IkoPesa Review: Is IkoPesa Legit?


IKOPESA REVIEW: What Is Ikopesa?


Welcome to my IkoPesa review where I shall answer questions like;

  • Is IkoPesa legit?
  • How does ikoPesa work?
  • How to earn in ikopesa?

IkoPesa is a website for Kenyans interested in achieving two goals;

One, learning more about digital marketing. Ikopesa is a learning center that provides so many courses in the Internet marketing niche.

Two, making money online by doing simple tasks like playing games, signing up new referrals, and participating in competitions among others.


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Take a look at the brief summary and overview of IkoPesa below;

Product Name: IkoPesa

Website: https://bit.ly/IkoPesaSignUp

Owner: Richable Ventures

Cost: Kenya Shillings 80/-

Purpose: A money-making app or site that pays you to complete simple tasks like playing games, taking courses, signing up new users and more!

Do I recommend It: Yes because they pay and other positive signals discussed in the “is Ikopesa legit” section below.




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Yes, is IkoPesa is legit as supported in the eight reasons below;


#1 I have Made Money with Ikopesa




I personally use Ikopesa, and I have made over Ksh.15,000 with it as shown in the screenshot below of my IkoPesa account.



Below is also a screenshot of my recent withdrawal from Ikopesa of Ksh.2,570.




#2 Instant Payment 24/7 With no limits

Once you withdraw any funds from IkoPesa, you shall receive them instantly on the same day in just a few minutes or hours.

In other words, you get paid anytime, without limitations on the amount you should withdraw.


#3 Ikopesa has an active WhatsApp group

After you join Ikopesa, and prove that you are dedicated to generating some money with this app, you will get added to a private WhatsApp group by IkoPesa admin.

In this group, there are so many users sharing payment proof and the strategies they use to make money with IkoPesa as shown in the image below;




#4 IkoPesa has social media pages

IkoPesa has cared to create a brand image on the following social media platforms;

On the flip side, the Ikopesa team does not update these pages regularly.

As an IkoPesa user, you can use such pages to connect with other users.

You can also use them to market your IkoPesa affiliate link to users asking more about this money-making app.


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#5 Richable Ventures Group Is a reputable company

Earlier I mentioned that IkoPesa is owned by a company known as Richable Ventures.

Apart from IkoPesa, this company has created other popular money-making apps like the two below;

PesaON: A platform where you make money by trading coins and playing WordGame.



PesaWell: A reward site where you make money in many ways like watching Youtube videos and taking trivia quizzes among other ways.





#6 IkoPesa Offers Value in The Society

Most money-making apps want your money without offering any sort of value for free to you.

IkoPesa is a digital learning platform where you can get free courses on how to make money online, how to build a successful online business and all other topics in the internet marketing niche.

This means that apart from creating employment opportunities, IkoPesa is also doing societal empowerment through its learning and money-making platform.


#7 IkoPesa Contacts

IkoPesa does not shy away from providing their contact information on how to reach them via email or phone number on their website and social media accounts.

One way to identify a make money online scam is that they do not provide any “about” or “contact us” information publicly.


#8 IkoPesa Professional Website

If you visit the IkoPesa website here https://ikopesa.com/, you will notice that it looks very appealing to the eye.

You will get all the information about what the site is all about and how it works from the website.

Their website even has a blog that is updated from time to time.

Business owners who care to build such professional sites are those who seek to build a brand that serves their target customers for a long period of time.





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IKOPESA REVIEW: How Does Ikopesa Work?


Ikopesa Sign Up

To get started on IkoPesa, you must start by signing up or creating an account in the three simple steps below;

Step One: Visit this sign-up link (https://bit.ly/IkoPesaSignUp) then complete the short sign-up form where you provide your username, email address, and password.

Step Two: Activate your account by paying the Kshs.80 registration fee.

Step Three: Begin to participate in the available tasks where you are able to make money.



Ikopesa Login

After you sign up you can log in to your IkoPesa account by simply visiting the main site https://ikopesa.com/, then click on the “Account” option at the top.

Next, fill in your login details (your phone and password) then you will be successfully logged into your account.






IKOPESA REVIEW: How to Earn in Ikopesa


#1 Ikopesa Referrals

Once you have an activated IkoPesa account, you are able to access your unique referral link from your dashboard.

You can proceed to copy that link then shares it with your friends, family, and people looking for ways to make money online on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

IkoPesa affiliate program pays in two levels;

Level 1 (Direct Referrals)

These are the people who sign up using your affiliate link directly.

For example, if you send your affiliate link to one of your friends called Diana, and she signs up from it, you shall earn Ksh.40 for every successful account activation.

Remember Diana will have to pay a registration fee of Ksh.80 to activate her Ikopesa account, and that is how you are making half of that amount from direct referrals.

Level 2 (Indirect Referrals)

If Diana shares her affiliate link to Frida, who happens to sign up, then you shall make Ksh.15 on this level of affiliate commissions.



Important Note

If you login to your IkoPesa dashboard, you will notice that they give the phone numbers of all the new users who signed up directly or indirectly through your sign-up link.

You can use those numbers to do a follow-up and networking with such people.

Alternatively, as an internet marketer you can do message marketing, where you promote one of your products or services.

I guess what I am saying is that those phone numbers are a gold mine you can use creatively to make more money.

For example, in my case I created a WhatsApp group where I add such new users from IkoPesa. I use that group to share new YouTube videos which I publish on my channel. I also share new ways of making money online on that group.



#2 Ikopesa Competition

Ikopesa hosts competitions from time to time.

For example, from the image below you can see that number one will get Ksh.2500 if the win in this competition.




#3 Ikopesa Spin and Win

You can entirely rely on the free spins, which you shall be given after every two or three days.

For example, I have made Ksh.230 relying on the free spins as shown in the image below.


On the other hand, you can choose to buy spins where you top up money from your Mpesa account.

One spin is equivalent to Ksh.10. That means if you top up Ksh.100, then you get 10 spins.

If you are lucky, you can win Ksh. 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 1000 or 5000 once you play your spins. Also, you can get a free spin or loose, which means you win nothing from your money.


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#4 Ikopesa Learning Center

If you complete the digital marketing course for 60 days, you shall earn show money.

Can you imagine you are being taught how to be successful in internet marketing, then you get paid at the same time?





IKOPESA REVIEW: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About IkoPesa


How do I activate IkoPesa?

Login in to your IkoPesa account by following this link, http://ikopesa.com/accounts/signup/?referral_code=8261

Click on the “ACTIVATE” option under the account option.

Enter the Mpesa pin then click “OK”

The Ksh.80 activation fee will be automatically charged from your Mpesa account.

Once you pay your IkoPesa account will be activated, and now you can log in and begin making money with that account.


What Is the Ikopesa Paybill Number?

IkoPesa does not have a Paybill number.


How Can You Go About Ikopesa App Download?

There is no IkoPesa app that you can download on Apple Store for iPhone devices or Google Play for Android devices.

Therefore, there is nowhere you can download the IkoPesa app because there is no such thing.




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