Is Talent Desire Typing Job Legit?


Is Talent Desire Legit?

What is Talent Desire Typing Job?

What do Talent Desires reviews say about this company?

Thank you for choosing this Talent Desire review where I shall answer the questions above and more.

Talent Desire is an online outsourcing site, which claims to offer online typing jobs.

Clients post projects on this site then freelancers send proposals to work on them.

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An Introduction To Talent Desire Typing Jobs


Types of Typing Jobs Available

Blogging jobs where you can make more than $1000 every month.

Medical Transcription jobs for transcriptionists in the healthcare field.

Tutoring jobs where teachers make extra money via the internet.

Content writing jobs that pay you to write emails, ad copies, and other types of copies.

Proofreading jobs that pay you to read and edit documents.

Translation jobs that pay you to make money with language skills.

Survey jobs that pay you for your opinions.

Affiliate marketing jobs where you make money by typing your referral link on multiple promotion platforms.


Basic Requirements of Those Typing Jobs

An updated personal computer with Windows or iMac operating systems.

Fast and reliable internet connection to reduce time wastage and boost productivity.

A communication platform like email, telephone line, conferencing software, or webcam.

Some sound boosting equipment like headphones and microphones.

A payment gateway like PayPal or a bank account where you shall get your rewards.


Pros of Those Typing Jobs

The jobs are free and you can start with zero investment.

These are remote jobs that allow you to work from home and any other telecommuting location.

They offer flexible hours online jobs where you set your own timelines, deadlines, and working hours.

Get the best typing jobs from home with no experience, which is ideal for beginners.


Talent Desire Reviews



A Quora user posted this question, Is talentdesire.com legit?

After reading through the 42 answers provided, I noticed that most of the responses described this site as a waste of time and a scam.



On this subreddit r/beermoneyglobal, one of the participants asked if Talent desire is real or fake?

I was surprised that no one answered this question posted on a popular subreddit with more than 180,000 members.

That could mean that this site is either not that popular or most people have never tried it yet.



If you follow this link on talent desire reviews Trustpilot, you will notice that this site has only been reviewed by two people.

These two reviews are negative feedback, which has earned this site a rating of 2.9. It is even not marked as a verified company by Trustpilot.



Over 100 videos have been posted with the hashtag #talentdesire on Youtube.

I did not manage to watch all those videos. I tried to look through the comments of five of these videos and I noticed that some people thought this site was legit, while others thought it was a scam.



I searched the Talentdesire.com similar web profile to find more data about their traffic and performance against competitors.

They seem to be getting a reasonable amount of traffic close to half a million visits monthly.

They seem to be performing better when compared to other well-known competitors like Hiresine.com.


Is Talent Desire Legit?




They have a Professional website

If you visit their official website on this link https://www.talentdesire.com/, we can agree that the site looks professional.

The website is fully informative. I was able to understand their mission right away.

The site has a simple graphic user desire, which can be used by anyone even non-techies.


They provide Contact & About Information

On these two pages https://www.talentdesire.com/about-us/, and https://www.talentdesire.com/contact-us/, they tag some identity behind the group that owns this outsourcing platform.

Most scammers do not share any contact information or details because they like to complete their dealings privately.

They hide such information because it can be used to sue them.


They offer zero investment opportunity

You shall be able to make money online without paying anything because the jobs on this site are free to sign up to without any registration fees.

That means there is no risk of trying out this opportunity because you shall not lose your money.




Too many negative reviews

Most people call this site a scam that does not pay, and one with a support team that never responds.


Lack of Payment Proofs

I looked for any user giving their payment proof, but I did not find any.


Application Form Too Hidden or Does Not Exist

After clicking on the “Apply Now” button on one of the jobs, I was presented with long 7-step application instructions below;

  • Download application form
  • Fill the form
  • Submit the form to their email writetalentdesire@gmail.com
  • Complete the demo project
  • Wait for your application to be reviewed
  • Schedule an interview
  • Receive feedback on final decision

To be honest I find this tedious and a waste of my time because applying for a job online should be as simple as filling up a simple form.


Duplicate Content & Grammar Errors

On the homepage header image, there is the phrase “Without Invest a Dime”, which does not sound grammatical.

If you look at the basic requirements page, you will notice that the same description text is used in all the points.


Too Many Ads

Anything you click on this site triggers popping up of an ad, which you must click to access the site again.

The pages and post are full of distractive ads almost everywhere.

Its like this site is marketing the ads more than the typing jobs.

It feels like the jobs are just a strategy of luring people to click on those ads so that the owner of the site can make money.


I don’t think your personal data is safe

If you read their terms and conditions page, this company clearly admits that its an outsourcing platform, which partners with other third-party websites.

Definitely, they will share your data with those websites, which you don’t know if they are legit or not.

If you decide to try out this site, avoid giving out your personal information.


No Socials

This company does not seem to have an active social media page.

To be honest I trust companies that have cared to build a presence online by building their off-page profile.


Wrapping It Up

There is a 50% chance that Talent Desire is legit because they offer free typing jobs, they provide about/contact information, and they have a professional website.

On the other hand, there is a 50% chance of Talent Desire being a scam because the site has too many ads, the sign-up process is not straightforward, and they don’t seem to have a positive off-site profile on social media, forums, and review sites.

This is a low-risk opportunity because no registration fees are needed. In that case, you can try it out, then give your feedback in the comment section below.


Is Talent Desire Typing Job Legit?



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