Get Paid To Write


Below are some online writing job opportunities where you can get paid to write.


Homework Tutoring

Sites like will hire you to answer study questions.

These questions are asked by high school and college students who need homework, tutoring, and assignment help.

They need help in English, mathematics, sciences, and any other subject.


Academic Writing

College, master’s and doctorate students sometimes have too much workload or other side hustles.

As a result, sometimes they outsource people who help to complete their essays, theses, discussions, and dissertations among other academic tasks.

Here are 50 sites to find academic writing jobs.


Article Writing

Magazines, newspapers, blogs, news sites, and other online publications are always looking for content writers who can help to create content on a regular basis.

Fiverr is one of the many freelance market places you can use to find such gigs.



Copywriting more serious form of writing.

You are hired by business owners to write selling marketing copies or SEO-optimized content to rank on Google and other search engines. 

Unlike all the three writing jobs above, this one will require more than entry-level skills.

You must have expert knowledge of things like content marketing, SEO, and audience analytics among others.



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