How to Sell on Poshmark [Fast, Tips, Fees Ultimate Guide]


Welcome to this guide on how to sell on Poshmark, where we shall talk about the following;

  • How to make sales with the Poshmark app
  • Poshmark selling fees
  • Selling on Poshmark tips
  • Best of Poshmark fast-selling brands & items

Poshmark is a social marketplace that specializes in selling fashion products.

The company was founded in 2011, and its headquarter is in Redwood City, California.

All the opportunities it offers have made thousands of people billionaires because this company has established itself in a market valued at over $625 million.

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How to Sell on Poshmark App


The Poshmark App provides many features to help list, manage, sell and buy products.

Having the App is an advantage because of the ease of managing your listings.

You can either download this app from the Appstore or Playstore.

Also, it is free to download the App on Google Play for Android or Apple store for iPhones.

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After downloading the App or opening the webpage, next you need to create an account.

The easiest way to create an account is to connect Poshmark with a google or Facebook login ID. This feature makes the creation of an account automatic.

Poshmark will ask you to select three brands you would like for ease of matching with sellers.

A profile is then automatically created with you. Proceed to fill in your details.

Finally, it is time to list the first product after completing the profile.



Opening an account is just but half of the work. Real work starts when you research and identify a product to sell on Poshmark.

A commonly used approach for finding products to list is gathering the items you no longer use to record. This is mainly recommended if you are a beginner.

Once you gain experience, you can outsource inventory to sell on Poshmark.

The best place to find merchandise is the retail store. It is possible to find items at a lower price and list them on Poshmark for profit.



After finishing the SEO part which involves titling, description, and adding the photos, it’s time to publish the item.

Once the product is published, you must take precautions, not make losses.

First, ensure you give genuine offers after assessing the buying cost compared with the selling cost.

Poshmark takes a percentage of the total sale value as a commission.

In this case, ensure you factor in such pricing dynamics when determining your selling price before you publish.



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How to Sell on Poshmark Tips

Take Good Photos Of The Item

It is recommended to use a camera with high resolution to capture quality photos.

There are a few ways you can enhance the quality of your photos:

  • Choose the right background with one uniform color
  • Adjust the brightness, vibrance, and sharpness of the image on the Poshmark App
  • Add filters if necessary, to enhance clarity
  • Crop the image to fit and also remove unnecessary details.

While capturing the picture of your item, ensure all edges fit within the screen and offer a 3D-like view.


Plan Titles And Descriptions

The product titles and descriptions are crucial factors when you want to sell on Poshmark.

Your titles and descriptions must be optimized for Poshmark search and search engines.

It is recommended that you ensure that the title contains the brand and style for each search.

Ensure the description is detailed enough and contains all defects in the item.

Additionally, if you are selling an item requiring size specifications, include it in the description section.


Join Poshmark Parties

If you intend to sell on Poshmark, “join Poshmark parties” is a phrase you will hear.

Those parties are a form of marketing events held by the company periodically.

The important part is that every party is well-packaged to feature a single category.

Sharing your items becomes easy. Other Poshmark social media profiles to keep sharing your products to increase sales.


Offer Discounts

Discount offers continuously attract buyers. As a seller, price products in a way you can set discounts. Customers will get appealed to buy products with offers.

An offer to provide free shipping is another form of discount you can utilize. Set these forms of discounts to attract buyers.

As you set your prices, ensure you leave room to give discounts to buyers. Customers like discounts, and that increases the possibility of getting referrals.


Watch the Trends

Selling in Poshmark also calls requires thinking ahead.

Trendy products sell first; if you are unaware, you may stock too much merchandise, which will not get buyers any soon.

Keep reviewing the competitors’ listings to understand what sells most. By applying such tricks, you will earn more money from Poshmark.


Research Your Competitors

Reviewing products means comparing your listing prices with their original market price.

Because Poshmark is mainly for selling second-hard high-end products, ensuring your items are reasonably priced is vital.

Compare your prices with competitors to ensure you do not exceed the market rates of your products.

Check the likes section to ensure you only go for the products which attract more viewers.

This not only increases sales but also ensures you stand a chance to attract customers easily.


Avoid Scams

Selling counterfeit products is common, especially on online platforms. It is a pity fighting these illegal hard for the authorities.

The first way to avoid such a scam is to thoroughly review the product before making a purchase. Possibly, contact the seller to confirm that it is original.

Chargeback is the most demoralizing encounter for any online seller. This is very common with the PayPal payment gateway.

If you are a seller, always provide accurate product descriptions. Once a buyer has placed an order, actively community to increase trust.

Remember to request reviews once the buyer receives the product to keep a good rapport.

Buyers can communicate that the support of the product delivered differs from the seller’s account descriptions.

A refund is assured if the support proves the product was defective or of lower quality than described.


How to Sell on Poshmark Fees

Listing & Commission

When you are selling on Poshmark, there is little price to pay. However, is the price a big deal when you are making money? Of course, no.

The selling fees are friendly, and the pricing mechanism allows sellers to set rates to cover any commission charged.

For every product sold which is below $15,

Poshmark charges a flat rate commission of $2.95.

On the contrary, Poshmark charges 20% of the total sale price for every product worth more than $15.

Familiarize yourself with the sellers’ fee policy before selling on Poshmark.



As you set your prices, ensure you leave room to give discounts to buyers.

Customers like discounts, and that increases the possibility of getting referrals.



Customers like free shipping. As a seller on Poshmark, you must consider this aspect.

Your price should be higher but at a reasonable rate to cover the complimentary shipping offer.

The free shipping offer encourages buyers to purchase. Appropriate pricing will help you avoid losses even after awarding the customer the free delivery offer.



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How to Sell on Poshmark Fast Selling Brands & Items

Nike Shoes

Nike shoes attract most customers because of their brand name and quality.

Even if they are secondhand, they still attract buyers. Listing Nike shoes on Poshmark increases the chances of making more sales.


Adidas Sneakers

Adidas still commands great market share. The company has produced billions of sneakers and still has a huge customer base.

Because most people can’t afford new Nike sneakers, they prefer secondhand products.


Kate Spade Purses

Ladies like purses, but paying the full price is not for everyone. Buying a secondhand purse from Poshmark has become an option for many customers.

If you want to make easy money, list secondhand Kate Spade Purses on Poshmark.


Nike Clothing

Nike is a popular brand and one of the bestsellers on Poshmark.

Nike clothes fetch high prices because people tend to attract uniquely to high-end products.


Make-up and Skincare products

Any online marketplace cannot be complete with beauty products.

You can make extra income by listing skincare products on Poshmark.

Buyers looking for high-end but affordable beauty products find Poshmark a great destination for such items.

List your make-up and skincare products and start to make money on Poshmark.


Mac Cosmetics

MAC has a huge customer base, and listing such products on Poshmark will attract buyers instantly.

As you list your cosmetics, ensure you have the original packaging and that they are in good condition.

You do not want to get your shop closed because of customer complaints.


Giorgio Armani Beauty Products

This is another high-end brand that attracts buyers easily.

Sometimes you may buy their products but end up not using them.

Head to Poshmark and list them to recoup your money.


Tiffany & CO products

Everyone wants high-end products, but not all can afford them. Poshmark is an ideal place to find such products sold in secondhand form.

If you have bought Tiffany & CO products but feel they do not serve you anymore, you can list them on Poshmark and get a buyer.

Someone who cannot afford to buy the products at their original prices would appreciate getting them at a secondhand rate.

How to Sell on Poshmark FAQs

How to sell on Poshmark Reddit?

The Poshmark subreddit is a hive of activities. Most people ask questions and get answers instantly from the support of fellow sellers.

All the information shared on the page would help you become a successful seller.

That subreddit invites sellers and buyers interaction. The platform does not only create an easy-to-manage question-answer forum but also addresses issues instantly.

Sharing products on Reddit in various targeted accounts would attract more buyers. For better performance, utilize this option to make money online. 


How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Poshmark?

They charge a friendly fee to all sellers. The cost of listing on Poshmark depends on the price of the product.

According to the Poshmark seller fee policy, products that cost less than $15 attract a commission fee of $2.95.

All products which cost above $15 attract a commission of 20% of the total price.

This means that the sellers get to keep 80% of the sale price as the rest goes to Poshmark as charges.

 Poshmark provides some offers to sellers to make their listings more profitable.

The benefits offered by Poshmark include:

  • Free pre-paid shipping label.
  • Free credit card processing.
  • Customer support and Posh Protect buyer protection.
  • Sales tax is automatically calculated, collected, and remitted to the state on your behalf.


How Long Does It Take to Sell on Poshmark?

The estimated difference in time that a seller takes to sell a product listed in the top category and slowest-selling category is estimated to be 38 times.

It is possible sometimes to make a sale within 2 hours after successfully listing your product.

Most of the experienced sellers say that it is possible to reach ambassador status in less than 3 hours.


How to Make Sales on Poshmark

It is easy to make a sale on Poshmark if you list and optimize your item well. The following steps will for sure make it possible to a sale on Poshmark easily:

  • Take clear pictures of the product
  • Research to understand which category sells best
  • Optimize the listing by including the right keywords
  • Attend Poshmark parties to connect with sellers and advertise the products
  • Share the products with friends on social media profiles
  • Offer discounts
  • Bes responsive by addressing customer questions promptly


How to sell clothes on Poshmark

 Selling clothes on Poshmark follows a similar process as any other product.

The listing process can be done from the app or the website.

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to sell clothes on Poshmark to successfully list your items.


Is selling on Poshmark Safe?

Although there is a platform without its cons, selling on Poshmark is safe. The company has a well-structured system with good security implemented to protect sellers.

They have implemented policies to ensure no listing of counterfeit products. Brands such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Adidas, among others.


How Do Beginners Sell On Poshmark?

The processing of selling on Poshmark starts with listing the products and then doing marketing.

Make sure your profile is well-optimized for customers to know what you are selling.


Is selling on Poshmark a scam?

No, selling on Poshmark is not a scam.

It was launched in 2011, and many sellers have made millions of dollars selling secondhand products.


How do I Protect Myself as a Seller on Poshmark?

Use the scamming labels on every package provided by Poshmark to ensure the product is tracked until it reaches the customer.

Additionally, transact through Poshmark because external transactions cannot be tracked or followed up if something goes wrong.


What is the downside To Poshmark?

The company takes high commissions, which compromise sellers’ profitability.

They take a $2.95 flat rate commission for products under $15 and 20% for products above $15.


What Sells the Most on Poshmark?

Poshmark was created purposely to help people free up their wardrobes.

Even though this is the case, sellers have decided to expand merchandise by ordering original and other secondhand products from suppliers.

Some of the products sell better than others. Although consumers know the products are used, they still demand that they are of their desired quality and from the original company.

Examples of brands you can sell on Poshmark include Nike shoes, Adidas, Kate Spade Purses, Tiffany & Co, Cosmetics, and UGG boots.


Will Poshmark Refund Me if I Get Scammed?

Poshmark refund policy starts that “all buyers have three days to report with supporting photos if a product delivered was not what is displayed on their App.

Upon verification, the company issues a refund. For more information, please read their privacy policy terms.


How Much Money Can You Earn From Poshmark?

If you visit Poshmark Reddit, you will find stories of people who have made even six-figure income selling on Poshmark.

The amount of money you can make depends on the merchandise, listing price, and marketing capability.

It is possible to make $100 per day easily or $1000.


How Do I list an Item for Sale on Poshmark?

You can list an item by following these steps;

  • Create an account
  • Take photos of the product
  • Log into your Poshmark App
  • Tap on the sell button
  • Upload the photos
  • Add a description and price
  • Publish your listing


Wrapping It Up

Up to this point, you have learned how to sell on Poshmark fast.

Additionally, learn the do’s and don’t when it comes to the pricing process.

Through the Poshmark selling tips you have gained from this post, consider opening a shop and listing your products.

Ensure you follow the step-by-step guide on what to do after listing products to increase your chances of making more sales.



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