Latest Online Jobs In Kenya | How To Make Money Online With New Earning Site 2023


What are the best latest online jobs in Kenya?

Every month I create content on new websites offering online jobs, which I have discovered lately. (see the jobs for the previous month here)

We will talk about making money online with some of the best new earning sites launched recently.




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Latest Online Jobs In Kenya | How To Make Money Online With New Earning Site 2023

#1 – Get Paid To Sites

In this category, we are going to talk about five websites where you get paid to;

Pakakumi: Casino betting and affiliate marketing are the main ways to earn. I make at least KSH.30,000 every month with this app.

State Earn: Watch YouTube and TikTok videos, click on ads, invite friends, post on WhatsApp, take trivia quizzes, spin and win, Learn forex, and blog, among others.

Earn-Empire: They create most online earning platforms like Triple Earn, Spin Earn, and more.

Crown Gold Agencies: A digital marketing agency offering many services, such as capital markets, consultancy, article writing, cash back, referral earnings, WhatsApp posting earnings, and play games pay, among others.

Skynic: they offer to sign up for bonuses, gift cards, play games, pay, watch YouTube videos, earnings, and trade benefits, among others.

Hifex: An online marking company where you make money through advertising and referral marketing.


#2- Bitcoin Trading

This is a type of cryptocurrency trading where you exchange bitcoins for dollars, euros, and other currencies.

A similar type of trading is forex trading, which you can learn more about in that blog post.

The two websites I would like you to check out for this are;

Paxful: An online financial platform where you can trade in, selling on buying bitcoin for as low as 10 USD. On this site, you trade with real people instead of robots, which means it’s a good place for beginners. Apart from bitcoin, they also offer other forms of crypto coins trading.

Remitano: Apart from bitcoin, this platform is common for the trading of other coins, such as ETH and Altcoins, among others. This company, founded in 2016, is present in more than 30 countries globally. This proves that it’s a legit venture which can be trusted.


#3- Gaming

There are many games pay real money in Kenya.

Chain Universe: Earn crypto coins for all the games you play.

True Flip: A casino gaming site that pays in crypto and cashback. A similar app that I have tried and tested in Gamemania and Pakakumi.

Crystal Foot Ball Club: Make money from football betting. Check out SportPesa, a similar app, to get paid for the same.


#4 – Loans & Investment Sites

You can take a loan from these money lending sites, then use it to start one of these online businesses.

The thing about these loan sites is that they are new, which means they do not have lots of competition or high-interest rates.

Kashbean: You can borrow up to KSH.80,000 in one year with an interest of 3% every month.

Mali: A trust fund created by Safaricom to help M-Pesa users invest in the money market.

Hustler Fund: A financial plan designed to help small business owners access funds. You can learn more about it by dialing *254#

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