My Forex Funds (MFF) Review: How to Make half a MILLION shillings daily with THIS BUSINESS 2023


Welcome to this My Forex Funds Review, which will reveal how you can make more than a million in 2023 as a forex trader.

A forex trader is any participant (bank or individual) in the forex industry who exchanges currencies.

What is MFF (My Forex Funds)?

It is a trading firm with its main headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and operates in more than 150 countries globally with over 80,000 traders.

Since 2020, the goal of this company has been to provide trading funds to undercapitalized traders.


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My Forex Funds (MFF) Programs & Rules 

They have three types of programs grouped based on the expertise level of the person.

Each program has several types of accounts grouped based on their monetary value.

Rapid Accounts Program for people with some knowledge about trading.

Evaluation Accounts Program for people at the professional level in trading.

Accelerated Accounts Program for people who trade full-time for a living.

Trading Expertise Level Beginner Intermediate Experienced
Account Value $10K to 100K $10K to 200K $2K up to 2 million USD
Number of accounts 4 7 5
Lowest Target No Target or evaluations 8% Phase 1 & 5% phase 2 10% to move to the next milestone
Trading Days Limit 3 5 None
Drawdown 5% daily and 12% overall 5% daily and 12% overall No daily, the overall is 5% for conventional accounts and 10% for emphatic accounts.
Bonus 12% 85% 50%
Cost $99 to $749 $49 to $1389 $99 to $2450


 My Forex Funds (MFF) Pros

 No Monthly Fees

You shall only pay a one-time entry registration fee without any other monthly or daily charges.

Low Entry Barrier

Regarding registration fees, they have accounts that go for as little as $49 to over $1000, which caters to the financial level of all traders.

Support Provided

They over trading education and guide beginner traders.

Earn while you learn

The rapid program allows you to make money trading while learning without worrying about targets and evaluations.

Large Product Range

Apart from currencies, there are over 100 instruments of trade including metals, indices, and more.

Refundable Registration Fees

If you enroll through the evaluation program


 Wrapping It Up: Should You Join My Forex Funds (MFF)?

Yes, I would recommend you try out MFF.

Before you do so, I recommend you do the following;


My Forex Funds (MFF) Review: How to Make half a MILLION shillings daily with THIS BUSINESS 2023

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