Get Paid to Workout & Exercise Apps That Pay Real Money


Is it possible to get paid to workout? The answer is YES. The internet has helped people think and create unique opportunities to make income passively.

Getting paid to workout is a new form of side hustle that has picked momentum since the onset of COVID-19.

Many apps and websites which provide digital workout plans and sessions have emerged.

The platforms have created a new way for gym instructors and fitness enthusiasts to get paid to help people lose weight.




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7 Get Paid To Workout & Excercise Apps

Apps allow people to post their videos or participate in live sessions.

The aim is to create an audience and attract subscriptions. Alternatively, visitors to some of these apps’ creative audiences can be monetized through advertisements.

#1 – HealthyWage

HealthyWage was created purposely to advocate for weight loss and promote healthy living.

Here, a user puts 10% or more of their body weight as a goal and must lose it or lose the staked money. The app allows one to bet from $100 to $995 monthly.

You get paid if you achieve the set weight loss target. This is a sure way to get paid to workout.

An individual can earn as much as $5000 per month if they achieve the set goals.


#2 – Sweatcoin

This app pays you to workout. Sweatcoin supports cryptocurrency, and as its name suggests, “sweatcoin” is the main crypto for payment.

When you search their website, you will find 1,000 outdoor steps translate to 0.95 sweatcoins.

In a good month, if you manage to make 20,000 steps, they translate to 20,000, which is $1,000. A user can withdraw through PayPal.


#3 – DietBet

DietBet rewards people for losing weight.

The exciting part is you bet a particular amount of money against 4% of your weight that you should lose.

You will get paid a particular percentage if you achieve the set target.

So far, DietBet has paid over $62 million to users who have won the set challenges.


#4 – StepBet

The app sounds like a betting platform and employs betting system strategies to engage its users.

If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, then StepBet is an ideal app for you.

The app lets you set up challenges that you can earn when you achieve them.

The average rate per challenge is $40, and the process lasts up to 6 weeks or more. If you have achieved your target at the end of the set period, you get rewarded.

Therefore, users with great determination can earn an average of $1000.


#5 – Achievement

Achievement is an advanced platform that deals with different weight management apps.

The aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle. Some of the apps supported by Achievement are Apple Health and Runkeeper

For every 10,000 you generate you earn $10. This is an ideal way to get paid to work.


#6 – MapMyFitness

This is an app developed by Under Armour. One fantastic thing about it is its ability to let users map routes to track their activities.

When you earn points by achieving the set challenges, you get rewarded.


#7 – Strava

Strava pays people by allowing them to earn prices if they complete a particular set challenge.

The apps seem to have strenuous challenges where a user has over 240 active minutes to qualify for a prize.


#8 – Rover

Rover has taken workouts to the next level. The app connects dog walkers and owners to track their activities.

The exciting part is Rover utilizes your gadget’s GPS tracking components to determine the distance you have walked in real-time.

Other services provided by the app include dog onboarding, house sitting, drop-in visits, doggy daycare, and dog training.

One of the rewards a user receives for playing with pets is $25,000 in pet care.


#9 – WinWalk

This is app encourages you to workout by counting your daily steps while walking.

The developers have identified this as an ideal way to burn calories and promote fitness.

The app rewards users through coins, where for every 100 steps, it awards a coin.

The coins can be converted to gift cards redeemed at Amazon, AMC theaters, or Sephora, among other stores.


#10 – Instagram

Instagram has the largest audience of all modern apps, which attracts the younger generation.

As a result, it promotes excellent body appearance, encouraging many people to join workout centers.

This has also encouraged fitness instructors and health advisors to create channels to train their audience.

*How to get paid to work on Instagram

The first step to take is to create a membership program.

Instagram helps you to drive traffic to the platform.

This can either be a website or a digital platform like Onlyfans, YouTube, or Reddit.

Then ensure you set up a payment gateway to support transactions.

*Instagram fitness brand ambassador application

You can approach major branding companies to sponsor you through an Instagram account.

This can be gym equipment companies, bodybuilding products manufacturers, or clothing companies. This is a sure way to get paid to work out.


#11 – YouTube

As a trained fitness professional, getting paid to work out on YouTube is possible.

You can set live events on a set timeline for people to pay a subscription fee to join.

The session can be conducted virtually, where people attend from their homes or offices.

*Alternative way to get paid to workout on YouTube

YouTube does not allow any content to go to waste.

Therefore, it is advisable always to record the training sessions and upload them as a video. You can monetize the channel if you gain enough followers and views, and YouTube will pay you.



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Get Paid To Workout FAQs

Can you get paid to exercise?

Yes, you can get paid to exercise. Many apps, such as Sweatcoin, Instagram, and win walk will pay you to work out.

Read about how to GET PAID TO WALK


Where can I get paid to workout?

Many apps will pay you to workout. Some apps include HealthyWage, DietBet, StepBet, MapMyFitness, and Strava.


How do you get paid for fitness?

Some apps pay in cash, and others pay in the form of coins which can be converted into gift cards.


How does paid workout work?

A paid workout is where you are rewarded for meeting a particular weight loss challenge.

Once you place a bet of a particular amount, you must meet or exceed the target to get paid. Otherwise, you lose your money if you fail.


How do fitness Instagrammers make money?

Almost all Instagrammers who have a huge following and do fitness challenges get paid.

This can be through brand sponsorship or driving traffic to their paid membership platforms.


Wrapping It Up

The few apps discussed in this article present some genuine ways to get paid to workout.

You can always research to find more apps from Appstore or Playstore.

If you are a professional and want to maximize your earnings, it is advisable to consider leveraging all means to achieve high side income.



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