ScorePesa Review: How To Register And Bet On ScorePesa Kenya & Get a Ksh 2000 Bonus


Welcome to my ScorePesa Review!

Betting is a popular way of making money online in Kenya.

For example, today I made KES 7,000 with this casino betting site.

ScorePesa is a site that will help you to earn money through sports betting, jackpots, and bonuses.

In this review, I am going to answer all questions related to ScorePesa like;

  • What is ScorePesa?
  • Is ScorePesa bonus withdrawable?
  • How do I download the ScorePesa app?
  • How do you bet on ScorePesa?
  • How do I contact ScorePesa?
  • How do you make money on ScorePesa?


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SCOREPESA REVIEW: What is ScorePesa?


Below is a summary of important details about ScorePesa;

Purpose: It’s a leading betting site in Kenya


Rating: 6.5/10

Odds Quality: 94%

Welcome Bonus: 1000 Kenya Shillings

Jackpot Amount: 1,000,000 Kenya Shillings

Deposit & Withdrawal Payment Method: Mpesa Payments in Kenya Shillings

Available Sports: Football, Basketball, cricket, badminton & volleyball

Owner: Betwin Limited

Established In: the Year 2019

Status: Fully approved by the Betting Control & Licensing Board of Kenya under the License number BK0000329

Recommended: Yes 100%

SCOREPESA REVIEW: Is ScorePesa Same as SportPesa?


No. ScorePesa is not the same as SportPesa.

After SportPesa’s license was canceled, it was phased out of the market.

Betwin Limited then launched ScorePesa around the same time as the collapse of SportPesa.

The two names have a similar rhyme, maybe that is why some people confuse the two.

Also, ScorePesa took most of the website features and graphic user interface of SportPesa. They only did a few rebranding tasks.

Therefore, ScorePesa is a new betting site entirely different from SportPesa. The latter is fully approved by the Betting Control & Licensing Board of Kenya under the License number BK0000329.

That means they operate under all the provided legal guidelines to carry out what is called responsible gambling.

SCOREPESA REVIEW: How Can I Register on ScorePesa?


You must be 18 years and above to qualify to register at ScorePesa.

You can join ScorePesa using the two methods below;

Method One: SMS Registration Process

  • SMS the word “REGISTER” to this code 238020
  • Complete the prompts that follow


Method Two: Online Registration Process

  • Go to the official website
  • Click on the register option at the top of the page
  • Fill out the sign-up form then click on register to submit.
  • Enter verification code sent to your mobile then click on the verify button.
  • Login to your successfully created account to start betting.

SCOREPESA REVIEW: How do I download ScorePesa app in Kenya?


There are several benefits you can enjoy for using ScorePesa App over using the main website as explained in the points below;

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection on your mobile phone
  • Visit this download link and choose either the Android or iPhone version depending on your device.
  • Enable download of the app by granting permission to your browser to continue with the download.
  • Visit the app setting pages them install into your device.

SCOREPESA REVIEW: How do you bet on ScorePesa?


Below are the tips on how to play on ScorePesa;

Method One: USSD Code Betting

  • Dial *577# on your mobile phone
  • Choose option 2 “place bet” then complete the prompts that follow.


Method Two: SMS Shortcuts Betting

  • To get a list of the upcoming games, send the word “FOOTBALL” to 29008
  • To get predictions of the top matches, send the word “GAMES” to 29008
  • Once you are sure which game you want to bet on, use the SMS shortcuts in the image below to place your bet.


Method Three: Web or App Betting

  • Log in to your ScorePesa account either from the main page ( or from your ScorePesa app ( on your mobile phone.
  • Study the matches available from the chart
  • Place your stake
  • Select the odds then place your bet

SCOREPESA REVIEW: How Do I Make Money with ScorePesa?


There are three main ways to make money on ScorePesa;

  • ScorePesa Sports Betting: Predict the outcome of both live and virtual games. The amount you win from your predictions will depend on the stake and odds you place.
  • Scorepesa Jackpots: There is the mid-week jackpot of 1,000,000 ksh, and then there is the mega jackpot of over 30 million shillings. Bookmark the ScorePesa jackpot page to know when such opportunities are available.
  • ScorePesa Bonus: Every new Scorepesa member gets a KES 2000 karibu bonus, which is not withdrawable in full, but can be redeemed in bits as explained below.

SCOREPESA REVIEW: Is ScorePesa bonus withdrawable?


ScorePesa awards all-new punters a welcome bonus of KES 2,000.

However, do not get so existed because you will not be able to withdraw the whole 2000 at once immediately you get your account approved.

Read the section below to learn how you shall be able to redeem your welcome bonus in bits.


SCOREPESA REVIEW: How can I redeem my ScorePesa bonus?


For you to be able to redeem your Ksh. 2000 ScorePesa Bonus you must meet the following terms and conditions;

  • You must have a fully approved account at ScorePesa with a verified mobile number
  • You must deposit at least Ksh. 20 to activate the bonus.
  • To get the 10% refund from your bonus, your total odds should be more than 1o.
  • The least amount you can bet to qualify for the 10% refund from your bonus must be Ksh.50
  • As long as you meet the criteria above, you are free to withdraw or bet again using the 10% refund issued.
  • The bonus will always be available until you finish it.

SCOREPESA REVIEW: How do I use my bonus on Scorepesa?


So, after you deposit at least Ksh.20 in your ScorePesa account, you will get the 2000 welcome bonus. Therefore, your account balance will be KES 2,020.

You can use that amount to place stakes in your games of interest. Make sure you do enough research before placing the bet to increase your chances of getting higher odds.

For every stake you bet with 10 or more odds, you shall get a 10% refund from your welcome bonus.

For example, if you place a bet of KES 1000, you will get KES 100 as a 10% refund from your bonus regardless of the state of your bet.

Therefore, even if you lose your bet money, you will always win something from the bonus money.

SCOREPESA REVIEW: How do I Deposit Money to ScorePesa?


  • Log in to your ScorePesa Account
  • Click on the deposit option then enter the amount
  • Note that you cannot deposit more than KES 70,000
  • Enter your Mpesa pin on the prompt sent to your mobile phone to complete the deposit.

Alternatively, you can deposit manually using ScorePesa Mpesa Paybill Number 290080.

SCOREPESA REVIEW: How do I withdraw money from ScorePesa?


  • Log in to your ScorePesa Account
  • Click on the withdraw option
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Note you must have more than KES 50 balance in your account to be able to withdraw.
  • Once you click withdraw, the amount will be deposited to your MPesa account immediately.

SCOREPESA REVIEW: How do I contact ScorePesa?





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