Online Surveys That Pay Through Mobile Money


Welcome to this blog post where we shall talk about online surveys that pay through mobile money.

Out of these paid online surveys discussed in this post, the top three which I recommend most are; Swagbucks, MoBrog & PaidViewPoint.

Some of these are the best online surveys in Kenya that pay through Mpesa directly or indirectly. Get other paid surveys Kenya, on that video.

If the survey site pays to PayPal first, you can directly withdraw those funds to Mpesa mobile money kit using PayPal to Mpesa Safaricom Service or WorldRemit.

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1. Swagbucks

 The best way to understand why Swagbucks was formed back in 2008, is by looking at the mission of its founder, Prodege.

Prodege helps brands, employers, organizations, and businesses to gather consumer insights, and shopper behavior data through market research.

This is why they created these two reward programs (Swagbucks and YSense) to motivate people who participate in the market research programs using PayPal cash payments, Gift card vouchers, charity donations, and merchandise.

Prodege also has other panels mostly available for Americans, Europeans, Canadians, and Australians like MyPoints.

Swagbucks will not directly pay you to Mpesa. After they deposit the funds to your PayPal account, you can directly withdraw them to Mpesa mobile money kit using PayPal to Mpesa Safaricom Service or WorldRemit.

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2. Ysense (Clixsense)

From the Swagbucks discussion above, I already explained why Prodege formed (Swagbucks, YSense & MyPoints) reward programs and customer loyalty strategies.

Clixsense was the initial name given to YSense, which offers so many earning opportunities like surveys that pay instantly, games that pay, and affiliate income among others.

If you want to learn more about YSense hacks, you can do these two things; 1) Join the YSense forum, or 2) Read my YSense review.

In the forum, you shall get some encouragement to get started since you shall see so many users sharing payment proofs and success stories on this site and its alternatives.

Also, you shall get all your questions answered and your doubts cleared.

Two of the best alternative to YSense are SurveyTime.io & Superpay.me

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If you go to Google and search Splendid Research, you will notice that it is a popular market research company based in Germany.

Those are the people behind the creation of MOBROG, an online panel, created to offer remuneration to participants who share their time and opinions with that company.

On TrustPilot they are a verified company with a rating of 4.5 because they adhere to all ICC/ESOMAR international standards issued by regulatory survey bodies like MRS, CASRO, MRA & ARF.

MOBROG is able to run in these six continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America & Australia) because they pay through 3 main international gateways (EcoMatcher, Paypal & Skrill)

Apart from the paid surveys, you can get a $0.63 commission per referral, or participate in the lotteries.

To learn more about this site, make sure you watch this video on an introduction to MOBROG Paid Surveys.

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4. PaidViewPoint

PaidViewPoint is mostly known for offering a lesson on a common type of market research study known as trait surveys.

Once you get your first $15, you are free to withdraw it via PayPal or other virtual incentives like gift cards. For the second withdrawal, the threshold drops to $10, and then to $5 for any other future withdrawals.

It is important to do these two things to secure your account, and to increase your earning potential respectively, 1) verify your phone number, and 2) complete your profile.

Also, you can subtribe to the email notifications, or check your account at least once daily to avoid missing open surveys.

After you get 100+ active referrals, you can join the VIP Community Builder Club, where you shall enjoy instant cash out of your referral earnings.

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Kantar Group, a consulting and data collection company, is the brains behind the MobiWorkx and Opinion App survey panels.

Make sure you subscribe to the email or SMS notifications so that you don’t miss any surveys.

You will get a chance to earn Mpesa money in the form of Safaricom, Airtel, or Telecom airtime.

Additionally, you can get your rewards in form of PayPal cash and gift cards.

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6. iPoll

For the last two decades, iPoll has been at the frontline of compensating customers and consumers for sharing their opinions.

All the rewards you earn on this site will get paid in three ways, Apple Gift Card, Amazon gift card, and PayPal cash.

They also offer other alternative ways to make money online like testing products.

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7. Opinion Space

Opinion Space offers a 100 shillings Safaricom, Airtel, or Telecom airtime bonus to all new accounts.

Key decision makers always need opinion makers, who will raise a feedback or voice that counts towards the choices they make.

This is where Opinion Space comes in through connecting these two groups on their platform.

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8. SwitchedOn Africa

Available in three African countries (South Africa, Kenya & Nigeria), Switchedon.africa is a community where you can go share your opinions & insights on sport, entertainment, current affairs, and technology among other topics.

The best alternatives to this website are Offernation, Rewarding Ways & FreeCash.

They pay in form of shopping vouchers and cash or airtime to your mobile money wallet.

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 Wrapping It Up


Those are the best online surveys that pay through mobile money.

Out of that list, Swagbucks, MoBrog & PaidViewPoint, are the top three paid online surveys, which I recommended the most.

Most of these online surveys pay first in points, which you have then to redeem into cash. If you want a survey site that pays in cash directly, I recommend you check out SurveyTime if you are in Africa, or read a blog post on the 15 Online Surveys That Pay Cash Only if you are in the United States.

After these companies deposit the funds to your PayPal account, you can directly withdraw them to the Mobile money kit using PayPal to Mpesa Safaricom Service or WorldRemit.


Online Surveys That Pay Through Mobile Money



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