3 Trustworthy Ways To Answer Questions And Get Paid In Kenya


Yes, you can answer questions and get paid in Kenya.

In this post, we shall explore 3 main ways to earn money by answering quiz in Kenya.

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In survey-taking, you get paid to provide feedback and opinions on various products, services, and topics.

Platforms such as Swagbucks and these mobile money survey sites offer opportunities for individuals to participate in surveys and earn gift cards, PayPal payments, or other rewards.

This option is the best way to make money by answering questions for two reasons.

Many companies and research firms conduct surveys to gather valuable consumer insights.

Two, it is a flexible way to earn money, allowing individuals to complete surveys at their own pace and convenience.


In affiliate marketing, you earn a commission for every sale or referral generated through your unique affiliate link.

Answering quizzes related to specific products or niches on platforms like Quora can help attract potential customers and drive sales, earning you commissions.

Other than forums, you can start a niche website and join popular affiliate programs like Jumia Affiliate, Kilimall Affiliate, and Amazon Associates in Kenya.

Promote the affiliate links you get from these platforms in content where you answer quizzes in your niche blog.

Make sure you choose products or services that align with your interests and expertise through quizzes to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Creating engaging and informative quizzes that are well-researched and in-depth can also increase engagement and conversions.


In consulting, you earn money by providing expert advice and guidance on specific topics or industries.

Consulting helps you leverage your knowledge and expertise by monetizing your skills to generate income while providing value to others.

Consulting opportunities exist in various fields, such as business, finance, technology, education, and healthcare.

You can offer consulting services through online platforms like Just Answer, freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, or your portfolio website.

Always offer well-researched answers to establish credibility and attract clients willing to pay for your consulting services.

3 Trustworthy Ways To Answer Questions And Get Paid In Kenya

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