Get Paid to Sleep 9 Apps That Pay Real Money


It sounds unreal when you hear someone say that you can get paid to sleep.

If I tell you how this is possible, would you still doubt that getting paid to sleep is a well-paying job?

Some companies have made the job industry a notch higher by inventing this job.

The available options for sleeping jobs depend on the employer and the intentions for offering such an opportunity.

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Get Paid To Sleep At Home

Overnight Caregiver

Caregivers assist sick people, the elderly, or physically challenged people to lead an everyday life.

Getting paid to sleep at home jobs do not fully involve sleeping because there are physical activities involved.


Security Guard

Security sleeps at work, and they can provide security through their presence.

This qualifies as a way to get paid to sleep because you will not get a chance to sleep in your house.

In many cities, security guards are well paid, which makes it an ideal way to get paid to sleep.

On average, a security guard earns $30,000 per year and above.


Sleep Coach

Many people struggle to sleep at an early or older age, which can adversely affect their life.

A sleep coach is advisable under such circumstances because they provide therapeutic assistance.

Someone can improve sleep patterns and develop regular sleeping habits through such support.

If you are a trained sleep coach, you can try this job.

A sleep coach earns an average salary of $35,000 per year.


Pet Sitter

Some people travel all the time but need their pets to continue receiving complete care.

As a result, they employ a pet sitter to feed and take care of the pet overnight.

A pet sitter earns an average salary of $35,000 per year.



A babysitter is contracted to assist some parents in caring for their young children.

Some parents work overnight and need someone to say to their kids. As a result, you can get paid to sleep in someone’s home while taking care of their kid.

On average, a babysitter earns $40,000 and above per year.



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Get Paid To Sleep in Hotels Near Me/You

There are many money locators you can find jobs that will pay you to sleep near you.

The google map business locator can find the companies within your locality to apply for sleeping jobs.

Although not a permanent or freely offered opportunity, one can get paid to sleep in hotels.

5-star hotels want the best services for their clients and are ready to go to any extent to provide the services they need.

Some of such services include room testing and bed testing.


5-Star Hotel Mattress

You can become a 5-star hotel mattress tester and get paid to sleep.

Once a hotel owner has all furniture set, they have to ensure they have stocked the best mattress to provide visitors with the best experience.

Tiella Love Luxury is a company that employs people periodically to test their beds. In 2020, the company invited applicants for sleeping jobs, offering to pay $300 per night.

A successful 5-star hotel mattress tester earns $45,000 per year and above.


Hotel Sleep Tester Jobs

A luxury resort owner must ensure visitors receive the best experience before opening the business.

As a result, they have created hotel sleep tester jobs for that purpose.

A hotel tester is tasked with using the amenities provided in the room to ensure everything is satisfactory enough.

One would test toothbrush holders, showers, the hotel, television, remotes, lights, and the bed.

Hotel sleep tester jobs are said to be part-time because professionals are needed when a hotel is new.

A hotel tester earns an average salary of $200 per night, depending on the agreement with the owner.


Work as a Mattress Tester

Mattress manufacturing companies have to ensure their products satisfy customer needs.

In this case, most employ individuals who can provide an honest opinion about mattress comfort.

Sleep Junkie provides sleeping jobs that pay well. For every contract agreed with sleep Junkie, you get paid $1,500 and above for a completed testing task.’


Each Night Nap Job

Each night is a company that deals with mattresses, bedding, and other sleeping items.

The company periodically posts job opportunities for people who want to test their products to apply.

There is a possibility of earning $1,500 or more per completed task.

If you are interested in such a job, always visit the Eachnight website to look for available opportunities.


Sleep Research Jobs

Medical researchers are always looking for possible solutions to sleep disorder concerns.

Periodically, various research institutes invite individuals to participate in studies so that they can identify sleep correction treatments for patients.

This is also a great way to get paid to sleep, even though sleep research jobs are part-time opportunities.

Most medical research institutes pay $18 – $55 per hour to individuals participating in the sleep study.



Casper is an ideal workplace for those who like sleeping jobs.

The company offers contracts that extend to one month to individuals who want to help test their products. Additionally, one has to be 18 years old to qualify for this job.

Casper has shops across the United States, and it is possible to find a job that can pay you to sleep easily.

A mattress tester at Casper earns an average salary of $25 per hour.



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Get Paid To Sleep FAQs

Can you get paid to sleep?

Yes, you can get paid to sleep while working part-time in hotel or mattress manufacturing companies.

Is there a job where you get paid to sleep?

You can get paid to sleep by companies such as Eachnight and Casper.

How much does a Casper sleeper make?

Sleeping jobs are part-time opportunities, and you can get earn more than $25 per hour while working with Casper

How do I become a bed tester?

You need to apply for bed testing jobs for hotels or bed-making companies that want to ensure their products and services satisfy their customers.

What company pays $250 to sleep?

Sleep Junkie is a trusted company that pays $250 per completed sleeping contract.


Wrapping It Up

I know it is hard to believe you can get paid to sleep; it is a fact that sleeping jobs exist.

Almost all sleeping jobs are part-time and only suitable for passive income.

Even though this is the case, you can always make extra income while relaxing on a soft waft mattress.

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