose: It’s an Instagram tool that lets you view and edit content.

Price: Free



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PICUKI REVIEWS 2022: What Is Picuki Instagram Viewer and Editor?


#1 Picuki Is a tool that allows you to view Instagram Without an account 

Picuki Instagram viewer and editor is a web-based tool or app for people who want to enjoy the benefits of using Instagram without creating or owning an Instagram account.

In other words, with Picuki you shall be able to view or edit Instagram posts, stories, and profiles without logging into your Instagram account.

Therefore, Picuki offers a solution on how to View Instagram without an account for free, which is its unique selling proposition (USP).


#2 Picuki is a free tool

Picuki ig viewer is totally free, which means you can use it without paying any registration fees.

Picuki makes money through Google Adsense ads and that is why they are able to allow you to use this tool for free without any charges.

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#3 Picuki has no limitations of use

You will have the freedom to view, edit, explore and browse all Instagram tags, likes, posts, followers, and stories without any time, space or

This Instagram web viewer is available worldwide, which means you can use Picuki from any location globally.


#4 Picuki is easy to use

Picuki has a very beginner-friendly user interface, which makes it easy to use this Insta viewer without any prior training.

You can access this online Instagram viewer from any browser like Safari, Explorer, or Google Chrome among others.

You will also be able to use any electronic device with an Internet connection like a mobile phone, laptop, or PC to access the Picuki app.


#5 Picuki allows you to edit IG photos

Most IG tools will allow you to download photos.

Picuki is unique from all other tools because you can both download and edit other people’s Instagram pictures using this online tool.


#6 Picuki is a Make Money opportunity

You can easily crone Picuki web tool into a mobile app or any other web platform by requesting Picuki API.

Once you embed the Picuki API on mobile apps, blogs, or any other web-based content you can make money from ads from Google AdSense or any other Ad network.



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PICUKI REVIEWS 2022: How To View Instagram Without Account Using Picuki Search


Below are some of the things you can do with Picuki;

#1 Picuki Instagram Viewer Without Account

You will be able to view anything on Instagram from tags, location, posts, profiles, followers, stories, and accounts without creating, logging in, or owning an Instagram account.

Picuki Instagram Account Viewer will allow you to search any account on Instagram using profile usernames, hashtags, or related keywords.

Picuki Instagram Post Viewer allows you to see all the posts posted on any Instagram profile in real-time from the latest to the oldest.




#2 Picuki Instagram Editor

You can be able to do several edits on your Instagram account or other people’s accounts right from Picuki dashboard.

You can make any edits to improve your Instagram content. For instance, you can upload photos, download content, or even delete posts as explained below;

Step one: Visit Picuki search official website here >>

Step Two: Click on the IG photo you want to edit, and the Picuki Instagram Photo Viewer and an editor will open it up on a pop-up that lets you make several edits.

Picuki Editor- Picuki-Review

Step Three: Download the photo after applying and saving all the edits like adding saturation, adjusting exposure and contrast, or even applying some filters and cropping among others.


#3 Picuki Search

You can use Picuki search feature to discover new or trending Instagram tags, profiles, posts or stories using the process below;

Step one: Visit Picuki search official website here >>

Step two: Enter a username, tag or keyword on the search bar like I typed the name, “ariana grande” then click search.


Step Three: Choose the best result from the profiles or tags, and Picuki Instagram Profile Viewer will display the specific Instagram account followers, stories and other stats.



PICUKI REVIEWS 2022: Is Picuki Anonymous? Picuki Stalking


Picuki Stalking

All the browsing on Picuki can be done anonymously without logging on to Instagram, which makes it easy to stalk your competitors without leaving any footprints.

You can even use commonly used stalking hashtags like #InstaStalk to expand your search, especially for trending accounts and content.


Is Picuki Anonymous?

Yes, Picuki is Anonymous because;

One, you don’t need an Instagram account to use Picuki.

Two, if you already have an Instagram account, you don’t have to login into it to access the features of Picuki.

Three, Picuki does not require you to create an account to be able to use their app. This is a free web-based platform that you can use without signing up to a dashboard.

Four, in case you snoop on your exes’ or enemies’ Instagram stories or posts, they will not get a notification telling them that you did because Picuki does not have that feature.

Finally, Picuki does not store any of your browsing history data, which means you shall leave no footprints behind when using this app.



PICUKI REVIEWS 2022: Picuki Alternatives| Other Instagram Viewer Websites Like Picuki?


Instagram Viewer Websites allow you to access Instagram content without registering for an Instagram account.

In other words, you are able see what is happening on Instagram without having to deal with the hustle of logging, managing or updating an Instagram account.

Such tools use a technology known as Application Programming Interface (API), which pulls information from one platform (in this case Instagram) then converts it into a searchable database.

Why and when do people use Instagram viewer websites?

One, when you want to access Instagram anonymously without leaving any footprints on their stories. For example, if you are doing research about a potential client for brand partnership, you might want to do that privately without them knowing.

Two, people who want to use Instagram without having an Instagram account. You don’t need to log in or register for an Instagram account to use such tools.

Three, if you don’t want to miss out on new or trending Instagram stories or feeds which disappear in 24 hours, you can use such tools to monitor or browse such content.

Four, liking or commenting on Instagram posts accidentally is inevitable. Such tools will help you to avoid such mishaps and unnecessary mistakes.

Below are other sites like Picuki that will allow you to achieve the same function;




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What Is the Point of Picuki?

Do you want to be able to edit, download and browse through Instagram stories, posts, profiles, tags, followers, and locations for free, anonymously, and without an account?

If you do, Picuki’s point is to allow you to use Instagram anonymously without logging in or registering for an Instagram account.


Is Picuki Legal?

Yes, Picuki is legal because there is no law that prohibits the use of IG downloaders, IG photo editors, and Instagram anonymous browsing tools.


Is Picuki Safe?

Yes, Picuki is safe because it gives you the ability to browse content on Instagram anonymously without providing any personal information.

Picuki will not save any of your browsing data, which means it’s safe to consume other people’s Instagram content without leaving any footprints.


Is Picuki the Same as Instagram?

No. Picuki is not the same as Instagram.

Picuki is simply a tool that allows people who don’t have an Instagram Account to see what is happening.

 Therefore, picuki is a tool that makes using Instagram easy, while Instagram is a social networking platform for photo and video sharing.

Picuki has limited features because there is so much you can do on Instagram that you can’t do on Picuki as explained below.


What Can You Do with Picuki.com?

You can do so much with Picuki without even logging in to an Instagram account like;

  • Edit Instagram content like cropping or adding filters to photos.
  • Download Instagram posts, photos and stories.
  • Search for trending profiles, hashtags, stories and other content on Instagram.
  • Monitor your competitors and celebrities you follow.
  • Discover new hashtags and trends you can use to grow your own profile.


What Can’t You Do with Picuki.com?

  • Engage on Instagram content by liking, following or commenting.
  • Adjust profile settings
  • View or Access any key red (private accounts)
  • Create new posts


Is Picuki.com Free or Charged?

Picuki is absolutely free to use without any sign-up fees. They make money from ads, and that is why they allow you to use this tool for free.


Who Owns Picuki.com?

The official Picuki website does not reveal the owners or the team behind this tool.

Maybe you can reach out to their support team through the Picuki Contact us page to establish the team behind this tool.


Why Is Picuki Not Showing Stories?

You must make sure that your date and time settings are up to date to avoid running into errors related to stories not showing up.

It’s recommended you set such settings to automatic so that they adjust spontaneously when you change location or device features.


Can You Block Someone on Picuki?

Yes, you can block a person on Picuki by first visiting their profile then look for a three-dotted menu at the upper-right comer.

Tab on the menu and select “Block” on the drop-down menu that appears.


Why Picuki Is Not Working?

Rarely is Picuki not working, but…

If Picuki is not working, visit this site https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ to test if the website is live or down.

If the test shows that the website is down, you will have to be patient until the Picuki team solves the technical errors.

If the test shows that the site is live or up, then you must do some diagnostic on your side like clearing the browser cache or adjusting your browser or antivirus settings among others.


PICUKI REVIEWS 2022: Final Thoughts

Should you use Picuki?

Yes, if you don’t have an Instagram account.

Yes, if you want to monitor Instagram trends and stories without login into your account.

Yes, if you want to access Instagram anonymously without leaving any footprints on their stories.

After all, Picuki is a free tool, which means you will not pay anything to use it.

Additionally, Picuki is safe because you will not have to create an account where you provide personal information like phone numbers to use this tool!



Picuki Reviews 2022: What Is Picuki Instagram Viewer and Editor? And 9 Picuki Alternatives




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