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How To Make Money With Your Body As A Woman | Sell Body


Welcome to this guide on how to make money with your body as a woman.

In this post, we are going to talk about 11 ways for females to make money online by doing many things like selling their bodies.

Also, we shall talk about how to make money as an attractive female on websites where men give you money, and with dirty ways to make money online

Finally, we shall look at tips on how to make money by showing your body online with some of the best ways to get paid for pictures of your body.


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How To Make Money With Your Body As A Woman By Selling In 11 Ways


1. Selling Body Pictures


Below are three ways you can get paid for pictures of your body:

Stock photography: take professional body pictures and then sell them on stock photo sites like Shutterstock.

Nude Selling: You can easily sell nudes on these cam sites.

Influencer Marketing: marketing agencies can take your photos and place them on billboards and social media pages.

For example, Instagram influencers are paid by brands to wear their clothes or test their products, then post their feedback on their social pages.

Make sure you read this guide on how to make money by showing your body online to get started the right way.


2. Selling Parts


Unlike in selling body pictures above, where you can sell a pic of your whole body, in parts modelling, you get paid to showcase a specific part of your body. Below are common body parts to model.

Hands model: model cute hands

Feet model: model cute foot.

Other parts for modelling include teeth, nose, lips, nails and eyes among others.

The best way to find such jobs is by visiting modelling agencies online and offline.

Also, having a portfolio that showcases professional and attention-grabbing parts can help you, secure high-paying clients, fast.

Also, make sure you maintain a consistent body grooming routine to keep your parts attractive.

A parts model can make up to $200 or more per project.


3. Selling By Renting


Below are two common ways to make money by renting your body.

Advertising: for example, you can allow a tattoo company to draw art on your body, and then they will pay you. This is similar to what drivers do in-car wrap advertising.

For example, FeelUnique will draw their company logo on your eyelids then they pay you to wink.

Body double: in films and Tv shows, body doubles are hired to stand in the place of the main character.

On the lookalikes website, you can find examples of people who do this kind of job.

Such body renting jobs can be found on modelling agencies’ websites or on job posting sites.


4. Selling Your Care


Below are examples of caregivers who use their bodies to make money.

Professional cuddlers: give hugs and cuddles to people for emotional healing.

Babysitters: use your hands, voice and eyes to look after babies or the elderly when their caregivers are away.

Pet-sitters: groom, feed and train pets in exchange for money.

Driver: use your hands, brain and legs to drive people or their packages from one place to another.

Sugar Baby: Get hired by old men commonly known as sugar daddies to give them care using your body.


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5. Selling Eggs


Woman in a prime fertility age can sell their eggs to fertility clinics.

These clinics work with couples who are unable to conceive naturally.

The donor eggs eliminate the emotional stress that comes with being unable to have children.

The amount you make will depend on the client’s offer, the quality of the eggs and your negotiation skills.

There are many women making money with their bodies by selling their eggs.

For example, this college student was able to pay her school fees from the money she raised from selling donor eggs. 


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6. Selling Hair


According to this study, the demand for wigs, weaves and extensions made from human hair is expected to rise by 13% in the period between 2021 to 2026. 

This is what makes the selling of healthy, clean and long human hair relevant.

This is a lucrative opportunity that can make you from as little as $100 to as much as $10000 depending on the quality and length of your hair. 

For example, a lady by the name of Mary Brown reported that she sold her chair for $4000.

You can sell to human hair processing companies or choose to look for hair buyers online on the sites below:


7. Selling Breast Milk


As weird as it may sound, selling breast milk happens to be a money-making side hustle.

For instance, this one woman revealed that she made $13000 from selling breast milk to bodybuilders.

I was surprised by her clientele because I thought the only people who buy break milk are mothers who are unable to breastfeed.

Now I know that the client base is wider than i imagined.

You can identify other types of clients on breast milk selling sites like:

  • Only the breast
  • Breastfeeding Moms unite
  • Human milk banks

The amount you make on this side hustle will depend on your location and the quality and quantity of the milk you sell.

The average price of one ounce of milk is between $1 to $10.


8. Selling Plasma


Our blood has a liquid part which carries the nutrients and vital proteins. This is what is called the plasma.

Plasma is used in the medical field in making medicines and treating complicated health conditions.

This study found that the market for immunoglobulin components like plasma grows at the rate of 6% to 8% each year.

This explains why two-thirds of Americans are involved in the donation of plasma.

All these factors have created a plasma industry worth over $27 billion, a number that is expected to double by 2027. (this data can be found in Marketing Research Bureau findings)

You can easily make any amount between $30 to $100 per donation in this growing industry. 


9. Selling Blood


Most of us have donated blood for free at some point in life.

It is an easy and fast process that can be done by anybody at legal age and ideal body weight and health conditions.

Some blood types like the O+ are so rare. Blood clinics will buy such blood from willing donor sellers.

When it comes to selling blood, you must be willing to go through a long and tedious screening process.

If you pass all the requirements, making $25 or more per donation becomes easy.


10. Selling Womb 


Becoming a gestational surrogate is one popular way of making money by renting your womb.

A fertility clinic matches you with a couple trying to have kids.

Their donor egg and sperm will be fertilized in your womb.

You will carry the pregnancy to full term and delivery like any other natural birth.

The only difference is that the child you carry will not be yours.

This is one of the high returns ways to make money online where you can make up to $20000 and more.


11. Selling Your Time


One popular way of selling your time to research is by participating in clinical trial studies.

These are research studies that seek to understand the cause, treatment and cure of outbreaks and new diseases like Covid 19.

In such studies, you will offer your body to be used for control experiments and testing findings. 

As scary as it may sound, make sure you do detailed research and talk with your doctor to get all your questions answered before you start.


Wrapping It Up


You have finally come to the end of this guide on how to make money with your body as a woman.

Any woman with an attractive body can sell it in these 11 ways to make money.

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