Homework Typing Jobs For Homework Helpers & Online Tutors


Thank you for choosing this blog post where we shall talk about the best homework typing jobs, and copy typing jobs for online tutors and homework helpers.

Homework helpers are hired by high school and college students who need academic homework, tutoring, and assignment help.

On the other hand, online tutors take on more professional jobs like teaching English, Copywriting, and ghostwriting among others get paid to write typing jobs.

These are the best online typing jobs for students, and any other type of freelancer looking for a paid typing job.

They are also freelance & remote typing jobs from home with no experience, which will allow you to work from anywhere, and anytime.

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Brilliant makes learning fun by replacing the hardcopy lecture notes with interactive and engaging video lectures.

You can get professional tutors who are helping learners from as low as 10 years to infinity to improve their school performance.



StudyHelpUs provides a platform where clients looking for helpers can post their homework typing jobs in the dissertation, research, and assignment writing.

Writers can also apply for jobs on this site as long as they can deliver high-quality and well-formatted content within your expected time deadline.


Course Hero

Is Course Hero Legit?

Yes, Course Hero is a legit EdTech platform that seeks to make learning easier through combining the use of computer hardware, software and traditional learning curriculum/practice.

They help students to learn better while being aided by technology in a platform where they can get study resources, homework helps, and essay writing services.

Apart from getting homework typing help, students can get other crowdsourced learning solutions like class notes, answers to questions, and video tutoring among others.




Studypool is a platform built for students who want to make learning easier by getting access to study tools, notes, and tutors.

Tutors who are paid to offer homework help and type projects on this site can make more than $7000 monthly while working from home.




TutorBin is a bridge or mediator that connects online tutors and students.

It serves students by making sure they don’t have a gap in knowledge and good grades.

On the other hand, it creates employment for job seekers looking for student tutoring opportunities.



TutorEye is a student’s pocket-friendly hub for bettering grades. Students come here to get tutoring help in the form of assignment writing or thesis paper research at affordable prices.

Tutors on this platform are committed to providing online and live tutoring sessions for the last 25 years.


CPM Homework Help

CPM Homework Help seeks to make math fun, interesting, and easy to understand for learners through providing answers, Edtools, and other technology-aided learning materials.

Tutors come to this site to offer their assignment or homework help to students based on their math skills and expertise.



From the name, you can tell that Homeworklib is a library where students get notes, Chegg answers, scholarships, and tutoring help both free and paid.

As a tutor, you can go sell notes or your tutoring services on this help. You can also get paid to type blog posts for this website.


XYZ Homework

XYZ Homework is an affordable and easy-to-use platform for students who want to better their performance in school through online learning and tutoring.

They mostly hire tutors in technical subjects like maths and sciences to help students who want to better their grades.



For as low as $9, students are able to get professional tutoring help on SweetStudy.

They are also able to get study guides, lecture notes, and exam prep materials for free or paid terms from the highly-qualified tutors employed on this site.


Homework Market


High school, college, and university students come to HomeworkMarket to get essay writing services for their undergraduate, master’s, or postgraduate studies.

The tutors on this site have a wide range of expertise in many disciplines, which means any student can get helped on this platform.


Google Homework Helper

Google Homework Helper is a Chrome Extension in the productivity niche, which helps students to find answers to homework or assignment Quizlet.

As a tutor you can create custom Quizlet, then sell them through this tool.


The Homework App

The Homework App is available on Google Play, which has more than one million downloads.

It is used by students to gain access to private tutors, and coaching institutes among other forms of personalized homework help.


Snap Works

Snap Works has created an online community for teachers, learners, and parents, where they can create, share, appreciate learning and celebrate one another.

They partner with more than 2000 schools, 50,000+ teachers, and over 2 million students and parents to curate content, which makes learning better and more effective.



StudyGate operates on the slogan that “failure is not an option for students”, because this site was created to help learners better their grades and increase overall performance in school.

As a student, you can get professional and well-trained homework helpers and tutors within any budget in over 120 disciplines.



HomeworkDoer has been in the business of helping students get their assignments done at affordable costs for the last 10 years.

They hire tutors to offer services in these three main categories: academic writing, business writing, and proofreading.


Writing Creek

Writing Creek manages a team of professional problem solvers from different specialties like writers, proofreaders, and researchers among others.

This team seeks to make learning easier for students by providing writing help on term essays, resumes, thesis, and all other forms of academic and freelance content writing.



Writerbay is a platform for writers with a strong desire to make money from their proficient writing skills, Internet connection, and personal computer.

The two advantages of working for Writebay are that;

One, they offer highly competitive pay. For instance, their top writer has made over $5000 in the last 30 days.

Two, they have a wide selection of jobs in all categories from English, Literature, Math, Physics, and more.



EassyPro is a platform for professional writers who offer writing, re-writing, editing, and proofreading services from $11 per page.

They claim that they have worked on more than half a million papers since 2021.



Bartleby is a successful hub for students who want to improve their learning success, and study outcomes through using these three services (learning guides, writing help, and tutoring research) offered on this site.

Bartley learns service offers a wide range of textbooks, a Q&A library, and 24/7 expert chats.

Bartley writers offer citation assistance, grammar check, plagiarism detection, and assignment research/writing services.


Academia Research

Academia Research is a consulting company that manages a network of experienced academic writers who offer help in many school disciplines like History, Math and English among others.

These writers in turn enjoy career growth and monetary compensation in exchange for their writing skills.


Wrapping It Up

There are more than 500+ sites on the web, where you can get homework typing jobs.

In this blog post, I just mentioned a few of those opportunities where you can get copy typing jobs if you are a homework helper or online tutor.


Homework Typing Jobs For Homework Helpers & Online Tutors




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