Work From Home Jobs For 50 Year Olds With No Experience


When we talk about jobs for 50 years olds, these are alternative or ordinary careers that older adults can pursue.

Even though most people are still in active employment in their 50s, some think of a job they can create greater satisfaction.

Why Would I look for a job at my 50? Let’s say you reside in the US or the UK, where you are paid hourly.

The fact is you don’t have the flexibility to work or a chance to enjoy retirement. That is why you need an alternative job for seniors that works for you in the long term.

These jobs depend on an individual’s interests and preferences. Some can be done through online platforms, from home, part-time, or depending on pay.


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Jobs for 50 Year Olds With No Experience

Having no experience means venturing into a career, job, or business which have not specialized in throughout your education process.

This means a person can be an engineer by profession and decide to become a chef, which means the individual doesn’t have experience.

Doing a job you are not experiencing is challenging, but you can succeed if you have the person to learn and perfect.

Jobs for 50 year olds may need skills rather than experience. It is vital to know what job to pursue, depending on your interests.

The best way to find a job or something to do at 50 years is to use your networks, do applications online and take tests to prove you understand the roles well.

Because most jobs are skill-based, you can always give the potential employer a sample of your portfolio to prove you understand the job.

Some places where you can find a job with no experience include freelance marketplaces like Fiverr or job boards/sites like Flexjobs.

There are many jobs you can apply for without experience, but some will demand basic knowledge. To avoid complicating your job search, seek jobs that are not unique to your skills.



Retail jobs are ideal for 50 year olds. One can start a small store in the estate or along the street. This can be an ideal to make an extra income and be engaged.

A retailer can earn a salary of $3000 per month or more, depending on the location of the business.


Become a Virtual Assistant

Lately, virtual assistant jobs have become ideal for people with excellent customer support skills.

If you have a good voice and are tired of your 9 – 5 job, you can consider becoming a virtual assistant.

Almost all companies which have integrated digital services into their operations require virtual support. For example, business owners who use Pinterest always hire Pinterest managers.

Employing a customer support agent is sometimes expensive because of office needs.

Therefore, hiring someone to handle customers virtually is advisable.

Depending on the business profile and performance, the virtual assistant earns between $20 – 100 per hour.


Pet Sitter

This is not a job for everyone because most people from ordinary employment models may find it challenging.

Pet sitting can be reserved for those with little educational background or interest in pets.

A pet sitter earns $10 per hour and more, depending on the agreement reached with the employer.


Veterinary Assistant

The veterinary assistant jobs are for those with an animal medical background but want to focus on lighter tasks because of their age.

A veterinary assistant in those established ranches will ensure fair pay and easy life.

The average salary for a veterinary assistant ranges from $20,00 and more.


Mining Dump Truck

One of the jobs that an older adult would find interesting is working in the gold mining sites.

Most people who are above 50 years want something to do, and they like it.

Driving mining dump trucks is attractive because it is paid leisure time.

A mining dump truck salary is $60k and above.



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Work From Home Jobs For 50 Year Olds

Once you are 50 years, it is time to prepare how to spend your less-active years.

Most people result to working from home because they don’t feel comfortable with extremely engaging jobs anymore.

Jobs for 50 year olds that can be done from home still require skills.

Some of the work from home jobs for 50 year old includes:


You can train for health services if you have worked as a fitness coach for many years.

Further, offering nutrition advisory services can be an additional service that comes with being a fitness coach.

A Fitness coach advisor earns an average income of $50k+ per year.



As a qualified dietitian who is at 50 years, you can decide to pursue an independent career path to establish a brand.

Rather than working until retirement, you can prepare for that moment by advising people on dieting plans.

A dietitian has to be a trained professional. As a result, the pay for a professional does not change much, no matter the age.

A dietitian earns $30 per hour and above.



People who have specialized in English-related courses can offer proofreading services in their 50s.

There are many websites offering proofreading jobs for which one can register and start to make money.

These websites include Proofread Anywhere, Fiverr, Talent Desire, and FlexJobs among others.

A proofreader earns $500+ per task above as seen in this FREE workshop taught by a proofreader who makes a seven-figure income from that side hustle.



If you pursue a writing-related course such as literature or journalism, you can spend your less-active years inspiring people through writing great stories.

Writing is not limited to those who pursued English-related courses. Anyone can become a writer. This means a 50 year old can make a living as a writer.

A writer can make $30k+ per year depending on the amount of content time invested in publishing great work.


Sewing and Artwork

Stitching and crafting is an ideal job 50 year olds can do to prepare for retirement.

You may ask yourself whether sewing can make you money. The answer is yes; sewing is a lucrative business that can make you a millionaire.

If you are talented in sewing, you can make products sold on major marketplaces or listed by fashion companies.

Some of the eCommerce websites which allow the listing of custom-made products from artists include; Etsy, Amazon, Poshmark, and Depop among others.

A sewing and artwork professional can make $30k per year and above, depending on the items made or level of expertise.


Online Tutor

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, online tutoring has become a significant way of providing tutoring services.

Online tutors support learners by teaching them English language or SATs.

An online tutor earns an average salary of $50k per year and above.



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Part Time Jobs For 50 Year Olds

You are still employed but want to go a mile further to substantiate your income; How about considering part time jobs for 50 year olds?

Yes, it is possible to find jobs at 50 years, which you can do while you are still working. Such works are classified as part time jobs because you can do them and still attend your full time engagements.

Some of these part time careers include:

School Bus Driver

Pay: $16+ Per hour

You are about to retire but see an opportunity in the nearby school to transport kids home and from. Why not take the opportunity?

This is an ideal job for 50 year olds because they have experience and more keen on the road. If you are comfortable with such a job, you can consider it a way to keep yourself engaged.



Annual Pay: $20+ per hour

When you consider working in one all the time, there is the likelihood of not meeting your financial goals.

As a result, you can consider working in another hospital or healthcare facility during your free time.

You will make extra income and still play your usual role in your initial job.



Pay: $15+ Per hour

As a law graduate, you can continue providing services to clients at different levels.

There is no expiry time in the law career. This means one can establish online services to provide paralegal services.


Near You/Me Locators

You have read about jobs for 50 year but you want to locate companies which offer employment opportunities.

Use the Google Map Address locator to find a potential employer within your town.


Others Best Ones

  • Teaching – Average pay = $50k+ Per year
  • Education support – Average pay = $50k+ Per year
  • Administration – Average pay = $50k+ per year
  • Accounting and finance – Average pay = $40k+ per year
  • Real estate agent – Average pay = $100k+ per year
  • Bus driving – Average pay = $18 per hour
  • Massage therapy – Average pay = $30+ per hour
  • Tutoring – Average pay = $10+ Per hour
  • Full charge bookkeeper.
  • Dental hygienist.
  • School bus driver.
  • Office manager.
  • Registered nurse.
  • Administrative assistant.
  • Taxi Driver or Chauffeur
  • Virtual Customer Service Representative


Wrapping It Up

Anyone who is 50 year or more can try out the jobs presented in this article.

Some jobs need experience while others require little knowledge.

It is advisable to look for a jobs that suits you to avoid inconveniencing yourself health wise.

Other Age-appropriate Jobs:



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