Get Paid to Lose Weight Apps That Pay


It is exciting to have that ideal body size but imagine you can get paid to lose weight.

Many people struggle to maintain their weight, and this tremendously stresses them.

Many companies have invented a way to engage people and motivate them to lose weight either by walking, running, or hiking.

Recently, apps that will pay you to lose weight have increased and come with multiple ways to keep users engaged.

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 4 Get Paid To Lose Weight Apps

The apps which pay you to lose weight have invested in challenges, betting approaches, and live tracking to support their users.

The investment motivates users to keep up with the challenge until the end.

Some of these apps include:

#1 – Healthy Wage

HealthyWage was launched in 2009 and has supported many people in losing weight.

The App allows users to win cash prizes of over $10,000.

The exciting part is that HealthWage supports companies and individuals to achieve their weight loss targets.

The Challenge

HealthyWage allows users to set challenges they must conquer to get paid.

The participation duration is 6 months.

Further, you can bet money with that period is $100.

Once the challenge of the weight you want to lose is set, go ahead to place a bet against the target weight loss.

Since its inception, HealthyWage has helped thousands of participants to win money through the weight loss bet they place.

You win money for losing weight by placing a bet against your target weight loss.

If you are consistent enough, you can earn more than $1000 per every completed challenge.

Healthy Wage Rules

Before you join and start any challenge, it is advisable to acquaint yourself with Healthy Wage rules.

  • There is no limit to the number of challenges you can join as long as you are ready to accomplish each set target.
  • Verify your weight before starting
  • Avoid cheating, either through inorganic means or using substances.
  • Ensure you are not pregnant when joining the challenge.
  • Do not use surgical procedures to hasten your weight loss.


HealthyWage rewards honestly, and that has made it accumulate positive reviews.

On, Healthwage is rated 4.05 or 5.

Additionally, multiple bloggers have reviewed HealthyWage and provided comprehensive feedback on its services.


How do you prove your weight on HealthyWage?

You can get a certified fitness trainer to weigh and determine your weight.

Once you are done, proceed to upload the results as a picture where you appear while on the weighing machine.

How long does it take for HealthyWage to pay out?

HealthyWage takes 5 business days to process your payment and send it to PayPal from the requested day.

How long does it take for HealthyWage to verify?

HealthyWage takes 72 hours to verify your account. Sometimes, the process may take a shorter time. 


#2 – Evidation Health

Evidation Health awards you for losing weight but works differently.

Users who choose to take the weight loss challenge are awarded $10 for every 10,000 they accumulate.

The Money Challenge

Evidation health pays depending on the points accumulated.

If you want to make extra money, consider referring your friends, take advantage of offers and perform activities that improve your health.

Once you have reached the withdrawal threshold, Evidation health will pay you through PayPal or gift cards.


The App is rated 3.6 on glassdoors and 4.5 on Appstore.

Further, many bloggers have reviewed it and confirmed that it is owned by a reputable health and wellness company.


#3 – DietBet

DietBet is similar to HealthyWage because it applies a similar approach to help people achieve their weight loss goals.

One can choose to join individually by placing a bet or as a team.

The next step is to set the target weight you would like to lose at the end of the challenge.

Then, the process to exercise and achieve your target.

Membership Program

DietBet membership gives you access to features that will support your weight loss process.

Some of the features you will access include:

  • Week progress weigh-ins
  • Progress prizes are accorded weekly depending on achievement after weigh-in.


DietBet is rated is 2.5 on Play Store. Equally, it is well-rated on Appstore.

The company provides honest services and values its users greatly.


#4 – MyWalgreens

If you want to achieve your health goals, then Mywalgreens is the App to use.

The problem supports both weight loss and lifestyle change plans.

MyWalGreens encourages everyone to sign up, and it is free.


You can earn cash rewards by participating in walking, running, or cycling.

You can connect a Fitbit or other devices to monitor your activities, and MyWalgreens instantly uploads your data.

The earnings from Mywalgreens can be used to shop at Walgreens.


Wrapping It Up

Can I get paid to lose weight?

Yes, some apps will pay you directly, while others will offer rewards that can be used for shopping or redeemed for cash.

Based on my experience, HealthyWage has emerged as the best App to earn and lose weight.

The company provides multiple challenges where users can try their luck.

The bet placed is always fair, and the return is high, making it an ideal place to get paid to lose weight.

“**Lastly, utilize this among other apps to lose weight and stay healthy rather than become a betting addict. **”



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