What is Halo-Fi by Ray Blanco? Legit or a Scam?

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Halo-Fi helping you to make extra cash, is that even true?

In this Halo fi review we seek to establish if this is a legit opportunity to make extra cash on the side.

We will address the following;

  • What is Halo-fi
  • Halo fi internet technology
  • Halo fi stocks and how to invest
  • Ray Blanco
  • Is Halo fi legit?

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Halo fi is private company which claims to provide Low Earth Orbit (LEO) internet transmissions.

LEO is an Internet technology which uses small “micro-routers” placed on low levels of the earths’ orbit.

This is a technology which is believed to be more efficient than the satellite-based technology because it is 15 times faster and 10 times cheaper.

We cannot talk about Halo-fi without referring to: Ray Blanco and Technology Profits Confidential

Ray Blanco

This is the founder of the Halo fi company.

Ray was born in Florida where he grew up and studied.

His family did not always live in Florida. They moved from Cuba in the 1960s.

Ray started his coding career at the age of 10 when he built the “Wilson Cloud Chamber” device used to detect ionizing radiation particles.

Ray is an expert at technology and stock market investing fields.

He studied information technology at Hodges University and later worked for big name IT companies with over $30 billion assets.

Due to his 23 years great expertise and experience in stock market investing, Blanco is the editor in many major financial magazines, such as Technology profit confidential, Agora Financial, Penny Pot Profit and Tomorrow’s Trends Today among others.

Therefore, Ray has a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the following fields: robotics, avionics, biotechnology, IT management and stock investment among others.

Currently, Seven Figure Publishing, one of the largest and well-known publication in the USA has hired Ray as their Chief Technology Analyst.

Check out more on his social media profiles: LinkedIn and Twitter

Technology Profits Confidential

Halo-fi Company became popular through being marketed at the Technology Profits Confidential program and publication.

 Technology Profits Confidential is an education program created by Ray Blanco and Agora Financial to help you determine which stocks to invest in the tech and biotechnology industries.

The two partners will do all the testing work for you, such as getting interviews with company CEOS, attend conferences and visit labs among others. After gathering enough intelligence information they will send you email alerts on best opportunities to invest in and those to avoid.

I know you do not want to empty your pockets into the wrong opportunities. Such a programs can help you overcome the risk of investing too early or too late leading to loss of money.

Read more on how much this program costs on these reviews here and here.


The internet technology proposed by Halo-fi was that which use LEO technology established through the use of micro routers.

These micro routers are believed to be faster, high speed and takes less space which makes inhalation easy.

One micro-routers has 10 beams of internet which will cover around 400 miles. That means a large country like India will only require 648 micro-routers, which makes the price so low compared to putting up a complete satellite.

Launching this type of technology would only cost $3.5 billion which so cheap compared to all other forms of internet connection.

Less cost of investing will mean more money for the investors, and this is why Halo-fi stocks became so popular after this company was launched.

Therefore the goal of halo-fi Internet was to provide worldwide accessible internet, that is a connection which replaces the internet provides and satellite-based technology.

To access this type of internet, you just needed to buy the Halo fi router.



When Halo-fi was launched, its creators encouraged people worldwide to buy stocks through the “Halo-Fi’s One-Two Profit Punch”: A Double Play Strategy for Capturing a 5,349% Windfall” marketing project which you can read more about here.

Investors were promised to make over 90% returns on their stocks through the “double play” strategy where you would get a profit before the company got into the market and after it was successfully launched.

The subscription fee to join the program was $49 with a six months money back guarantee if it did not meet your expectations.

Apart from the profits and dividends you would get from your stock investment, a member would also get the following benefits;

  • Monthly newsletters briefing you on the recent trends and some of the opportunities you can invest in the tech industry or how to maximize your profits.
  • Profit Alerts noticing you on the best times to close a sale on certain profit gain opportunities.
  • Conference calls where you would get a one on one special session with specialists advising you on how to better your profit returns.
  • Access to special support which included an on-phone and in office meetings whenever you need one.
  • Free report and books such as,
    • Getting Rich with the “Prediction Multiplier”: How to Score Bigger Profits from Every Prediction… In Less Time.
    • Four Incredible Marijuana Stocks… For a Six-Figure Payday
  • Hot Trends for 2019: 8 Ways to Turn the Events of The Next Year into One Predictable Payday After Another

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So far there are several we can conclude that Halo-fi is legit due to the following proofs;

A) The founder-Ray Blanco

Ray Blanco has a remarkable profile when it comes to investing in the technology industry. He has over 24 years of experience in the field and has worked with so many public and private companies. He uses the Triple-Test analysis process to test all his investment decisions which means he only recommended what works to his readers.

B) Global Coverage

Halo-Fi has successfully being launched in more than 20 countries worldwide. This shows that their activities are legit otherwise they would not have gained such global operation legal rights if what they were offering was a scam and illegal.

 C) Big name investors are also part of the deal

For instance, Tokyo-based SoftBank Group Corp. owned and managed by the richest man in Japan backed up Halo-Fi project with 40% stake equivalent to $1 billion. Other big name companies, such as Amazon, Airbus, Virgin Group and Coca-Cola among other have also invest largely on this projects.

D) The partners behind the project

To implement their Internet technology plan, Halo fi plans to work with some of the big name giants in the technology industry, such as OneWeb founded by Greg Wyler and winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award. They will also work with Elon Musk a big name company in the Arianespace industry.



If you are the type that loves stock investing business, then this is an opportunity we found legit for you to check out.

However, if you are the type who loves high risk business ideas, check out the following ways to make money online fast.



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  1. Would someone please be kind enough to tell me what the ticker symbol is for Halo-FI? I have been trying to find out what it is for over a year and all I keep seeing is these ads that talk about how great it is yadda, yadda, yadda, but nobody wants to tell anyone what the ticker is. If the technology is so great then why are you keeping it such a secret?

    Interested investor.
    Keith Hennek

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