CashWalk Review & Other 16 Get Paid To Walk Apps That Pay You


Welcome to my CashWalk App Review!

Cash Walk is a free app that pays you to walk, run and engage in any other physical activity.

Apart from earning money for walking or running on this app, you also get motivated to live healthier and achieve your fitness goals.

For every 100 steps you walk, you shall earn one coin. After you gather enough “stepcoins”, you qualify to get a reward.

Although this app will not pay you with cash rewards, you will get gift cards and merchandise, which you can resell to get the cash.

Apart from CashWalk, we are going to talk about other 16 get paid to walk apps that pay you to walk dogs, lose weight, stay fit, commute, run errands, and get social.

The advantage of walking for money is that most of these opportunities are free, and there is an opportunity for everyone.

Also, getting started only requires one of these apps, a pair of sneakers or any other running shoes, and a smartphone or a fitness tracker. You can get any of these items on Amazon at very affordable prices.

Product Name: CashWalk/ Cash Walk

Website: https://cashwalklabs.io/

Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cashwalklabs.cashwalk&hl=en_US&gl=US

Category: Health & Fitness Apps

Creator: CashWalkLabs.Inc

Contact details: cashwalklabsinc@gmail.com




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CashWalk App Review


CahWalk Pros

It is FREE to use meaning you will not pay any registration fees.

Does not require you to turn on location services or internet connection for it to work effectively. These two benefits make this app cost-effective and a battery-life saver. That also means you can use this app both indoors on the treadmill or outdoors.

Get the motivation to start being healthy, achieve your fitness goals, and lower your risk of getting chronic illnesses resulting from a poor lifestyle.

A very lightweight phone app, meaning it will not cause your phone to have the slow speed or lack of space issues.

A minimalistic app with a very simple interface even for beginners looking for extra income.

It is regularly updated to fix bugs and add better features. For example, it was last updated on January 26, 2022.



CashWalk Cons

The rewards are low, which means you don’t expect to become rich by using this app only.

I like to be paid in cash. If you prefer that too, the bad news is that this app does not pay in form of Cash sent to you PayPal account or Apple Store Wallet. Instead, you shall get paid in gift cards and merchandise.

The app is not available worldwide.

If you forget to click on the treasure box icon everyday before midnight, all the steps counted on that day will get lost.


Features of CashWalk


Step Counter

This app will count the steps you make daily while walking. If you make 100 steps, they will reward you with one stepcoin. Thus, if you make 1000 steps you shall have 10 stepcoins at the end of the day.


Activity Tracker

Apart from measuring the steps you take while walking, it will also track any steps you take when doing other physical activities like running, swimming and much more. You can use this information to monitor whether you are achieving your fitness goals or not.


Lock Screen Pedometer

Instead of opening the app all the time, this feature will allow you to see all the data collected from your lock screen. Some users have complained that this feature is not fully effective.

For example, this CashWalk user posted their experience on Medium and complained about the two inconveniences below;

One, they will display to many ads on you lock screen, some of which will redirect to third-party websites without your permission. The good news is that you can turn off the ads because after all you don’t need internet connection to use this app.

Two, when the phone screen is locked, this user noticed that all the steps they made were not counted. If this is true, that means your phone must always be on for this app to work effectively. This will drain your battery so fast or it will mean you have to be active on your phone to earn rewards from this app.


How To Earn Rewards With CashWalk

Stepcoin is the term used to refer to the points you shall earn for the steps you take. It is the digital currency used to reward users of this app. For instance, 100 steps are equivalent to 1 stepcoin.

Earned stepcoins can be redeemed into gift cards or spent of purchasing merchandise and products from well-known brands like Amazon, Startbucks, Nike & Adidas.

What a great way to earn passive income while you get healthier and wealthier at the same time.

Basic Rewards

These are the stepcoins you earn from walking, running or engaging in other physical activities.



You can also earn more stepscoins by playing games. This app has a game called the lucky scratches.


Invite Rewards

Do you have a Youtube Channel, Instagram account or any other social media platform with more than 20 subscribers or followers?

If you do, you can reach out to the Cash Walk support team using this email address (support@cashwalk.io)

On the email, you will express a desire to become an affiliate and give reasons or proof why you are a good fit.

Once you get accepted, they will send you a special referral code and link, which you can promote on any platform.

Any new user who signs up using your code or link, you shall earn more stepcoins.


CashWalk Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


How Does The Cash Walk App Work?

First you start by downloading this app from Google Play for Android devices or from Apple Store for iPhone devices.

After you successfully install the app, it will start to track the steps you make when walking or running.

For every 100 steps, you get 1 point known as the stepcoin.

The daily goal is to reach 10,000 points, which is equivalent to a $10 gift card from popular brands Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox Live and Starbucks among others.

Thus, you earn coins on CashWalk by walking more!


How Do You Earn Coins in CashWalk?

In Cashwalk, you earn coins in three ways; walking, playing the scratch games and inviting new users using your referral code.

Refer to the “how to earn rewards with CashWalk” section above to learn more about the above ways of making extra income on this free step-counter app.


Is Cash Walk a Legit App?

Yes, Cash Walk is a legit app.

Users of this app have confirmed that this app PAYS OUT, which means its not another make money online scam.

In addition, during registration they don’t ask for too much personal information, which means your security is guaranteed.


CashWalk Alternatives: 16 Get Paid To Walk Apps That Pay You


Get Paid To Walk Dogs



At Rover you shall collect rewards for so many dogs walking jobs such as daily dog strolls, doggy sleepovers, dog walking, dog drop-in, and more!

As long as you are 18 years and above, this is the best site to get started on because it’s free, you keep 80% of the earnings and you get a $25,000 cover for any damages or injury.

Other than dogs, you can offer other pet boarding, sitting, and daycare services to cats among other types of pets.



At Wag you shall join a community of more than 350,000 pet caregivers who set their own pricing and dog walking schedules.

This is one of the highest-paying websites where you expect to make more than $20 per hour in the walking jobs.

In each booking, you get a $ 1 million cover on damages and injuries.



Tailster offers you an opportunity to walk, sit or stay with dogs for owners who are away.

Everything you do shall be tracked, and if you are not satisfied, you can take real-life photos as evidence.

Every pet caregiver is insured with a £5m insurance fund, which covers all damages that might occur.

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Get Paid To Walk Apps For Weight Loss



Stepbet will help you achieve three main goals;

Win Money: They turn walking into a game where the best players win money.

Be fit: Walking gets you more energized and healthier.

Stay accountable: As you bet on your daily step goals, you will be able to be accountable to yourself and the players you bet against.


Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage works in the five steps below;

  • Determine your weight loss goal.
  • Enter your goal into the Healthy wage calculator to get an estimate of your winnings.
  • If you are happy with the prize, make a bet on it.
  • Stay consistent to your goal by doing everything listed in the fitness tracker.
  • Collect your reward for every goal you achieve.


Get Paid To Walk Apps For Fitness



Originally known as Achievement, Evidation will pay you $10 for every 10,000 points you earn from different activities like;

  • 80 points daily for exercise activities like walking, swimming, and cycling among others.
  • 6 points for tracking your sleep, meditating or logging food.
  • 50 points for taking health surveys.

There are so many other things you can do to earn points with this app. 



Sweatcoin is the best choice for tracking steps taken in outdoor activities because they use your phone’s GPS, and accelerometer to measure your progress.

Therefore, if you do most of the walking indoors, you need an app that uses fitness trackers instead of GPS.

Another unique feature of Swaetcoin is that they pay in form of cryptocurrency. For instance, one coin is equivalent to 2000 steps.

If you don’t have a cryptocurrency coin wallet, you can convert the coins into experiences, services, and goods among other rewards available on this app.



LifeCoin allows you to earn points known as ‘lifecoins’ through doing the following;

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Referring friends and family to sign up on this site
  • Becoming a brand ambassador if you are an influencer
  • Mining

After you gather enough coins, you can redeem them into real rewards in the form of gift cards and sporting goods.


Get Paid To Walk Apps For Commuters


Charity Miles

Charity Miles is big on making an impact on the lives of children and animals through fundraising for their education, health, and environment.

You can contribute through different activities like running, biking, dancing, and walking among others.

They will record your activity, and then the rewards you get, you choose a charity to donate to from the list of the ones they partner with.

For you to earn rewards with this app, you must be logged in manually unlike in other apps that work with GPS or fitness trackers.


Get Miles

Get Miles does not only pay you for steps you make from walking or running, but they also reward you for miles you make from traveling in your car, bike, or plane as you commute from one destination to the next.

For every mile you take, you earn points, which can be exchanged into services, products, donations, raffles, and gift cards among others.

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Getting Paid To Walk Apps For Running Errands


Starbucks Rewards

Get paid to walk into the nearest Starbucks store for coffee by signing up for the Starbucks Rewards program.



Instacart offers you a platform where you can go grocery shopping for other people. As you walk into supermarkets and deliver those groceries, you shall get paid by this app.



Other than shopping, you shall get paid to do all types of handyman jobs on TaskRabbit, such as gardening, fixing stuff, and housekeeping among others.



At Favor, you become a “runner” who offers delivery services to people who have shopped for food or packages online.

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Getting Paid To Walk Apps For Companionship


Tours by Locals

If you are someone who loves hiking and giving tourists a local experience, you can sign up at Tours by Locals, and get paid to walk them around popular joints in your hometown.


Rent a Local Friend

If you love to chat with strangers and meet new people, Rent a Local Friend is a place where you can get paid to walk as a;


Wrapping It Up

CashWalk is one of the many get paid to walk apps that pay you to do any of the following;

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Walk dogs
  • Achieve your weight loss goals
  • Get fit
  • Run errands
  • Commute
  • Hike
  • Tour

Earning money by walking is easy because most of these walking app that pays you are FREE, and available globally for EVERYONE.

In addition, to walk for money you just need a Smartphone and a pair of sneakers.

You can get a wide variety of running shoes and fitness trackers at low prices on Amazon and other online stores.

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