10 Best Online Business To Start In Kenya With Atleast 1000ksh


What is the best online business to start in Kenya with atleast 1000ksh?

In other words, what is the best business to start online with low capital?

Welcome to this blog post where we are going to talk about the best way to start an online business with low budget in Kenya.

We are going to talk about 10 best beginner friendly online business to start from my personal experience.

These are businesses which I have tried and tested, and will show you can see the payment proof in the video below;



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10 Best Online Business To Start In Kenya With Atleast 1000ksh

#1- Blogging

You can be able to start a blog for free on platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Medium among others.

Alternatively, you can look for a cheap hosting company like Truehost and then follow this step in this guide to set up the blog.

A blog can make you money in many ways such as advertising, sponsored content, and other methods where there is selling and others without selling anything.


#2- Vlogging

Vlogging is the process of telling a story through video.

Vloggers post their content on many platforms, with the most popular being YouTube.

If you want to make a rough estimate of how much you can earn on Youtube, use the tool Sociablade.

I recently started a YouTube channel and so far, I have made over $1000 from it. You get tips from my personal experience here.


#3- Affiliate Marketing

This is a business model where you promote the products or services of another entrepreneur to your audience or followers by sharing your affiliate link.

That affiliate link is usually tracked such that everybody who purchases the product or service through your referral link, shall earn a commission.

Personally, I promote several affiliate products like;

Apart from being an affiliate, Amazon offers too many make money opportunities;

Influencer: Build and sell through your Amazon Storefront using the Amazon influencer program.

Selling: For instance, write books and sell them on Amazon Kindle.

Micro Jobs: Make money with the short task on Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Proofreading: Get hired to write, edit and proofread for Amazon blog, product listings and Kindle books.


#4- CPA Marketing

CPA is the short form for Cost Per Action or Acquisition.

This is a type of marketing where you get paid after a conversation in the form of an action performed instead of a sale made.

Examples of actions you get paid for include clicking or viewing ads, filling sign-up forms, submitting emails, and more.

You can do CPA marketing through a network or directly with a specific company.

Personally, I work with two main networks – Maxbounty and CPA Grip.

Below are some of the direct merchants I work with also;


#5- Selling

You can sell two types of products online – digital and physical.

Digital products cannot be touched and they are delivered in electronic formats like SVG, png, or pdf. Examples are things like printables, music, books, and software among others.

On the other hand, physical products can be touched and they must be physically delivered to the customer. Examples include t-shirts, earrings, home décor art, and more.

There are so many platforms to sell these products both locally and internationally.

Locally you can sell on Jumia, Kilimall, Jiji, Muthurwa, and more.

Internationally, you can sell on Etsy, Koji


#6- Forex Trading

There are many legit forex brokers in Kenya who will help you to make money with currencies.

In this business model, your job is to speculate the rise or fall of currencies with the goal of making a profit in case of a rise.

Therefore, currencies are traded in pairs, and the value the traders get is the difference in the rise or fall of one currency against the other.


#7- Research

There are several ways you can make money online as a researcher in Kenya such as;

A survey is a data collection tool used by product or business owners to understand the needs of their customers or buyers better.

Entrepreneurs who cannot host their own survey campaigns will often work with a legit paid survey site, which will run and manage the campaigns on their behalf.


#8- Tutoring

There is a job known as homework tutoring where you get paid by students to help them with assignments and other term papers.

Other people get hired to teach languages on sites like iTaki and prebly among others.


#9 – Freelancing

Freelancing is for self-employed persons who work on a short-term or contract basis.

Some of the sites where to find freelance jobs include Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer among others.

Some freelance services you can offer include writing, proofreading, virtual assistant, video editing, and graphic design among others.


#10 – Apps That Pay

Kenyans are always looking for ways to make money from their mobile phones.

App developers have created all sorts of apps that pay to help people to make extra money or passive income online.

For instance, I make more than KSH.30,000 every month with this app.

My number two app is State Earn where I make money in several ways, such as promoting my affiliate link, watching videos, and answering trivia questions.

The number three app is Starclicks where I make money by sharing my affiliate link and clicking on ads.

Get other apps on the two posts below;

You can engage in the business of developing such apps or their complementary predictors.

Alternatively, you can build an audience on social media, then market these apps to your audience.





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