Eaconomy Review: Is Eaconomy Scam Or Not?

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Welcome to my Eaconomy Review!

The internet created so many legit opportunities to make money online, but it also brought about make money online scams.

Trading either in Forex or Bitcon is one of the online side hustle idea created by the invention of the Internet.

Eaconomy is a company which claims that they will help you to become a better forex trader through their CEED education program. They will also provide trading tools which will help you to make, manage and multiply your forex trading money.

In this Eaconomy review I will help you to know;

  • What is Eaconomy?
  • What does Eaconomy offer?
  • Is Eaconomy scam or legit?
  • Who is Eaconomy for?
  • How can you make money with Eaconomy?




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Eaconomy review-logo

Website: https://eaconomy.com/

Launch year: 2018

Coverage: It operates Internationally

Headquarters: Clovis, CA United States and Whitechapel, London United Kingdom.

Email: Support@eaconomy.com

CEO: Candace Ross

President/Founder: Hassan Mahmoud

Niche: Forex Trading

Business Model: Education & MLM

Company Industry: Technology



Eaconomy is company designed to help people in the forex trading niche.

Eaconomy will provide you with the education and tools you need to excel as a forex trader as explained in the Eaconomy services & products section below.

This means that Eaconomy is a third-party website, which means you must be a member at approved Forex brokers before you can find the need to use Eaconomy.

Therefore, before you joining Eaconomy, you must be a member at forex traders like the Libertex.

You can get started by clicking on one of the links below:


Eaconomy review-what is it




Eaconomy offers three main products:

  • An education platform (CEED)
  • Trading tools and bots
  • A referral program


A) CEED Education Platform

Ceed is the acronym for connect, empower, elevate and develop.

As a Ceed member you will have access to mentorship from experts, teachers and coaches who are already making 6, 7, 9, or 10 figures income with forex trading.

You will also have access to the best courses, audio classes, visual training, curriculum and workbooks created by those experts to help you learn the art of forex trading more.

You will also be able to attend annual live effects and concerts where you get to widen up your network and learning opportunities.

You will also be able to join some private groups and other types of communities of like-minded people who will further challenge and motivate you.

Eaconomy review-CEED


B) Forex Trading Bots & Tools

After you get all the tips, training and education you need to excel as a forex trader, you shall need some tools to make the process easier and less time consuming for you.

Below are the three main trading bots or expert advisors you shall get at Eaconomy;

Trade Ringer: This is the tool you can use to directly manage activities in your account such as opening and closing trades.

Trade Runner: This is more of an analytics tool which will collect small daily wins and losses so that you can use them to identify opportunities for future growth.

Trade Compass: This tool will send alerts and notifications to your mobile phone or web push notifications on pc to alert you on trading opportunities.


C) The Referral Program

To access the two products above (Ceed and trading bots) you will pay a $247 initial subscription fee which will be renewed monthly at $169.

Now if you do not need the two products above, you can directly join the referral program at $79 initial subscription fee and a $29 monthly renewal fee.

A referral program is where you refer new members to Eaconomy to buy one of the products (ceed, trading bots or join the referral program) then you shall earn a commission.

There is no information provided about Eaconomy referral program on the Eaconomy website, but the compensation program is full explained in Global Takeover which was the initial launch company of Eaconomy.

Eaconomy referral program has 12 ranks summarized in the table below;


RANK The least amount of Group Volume (GV) income you should generate per month Numbers of the least member to maintain and recruit per month Expected Weekly Commissions
1 435 GV 3 $37.50
2 1740 GV 12 $150
3 5075 GV 30 $375
4 13,050 GV 90 $750
5 36,050 GV 250 $1250
6 72,500 GV 500 $2500
7 181,250 GV 1250 $6250
8 362,500 GV 2500 $12,500
9 725,000 GV  5000 $25,000
10 2,175,000 15,000 $62,500
11 4,350,000 GV 30,000 $125,000
12 8,700,000 GV 60,000 $250,000



I did not find any red flags or proofs which might signify that Eaconomy is a scam.

One of the green signs is that they have a very professional nice-looking website where they offer contact information and even mention their founders. Most make money online scam opportunities will never disclose such personal information.

The only thing I noticed is that their marketing copies are too general without clearly explaining how the company will help you excel as a forex trader.

You must remember two things if you choose to use Eaconomy;

  • This is a third-party website offering forex trading education and tools. Therefore, it helps you to make money indirectly not directly. In such a case, you must choose the right forex broker especially those recommended by Eaconomy to make more money.
  • I do not have any proof that this company actually pays or does what they claim since I have never used it. I used reviews lefts by other people on this company to compile this review. Therefore, the opinions are not based on my personal experience.




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