Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Pay Well


Just like other age-appropriate jobs below or above 12, there are a few jobs for 12 year olds that pay well.

The bad news is, kids who have not attained the legally accepted working age of 14 have limited jobs they can do. The government aims to protect children from exploitation.

Even though this is the case, there is still a wide range of jobs that 12 year olds can do and earn good money.


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Online Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Pay


Currently, YouTube has become a goldmine for the modern generation. Creating a channel and generating content for viewers would earn you fantastic income.

Over the years, YouTube has created thousands of millionaires. This means a 12 year old who is creative can make a substantial income from the platform.

YouTubers earn per number of subscribers and viewing hours. This means that once a channel attains 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours, and can get monetized through Google ads.

In a good month, a YouTuber can make $1000 and above. Top kids YouTubers earn more than $100k per month.



At 12 years old, a kid has mastered grammatical skills enough to start a personal blog. Kids tend to have great support from the community when they realize they are creative.

If a parent finds that their kid is creative, they can support them by providing the necessary equipment to start a blog.

Some items needed to start blogging include a camera, a desktop/laptop, an internet connection, a training course, and a comfortable setup for an office.

A blog generating substantial traffic can earn $500 and above per month. Successful bloggers make over $10k per month. This proves that blogging is a great job for 12 year olds that can generate stable income for them.



It is nothing like photography for its ability to provide people with a unique worldview. A 12 year old who is skilled enough and has a passion for photography can thrive well doing this job.

The best way to reap maximum benefit from photography is to register on websites such as Esty, Shutterstock, or Amazon digital. You can sell your pictures for good pay.

Unique photos can fetch more than $10 per piece. This means a 12-year-old can make good money by taking pictures of landscapes, streets, and the best city buildings.


Survey Taker

Surveys are easy, and any person can participate and make money. Over the years, many companies have started using surveys to collect feedback on their perception of their products.

Some websites you can find surveys include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and LifePoints, among others.

Most survey Websites pay $1 – $50 per task. A kid who is confident enough and knows about a particular product or topic can register in those websites and start making money.

Companies post many polls on sites to collect opinions from the public. Some are directed to children to understand how they view their products.

Online polls are excellent jobs for 12 year olds, and a kid can earn $5.


Video Gaming

Kids enjoy playing games, and the advancement of video game technologies has opened new opportunities.

Playing video games online and getting paid through gifts and coin rewards depends on the system logarithm.

There are many video gaming websites where 12 year olds interact and compete while getting rewards.

Some of the most knowledgeable and successful video game websites include InboxDollars, Cutie Garden, Bubble Cash, Gamefaqs.com, Kotaku.com, and Polyon.com, among others.

Video gamers earn between $1000 and $5000 per month. This means a 12 year old can make a substantial income playing games.

Video gamers earn in many ways. When participating in competitions, 12 year olds can earn cash rewards.

In other circumstances, 12 year olds can get paid through gift cards. Kids can earn through the rewards they get from their game partners.

In a good month, a 12 year old can earn $500 worth of gift cards.




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Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Pay Near Me

Dog Walking

Almost in every locality, someone has a do and needs a dog walker. As a 12 year old, this is a job you can do well. Dogs are friendly pets, and spending time with them is fascinating.

You can reach out to your neighbor with a dog and inquire about this job if you are confident.

Walking dogs is a job for 12 year olds that pays quite well. Some people would pay $8 per hour and above for dog walking services.

Walking a dog is an easy job that a 12 year old can do. Parents can remunerate their kids to walk their dogs and teach them to be responsible.

Another place to find a kid can find a dog walking job in Australia is in their neighborhood. Adults who spend most of their time at work can utilize the services of 12 year olds to take care of the dog.

A 12 year old can earn $10 per hour and more to walk a dog.



Younger children need assistance to learn. If you are strong in a particular subject and confident enough, you can find a tutoring job near your locality.

Although tutoring jobs are reserved for trained individuals, a 12 year old can help younger children to learn basic concepts.

The tutoring activity serves as a way to babysit the kids while ensuring they develop their cognitive capabilities.

A 12 year old can earn $8 per hour more doing tutoring jobs.


Cleaning Houses

Cleaning is an important activity any person can do, and a 12 year old would find this job interesting.

A parent can find easy cleaning jobs for their kid in the neighborhood. Ensure the job involves doing safe activities which do not attract harm to the child.

Clean jobs pay well, especially if you are professional. A 12 year old may not earn a top salary but is guaranteed $8 per hour, depending on the agreement made.


Washing Cars

A 12 year old can participate in washing cars and make money. Although most people prefer taking their vehicles to the carwash, some do prefer their cars washed at home.

This presents an opportunity for 12 year old to find a job. A parent can choose to pay their kid a few bucks to war their car or approach their neighbor for the job.

A car washing job can earn a 12 year old $10 per hour and above.


Mother’s Helper

Some parents support their kids in learning to be responsible early. Becoming a mother’s helper can be ideal for 12 year olds.

Mother’s helper is an easy job because the kid gets assistance from the mother. This helps the kid to develop empathy skills.

Some mothers’ helpers earn $16 per hour. Although this is the rate for a trained person, a 12 year old can earn $8 per hour and more depending on their parent’s decision.


Elderly Helper

Is there an older adult in your neighborhood? Then your 12 year old can make some little income from helping them.

Older adults need assistance, and kids tend to be more compassionate toward them. Even though a 12 year old will get paid, they learn to be responsible at an early age.

Helping the elderly is a job that pays $8 and above, depending on the agreement made between the parties.



Painting is a well-paying job preserved for professionals. Although this is the case, it is also an excellent job for 12 year olds.

Parents can support their children by finding painting jobs in the neighborhood. Some people would agree to employ 12 year olds purposely to help them learn new skills.

Painters can earn more than $20 per hour. A kid may not make the same about but is guaranteed $8 and more.


Summer Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Pay

Lemonade/Baked Goods Stand

A lemonade stand is not just a simple business that kids can do but also an exciting one. A 12 year old kid learns a lot from measuring and mixing the ingredients to make the lemonade.

To make lemonade, you need 1 cup of sugar, 2 to 3 cups of water, and 1 cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. The ingredients may vary depending on the taste you want to achieve.

The processing is easy, and a 12 year old can do it flawlessly.

A glass of lemonade goes for $1 to $2. This means if the stand is erected at a strategic point, a kid can make even $100 per day.

A lemonade stand is a business that every kid would love to do. No wonder it is also common among Australian people

A lemonade stand is easy to operate and requires less capital to set up. A complete stand costs about $500.

Since a cup of lemonade goes for $1 to $2, it is possible for a 12 year old to make $100 per day. This means parents should consider helping their kids to establish a lemonade business.


Sell Food

You are a chef or a good cook, and you can prepare some delicacies and give your 12 year old to sell.

A parent can set up a small shop and employ their kid. The job needs little training, and this makes it ideal for kids.

On a good day, a 12 year old can make $100 or more daily selling food.


Yard Work

A 12 year old can help to maintain the yard by removing garden waste.

A kid can find yard work from their neighbor or be employed by their parent.

Although kids can do yard work, parents must be cautious because it can lead to legal issues.

A 12 year old can earn $10 per hour and more working as a yard worker.


Holiday Decoration

During festive seasons or events, many activities involve beautifying the venues.

Although the organizers can hire experienced individuals, kids’ help can be an ideal way to save money.

Such events provide excellent opportunities for kids to make money.

A holiday decoration job pays $10 and above, depending on the amount of work. A 12 year old can find such a join interesting.


Aluminum cans can be recycled for money

Few understand that scrap metals are a lucrative business.

12 year olds can make money selling aluminum cans for recycling. Although the jobs aren’t attractive to many people, it is good to understand how it works.

It is possible to earn $100 per day selling cans because a kilo costs $0..20 to $1.50. This means a 12 year olds who like to keep the environment clean can earn some buck from selling aluminum cans.


Your parents are having a garage sale

Helping parents is an ideal way for 12 year olds to make a few bucks to buy a PlayStation.

Some parents want to teach their kids to be responsible, and working in the garage can be ideal.

A 12 year old would be happy earning $50 per week or per task.



Although modeling is reserved for a few in society, if your kid has the body and looks to be a model, it is good to provide the necessary support.

Parents can support their kids by approaching modeling companies to secure a job for their kids.

Modeling is a lucrative job that can earn a 12 year old more than $50k per year.


Television Actor

When you hear about television stars, you can miss UK-based kids.

Some well-known actors are Lilly Aspell, Roman Griffin Davis, Raffaella Chapman, and Dixie Egerickx.

This demonstrates that if a kid is creative, it is possible to make money as a television star.

Some of the things kids can do for television purposes include:

  • Recording shows
  • Movie production
  • Comedy
  • Kids educational events

A kid can earn between $500 and $600 per performance. As a parent, you can support your kid by offering tutoring to ensure they develop their skills to become professional actors and producers.



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Babysitting Jobs For 12 Year Olds That Pay

Websites offering babysitting jobs for 12 year olds are many and operate per geographical location.

Some of the websites that provide jobs to 12 year olds include:


Sittercity is a company that operates in Chicago. It has received 3 awards as recognition for supplying parents with babysitters.

The company encourages individuals looking for babysitting jobs within Chicago to register and be connected to an employer.

Although they may prioritize highly qualified individuals, some parents need young individuals to babysit. This is because children bond well with other kids.

A 12 year old can register on this website through the help of their parent and secure a babysitting job within their locality.

Babysitters earn $20 and above, meaning a 12 year old would find this job lucrative.



This is a website that contains a wide range of babysitting jobs. Interestingly, babysitting is utilized by people across the United States.

Any person seeking a babysitter or looking for a babysitting job can register. The website is structured well, like a normal Jobsite where people can directly register and contact potential employers.

The subscription cost to become a babysitter member includes a free and a premium option costing $19.99/month. Premium membership makes it easy to find a job because you enjoy all the features offered by the company.

In some of the jobs posted, employers offer to pay upwards of $23 per hour.



This registered company operates in the United States and is registered in Texas. The company boasts over 34,000 active nanny profiles on its website.

The company does strict screening to ensure all the nannies are well-behaved and hygienic.

A 12 year old can create a profile on this website through their parent’s help to find a job. Since they have not attained legal working age, parental assistance is necessary throughout the job search process.

Some of the rates displayed on the website indicate that their nannies are paid $15 per hour and above.


Wrapping It Up

Although 12 year olds have not attained the legal working age, they can still explore some opportunities.

Parents have to support their kids in looking for jobs from the estates or employ them in their businesses. This is a way to help them to learn how to become responsible at an early age. As a result, the money that kids earn can help them buy toys or games they love.

Other Age-appropriate Jobs:




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