30 of the Best Google Chrome Extensions to Make Web Browsing Easy


According to Net MarketShare, Google Chrome web browser has the largest usage of about 60% in the browser industry.

Chrome is a fast, fabulous and easy to use web browser, and this explains why it has acquired too much popularity. One of its real strength and outstanding features is found in its Chrome Web Store.

You can find themes, plugins, and the best Google Chrome extension extensions among other browser add-ons that will make your life easy and fasten your browsing experience.

There are over 10,000+ Google Chrome extensions in this web store, and it’s easy to get confused on which one serves what purpose.

Fortunately, in this post, I have compiled a list of 30 Chrome extensions that will make your life easy in content sourcing, social media management, SEO, and productivity.

In every one of the suggested best 30 Google Chrome extensions, I have linked a tutorial video and at least two alternative extensions, which serve the same purpose as the one proposed.


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Best Google Chrome Extensions For Content Sourcing



Pocket is one of the best Google Chrome extensions that you should install right away in your browser. It functions as a social bookmarking tool that allows you to save content that you want to read later.

You will need it in some occasions, especially when you are browsing through the internet and come across a piece of information, such as a blog post that is informative, but you do not have time to read it.

Pocket comes in handy here because it allows you to save anything and read it later at your own free time.

Pocket: The Chrome Extension watch this video to learn how to use Pocket to your maximum benefit.

Pocket Alternatives: VookMark and Booky.io


Nimbus Screenshot Screen Video Recorder


Nimbus is a powerful Chrome extension that allows you to perform the following multiple functions.

Firstly, capture screenshots, web pages and even active browser windows, Secondly, you can record screencasts both video and audio with this tool.

Finally, you can edit, annotate and resize images with this fantastic tool with a user-friendly interface.

This video Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast will teach you how to use this excellent tool.

Nimbus Screenshot alternatives: SmartShot and Awesome Screenshot.




We all know how Gifs are relevant to content marketing and social media. This tool allows you to research favorite and trending Gifs that match your needs.

It is simple to use and will enable you to search an unlimited number of Gifs, and add them to your Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter among others storage locations.

(Google Chrome) – Extension Free – GIPHY uses this video to learn how to use Giphy.

Giphy Alternatives: Make a Gif and GIFit.


Session Buddy


Session Buddy acts both as a bookmark and session manager. It allows you to stay organized when using Chrome browser by enabling you to perform the following functions.

Firstly, it will allow you to manage all active windows in one place organized by topic. Secondly, it will allow you to restore or recover all active windows with one click after a crush or OS restart.

This speeds up your browsing experience because it prevents you from cluttering your memory. Finally, you can export saved tabs and URLs in various formats to your email, posts or other suitable documents.

Session Buddy Demo video will teach you how to use this fantastic tool to brighten your browsing experience.

Session Buddy alternatives: OneTab and Bookmark OS.


Grammarly for Chrome


This tool will help you to write grammatical content that is original and error-free. Adding this extension means that all your texts sent via Email, social media and other content management systems and editors will be vetted for spelling and grammar mistakes.

This is one of the best Google Chrome extension that will offer suggestions for correcting the errors, a feature that makes it even more worthy to use since it is time-saving.

Grammarly is trusted and endorsed by many business professionals and education professionals, and this means that getting the premium version will open a wide array of extra features for you. Installing and Using Grammarly in Google Chrome is a fantastic feature that will teach you how to take full advantage of this tool.

Grammarly alternatives: Ginger and Orwell App Writing Improvement.




From the name you can tell that this is a tool that will help you to hunt/collect people’s email addresses, names, social media profiles, job titles and any other information available in public directories.

The tool gives a score to each result, which can help you evaluate the accuracy of the results because a low score means low levels of accurateness.

You can organize these lists into categories, which makes this tool even more convenient to use. Using Hunter Chrome Extension video will teach you how to use this tool for maximum benefit.

Hunter alternatives:  Lusha and Hubspot Collect.


Google Dictionary


This tools will enable you to master grammar better in the following ways. Firstly, you can use this tool to find the definition of every word by double-clicking on it.

Secondly, you can store all the words in a clipboard for later use or reference. Finally, it supports all languages meaning that it can cater for the needs of all users on the internet.

Google Dictionary-Chrome Extension video will help you learn how to use this fantastic extension to improve your search experience.

Google Dictionary alternatives: Dictionarist and WordWeb Dictionary Lookup.




Would it not be amazing to know the font used by your competitors? This tool will help you to gather this kind of information.

It will also give you extra information, such as the services supporting the web fonts, such as Typekit and Google Fonts.

WhatFont Tool: Easily Find the Font on Any Web page video will teach you how to use this tool to your maximum advantage.

WhatFont alternatives: Firebug Lite and Fontface Ninja



Best Google Chrome Extensions For SEO





One of the most popular SEO tool around and the best Google Chrome extension. This tool will enable you to discover metrics, such as page authority and domain authority among others about any webpage or SERP results.

Additionally, it will help you identify keywords used by highlighting them. It also allows you to export the complete analysis of any page to a CSV file.

Thus, this tool will help you to determine keyword difficulty, page optimization and other metrics about your competitor’s pages.

SEO for Beginners: MozBar-The Best Chrome SEO Extension video will teach you how to use this fantastic tool.

MozBar alternative: SEO Quake and Ahrefs SEO Toolbar


Similar Web


Want to analyze your competitor’s website on several metrics, such as traffic ranking, engagement and social networks performance among others?

If so, this Chrome extension will help you to determine how popular a site is and where they get their traffic.

SimilarWeb Basic Training Session video will teach you how to use this fantastic tool for competitor analysis and research.

Similar Web alternatives: Rival IQ, SerpWorx, and Positionly.


SEO Site Tools


This extension and those provided as alternatives are powerhouse tools that will enable you to perform a wide range of functions and discover various metrics about your website or that of your competitors.

Firstly, it will provide external data metrics related to ranking, domain listing/authority, backlinks and Google status data, such as index date among others.

Secondly, it will provide an analysis of page elements, such as title, Meta descriptions, anchor tags and alternative image tags among others.

Thirdly, it pulls all social media data related to shares, votes, bookmarks, and retweets among others. Finally, it is well integrated with other fantastic SEO tools, such as page load speed test, Copyscape plagiarism shocker, and Keyword Search Volume among others.

SEO Site Tools-Chrome Extension video will teach you how to use this extension to your maximum advantage in your SEO strategy.

SEO site tools alternatives: SEO & Website Analysis and SEO Meta 1 Click.


Check My Links


This best Google Chrome extension comes in where you want to check if the links in a page are working correctly.

It identifies broken links, valid links and any other problems related to links on your site.

Find out other 9 Link Management Chrome Extensions that will help you to manage links in your website better if you are a developer, content creator or even a web designer.

SEO Tool: Check My Links video explains in depth how to use this tool to your advantage for an effective SEO strategy.

Check My Links alternative: LinkMiner and Broken Link Checker.


Open SEO Stats


This is an SEO powerhouse extension that will give you statistics and metrics on traffic stats, page info, links stats, page speed, Alex rank and any other SEO metrics of any given website.

Just to clear any confusions, it is good to begin by noting that this Chrome extension was previously known as PageRank Status.

SEO PageRank video provides a step-by-step guide on how to use this Chrome extension.

Open SEO Stats alternatives: PageRank Stats and WebRank SEO.


Page Analytics (by Google)


This tool will enable you to measure and find out how readers, visitors and your audiences interact with products and other individual pages on your website.

It will provide metrics related to average Bounce rate, average time on page, page views and entrance paths among others. It also allows you to use other tools from your Google Analytics accounts, such as segmentation and audience comparison tools.

You can use the information gathered from this tool to improve your SEO efforts to increase your CTR and enhance customer experience. Remember that you must activate it by authorizing it to access data from your Google Analytics account.

Installing and Using Page Analytics by Google video has an in-depth explanation of how to use this Chrome extension to improve your SEO results.

Page Analytics by Google alternatives: Table Booster for Google Analytics and Google Analytics Debugger


Redirect Path


This is a tool for technical SEO, and even if you hate the technical stuff, this extension is worth your attention.

It will help you discover errors, such as 500 and 301 status codes, JavaScript redirects, and other page errors.

Redirects can quickly lower your ranking, and this means that this is one of the must-have tools in your SEO checklist.

Using Google Chrome Developers Tools to Trace a Redirect Path video will teach you how to use this extension for maximum benefits.

Redirect path alternatives: Broken Link Checker and Link Redirect Trace.


Keyword Everywhere


This Chrome extension provides competition, CPC, and searches volume of every keyword on various websites.

It supports data from many websites used for keyword research, such as Google Search, Soolve.com, AskThePublic.com, Google Trends, Majestic, Moz Open Site Explorer and Amazon among others.

Additionally, you can perform other functions, such as save favorite’s keywords and export them as CSV file later for further analysis and future use.

Free Keyword Tool to get Search Volume, CPC and Competition data video will teach you how to install, verify and use all the fantastic features of this extension.

Do you want to learn how to use this tool with a combination of other free tools to research long tail keywords? If so, I think this article can help you. How To Research Keywords That Will Get You On Page 1 Of Google

Keyword everywhere alternatives: Keyword Explorer and Ubersuggest.


Majestic Backlink Analyzer


Link building is an essential strategy in all off-page SEO approaches. This is one of the best Google Chrome extensions that will help you to discover how many backlinks you have acquired.

It will also help you to measure their quality and sources. You can also use it to analyze your competitor’s links, an approach that can inspire your link building efforts.

It is most likely that the data from this tool is credible because it does not rely on data from other third parties.

Use Majestic Tutorial video to learn how to use this tool for your maximum benefit in your SEO efforts.

Majestic Backlink analyzer alternatives: Automatic Backlink Checker and Rank Ranger Link Tracker.


User-Agent Switcher


I know you know that visitors to your website use different devices and platforms to access your site and its content.  

With this tool, you can mimic any device, OS or web browser to test how your users view your site from those different platforms.

This will help you to improve your CTR and conversion rates.

User-Agent Switcher, How to Use It video will show you everything you need to know about using this tool for your SEO efforts.

User-Agent Switcher alternatives: Random User-Agent and Optimizely User Agent Spoofer.



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Best Google Chrome Extensions For Social Media Management





A critical Chrome extension that will give you social count shares on a page or post you is viewing without logging in to your Buzzsumo dashboard.

It provides shares on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and also the number of engagements the post or page has received. This will help you to find share-worthy content that the audience is already engaged in.

How to use Buzzumo for Content Marketing video will teach you how to use this extension.

Buzzsumo alternatives: Impactana and social analytics.




This one is more than a social media management tool because it will allow you to achieve the following.

First, you can use it to discover latest blog posts and information related to a specific keyword.

Secondly, you can schedule or share directly all the content that interests you to your personal and company’s social media profiles.

Thirdly, it allows you to save to the library for later use.

Finally, when you are on a specific page, this extension will show you content related to what you are reading.

Guide to Using DrumUp SlideShare will teach you how to use this best Google Chrome extension to your full advantage.

DrumUp alternatives: Marketo Insights and Similar Sites

Try DrumpUp Premium




Hashtags are widely used and important to all social media networks: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Buffer and Facebook among others.

For this reason, you require a tool that will help you come up with the right hashtags for texts and images without guesswork. RiteTag will allow you to do precisely that by right-clicking on any image or text on a website to get an unlimited number of suggestions.

Additionally, it will also help you to test the strength of the hashtags by highlighting them in different colors.

For example, Green shows you can use the hashtag, while red is a no-go zone. What is Rite Tag? How do I Use It? The video will teach you how to use this fantastic extension to the fullest potential of your marketing efforts.

RiteTag alternatives: Tag Predict and Hashtag Test.




Images are an essential component of social media. Tweets with graphics and images are likely to get more engagement by 36%, and this happens to blog posts with pictures that are likely to get more readership by 94% than those without.

For this reason, you need a tool that will enable you to make quick edits on any image you find on the web. Pablo is the answer based on the following reasons. Firstly, it will allow you to transform one image to perfect sizes for all social networks just at the click of a single option.

Secondly, you will be able to perform several formatting on pictures, such as add quotes, and change fonts among others. Thirdly, this tool will allow you to share your edited pictures across all social networks.

How to Use Pablo to Create Awesome Images video has everything you need to know about the functionality and uses of Pablo, one of the most popular and best Google Chrome extension.

Pablo alternatives: Photo Effects and ViralTag.


Feedly Mini


This one is a powerhouse that helps you to do much more than discover content to share on social media networks.

It allows you to keep connected to all feeds related to the bloggers and keywords you follow in your niche. You can also save this content for later use in the case where you do not have enough time.

This video on Feedly Tutorial with teach you how to acquire maximum benefits from this fantastic Google Chrome extension.

Feedly Mini alternatives: RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) and RSS Feed Reader.


VidIQ Vision for YouTube


A fantastic tool that will help you to do the following. Firstly, monitor the reasons that make your competitors YouTube videos to go viral and give you suggestions on how you can imitate the same strategies in your videos.

Secondly, it will help you understand the metrics that control what videos are shared under specific common categories, such as related and recommended among others.

Finally, it will give you all the information you need to know about YouTube search, ranking, audience engagement and analytics among others.

Getting Started with VidIQ Tutorial video will provide you with all the information you need to use this best Google Chrome extension to your maximum benefit.

VidIQ Vision alternatives: Tube Buddy for YouTube and Flico


Check Plus for Gmail


Have you been looking for a tool that will enable you to manage multiple Gmail accounts without having to log in?

If so, this extension is the answer you have been looking for all along. It will help you read, listen or delete your emails directly from Chrome as you continue to browse the internet.

It also supports web push notifications, which enables you to get a notification on the active window when you have a new activity in your Gmail account.

This video Check Plus for Gmail will help you to understand the power of this extension.

Check Plus for Gmail alternatives: Google Mail Checker and Email Tracking for Gmail and Inbox.



Best Google Chrome Extensions For Productivity





As you browse through the internet, am sure you need a fully productive browser. This is one of the best Google Chrome extensions will help you to delete unwanted baggage in your browser, such as typed URLs, cache, cookies, browsing history.

It also helps to scan your PC for malware, which is a good control measure.

Watch this video Click&Clean Extension video to discover everything you need to know about using this extension.

Click&Clean alternatives: History Eraser and SingleClick Cleaner.


Evernote Web Clipper


This tool will save you a lot of time because it allows you to do the following tasks from one single platform.

Firstly, highlight or take screenshots of a particular section of a webpage and share it. Secondly, clip simplified versions of a webpage or article to read later.

Finally, this tool acts like a boot manager that allows you to clip everything you love on the web. How to Use Evernote Web Clipper video will teach you how to use this tool like a pro.

Evernote web clipper alternatives: Add to Wunderlist and OneTab.




Want to block all distractions that keep you from being productive? Here is one of the best Google Chrome extension that will allow you to set specific time periods to spend on every task.

Once the allocated time elapses, this fantastic tool will block the accessibility of that site for the rest of the day.

Block Site, Strict Workflow, and Harvest Time Tracker.




It is easy to forget tasks, especially on a busy schedule. This is one of the best Google Chrome extensions in this category that will help you to create a to-do list organized based on category, date, and priority.

You can also set reminders, save tasks for later use. The good news in that you can manage all these activities from anywhere on the web.

ToDoist-Chrome Extension will teach you all the shortcuts and tricks you need to you this tool better.

ToDoist alternatives: Google Tasks, Yanado, and Google Keep.




If you are managing more than one social media accounts, websites, Gmail accounts and any other platform that requires a password, remembering all these passwords can be a nightmare.

LastPass on one of the best Google Chrome extensions that will store all your passwords, which you can use to login to any account for LastPass dashboard.

Additionally, it will allow you to generate stronger passwords to replace the weak ones.

 LastPass Setup Tutorial 2018 will teach you everything you need to know about this fantastic tool.

LastPass alternatives: RoboForm Password Manager and DashLane.



Final Thoughts On These Google Chrome Extensions


Google Chrome extensions are must-have tools for bloggers, online entrepreneurs, marketers and developers.

I have discussed 30 extensions you can use for content sourcing, social media management, SEO, and productivity.

It is most likely that you will not need or use this entire list all at once.

Now it’s over to you, test out a few of these best Google Chrome extensions daily to find out, which one works best for you.

In case I have left out any, do not get mad at me, kindly leave me a comment adding any other extension you think should be added to the list or one that you use on a daily basis, and you would like to share its importance.

In case you are interested in further research on Google Chrome extensions, the two books below can help you out in that.

Creating Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome: Apps, Extensions, and Bookmarks



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