Cash For Patriots Program Review: A Scam or Legit?

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Cash for patriots program was very popular three years ago mostly in 2017.

This post seeks to determine if this program is still real and legit in 2020 by answering the two questions below;

  • What is the cash for patriots program?
  • Is the cash for patriots program real and legit?

Our goal is to help you to determine what is real and scam online because there are too many ways to make money online, unfortunately, most are a hoax.

We want you to invest you time and resources on the right opportunities. We will expose work at home scams and make money online hoax programs, so that you only invest in what is real and profitable.

Therefore, continue reading this cash for patriots program review to know if it is a scam or a real opportunity where you can make good money.

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Name: Cash for patriots program

Founder: Zach Scheidt & Agora Financial

Pros & Cons of the cash for patriots program


  • It is a money-making opportunity for people interested in gaining extra cash
  • The program is versatile, flexible and all-inclusive because it accepts people from all ages, income levels and background.


  • It is not free to join. Therefore, you must pay some investment fee before you get started. It is not a program for people looking for free ways to make money.
  • There are too many negative reviews online
  • There is no recent information talking about the program since 2017.

Do we recommend it: No

Every review online does not shy away from calling this program a scam/hoax.

There is no website or page where you can apply to the cash for patriots program or get current up to date information.

I recommend you check out the following other simple ways to make money online instead;

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Cash for patriots program enrollment

This program does not have too many strict requirements. Unlike many other programs, this one accepts people from all ages, income status and employment standards.

Generally, this is a program for anyone interested in getting at least 24 money checks worth up to $7,000 every years.

The only minimum requirement given by this program is that you must be an American.

I suggest you continue reading this cash for patriots program review till the end to determine if all these promises are true or not.

Cash for patriots program application

There is no direct link where you can apply to the cash for patriots program.

Additionally, its pioneers or founders do not talk about it anymore in 2020, which could mean that people do not apply to it any more.

Also, you should not bother about applying to this program because it is a scam where you will end up losing your money.

Facts about the cash for patriots program

#1 It is not a government program


Zach and his associates at Agora Financial made this program to look like a government program. They made references to Trump’s tax reforms claiming that it would make American Patriots get bonuses.

In real sense this is not a government program and Trump had nothing to do with it, contrary to the many media report that claimed he was giving away $2.6 trillion bonuses to deserving American patriots.

#2 It was simply a sales pitch

The only way you were going to access information about the cash for patriots program was through purchasing Zach’s Lifetime Income Report membership service whose value is around $49-99 depending on the level you choose.


Once you became a member, you were promised to receive monthly newsletter reports, email alerts, private Agora Financial support and private advice on the best companies to buy stock from for high levels of dividends.

This means that you had to buy stock from those companies for you to receive the free “24 checks” a year price in the cash for patriots program.

It was reported that people who benefited from the cash for patriots program had to invest over $170k according to this report.

That is a lot of money to invest, especially when you are not sure of the profit returns.

Therefore, there was no free money been given in the cash for patriots program as many were made to believe? It was simply a smart marketing scam used by Zach and Agola to get people to sign up to the lifetime income report membership.


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In summary Zach is simply a writer and a professional investor who offers investment solutions to individuals and businesses.

Below are several quick facts about this guy;

  • He is the chief editor at Agora Financial
  • He has published several books, such as the Big Book of Income
  • He has worked as a cost accountant at SunTrust Bank, which was his starting career job.
  • He has also work as an Analyst for numerous Investment advisory companies in Atlanta.
  • He attained his bachelor’s degree in Investment business at Lee University. He later earned an MBA from Georgia State University.
  • He writes for many publications, such as Buyout Millionaire Club, Wall Street, Contract Income Alert, Dollar Trade Club, Family Wealth Circle, Takeover Alert and The Buyout Millionaires Club among others.
  • He is the founder and owner of Mercenary Trader, a publishing and investment company which teachers traders how to make smart investment decisions.
  • He has a family with seven children and he enjoys playing poker when he is not providing investing solutions.



All the top blogs who have written reviews on the cash for patriots program have one thing in common, which is-All DO NOT RECOMMEND it to their readers!



You must be wondering is the cash for patriots program is legit.

I did some digging and came up with 6 signs which reduces the credibility of this program and makes it look like a hoax or scam.

After reading through these signs, it’s up to you to decide if you still want to go ahead and invest your money and time into this program.

#1 No official website

It is claimed that this is the official website url for the cash for patriots program.

When I tried to visit that link it did not redirect properly. That could mean that the link is either broken or the website is down.

The only website I found close to be their official page was this one managed by the Congress government, which does not seem to have any information about the program after all.


#2 Too Good to be true

This program seems to accommodate everyone from any age group or income level.

Additionally, all you have to do is apply to the program take up investing opportunities recommended then sit back and wait for your checks.

These promises sounds too good to be true, especially when the price is 24 checks each worth over $7000.

When the deal is too good to be true, you should reconsider because this is one the marketing strategy used by scammers.


#3 No up-to-date information in 2020

The main pioneers of the cash for patriots program who were at the fore-front of providing information about the product were people and companies like: Zach Scheidt, Agora Financial, Motlry Fool, Donald Trump and all mainstream media outlets like Fox.

All these people or companies talked about the cash for patriots program back in 2017.

This means that this program had more relevance 4 years ago because no major person talks about it anymore in 2020.

If the cash for patriots program was still a scam-free money making opportunity in 2020, I want to believe that its founders; Zach Scheidt and Agora Financial should be at the forefront of marketing it.

#4 It was simply a marketing strategy


The cash for patriots program came about as a result of Zachary Scheidt, “Lifetime Income Report”.

When you purchased the lifetime income report you were promised to get;

  • Zach’s eBooks for free
  • Free annual subscription
  • Agora’s Financial support
  • Free access to the cash for patriots program

Most people bought the report which was only worth less than $99 according to amazon with the aim of getting all the “Free Stuff” above.

This is the very reason why the cash for patriots program became so popular because people has the pressure to “BUT NOW” before the offer expired.

#5 Agora Financial Credibility


This was the main company behind the Cash for patriots program.

Firstly, this is a privately owned company which means their main goal is to make profit. Thus, giving misleading information is not out of question.

Secondly, if you look through reviews left by their clients online, you will notice most of their users give negative feedback. Check out some here on Trust Pilot and Better Business Bureau.

See the negative feedback and complainants above given by clients who have invested at Agora Financial and got disappointed over and over again.


#6 Misleading Information


The marketing campaigns used to send information about this program used many false claims and promises like the ones below;

  • Bonus to deserving Americans”- Videos came out claiming that Donald Trump had announced a $612 bonus to deserving Americans.
  • Free money mentality: One would assume that all you have to do is sign up to the program, then sit back and wait for money in your account. This is wrong because Zach was teaching on the right companies to invest to get dividends. He was not giving free money or showing companies which do.
  • Fake media news & headlines: New York Times described the programs as the “A windfall of Cash” while Boomberg called it “A pot of Gold”. These phrases seems to be describing a heaven-opportunity too rare to find. This further created a sense of urgency leading to the popularity of this program.





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Hell No!!!

We advise that you stay away from this program because all evidence seems to proof that it is a scam and hoax.

Firstly, there is no current information on anything to do with the program from Zach, Agora financial or any of its users in 2020. The lack of information since 2017 shows that it’s something not popular with its audiences anymore.

Secondly, most people who signed up to the program or any other plan offered by Agora Financial have filled over 300 complaints against the company. In short, this company which manages the cash for patriots programs has a poor reputation and it’s not recommended by most people.

Finally, the cash for patriots program will not give you free money. You have to do the heavy lifting work of doing research and investing into the right companies to make money. Thus, this is not a get-rich-quick opportunity or a make money without doing anything opportunity.

If you have to do the work, why not focus your time, energy and resources on sure and legit opportunities where there is a 100% guarantee that you shall make money like the ones below:

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