Jobs For 8 Year Olds


Finding jobs for 8 years olds for your kid is an ideal way to teach them how to be responsible at an early age.

8-year-olds are not legally allowed to work.

Therefore, you must support your child to develop positively by monitoring them as they do the age-appropriate jobs discussed in this post.

Jobs for 8 year olds can either be online, easy jobs within the estate, or at home.


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Online Jobs for 8 Year Olds

The number of jobs 8 year olds can do online is limited. Failure to take precautions as a parent can lead to legal repercussions.

When seeking a job online for your kid, ensure you monitor them and provide the necessary support.


Currently, any person confident enough can become a YouTube star.

Many kids have found success on YouTube with the help of their parents.

A good example is Vlad and Nikita (Net worth = $280 million), Nasty AKA Anastasia Radzinskaya (Net worth = $260 million), Kids Diana Show (net worth = $448 million), and Kyle Gierdorf (net worth = $2.6 million), among others.

How to be a YouTuber kid

As an 8 year old, the first requirement is to ask for parental support.

Secondly, purchase a good camera and a stand.

Thirdly, practice developing the confidence to present your ideas flawlessly.

Kid youtube channel ideas

Some of the ideas which attract high viewership on YouTube include;

  • Family Vlog
  • Extraordinary places
  • Culture videos
  • Life hack videos
  • Unboxing toys
  • Educational content

YouTube demonetizing kid videos

PRECAUTION! YouTube has warned that it will start to demonetize low-quality content.

The reason is that such content does not attract advertisers and has low conversation rates.

As you start a channel, learn editing skills and have an excellent idea for the channel.

“What does demonetization mean? It means limiting the ability to make money, where Google will stop allowing advertisers to display ads on your content.”

How much do kid YouTubers make?

Kid YouTubers make a lot of money. YouTube monetization starts once the channel has acquired 1000 subscribers and 4000 viewing hours.

Some kids’ channels have over 1 billion views and millions of subscribers. That means they make over $10k per month.

Is your kid creative? This is an opportunity to explore.



A new wave of marketing is slowly overtaking the common utilized in the fashion industry.

Kids wearing unique fashion designs and appearing on TikTok videos, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts create a lot of brand awareness.

Many kid stores have deals with kids who are confident in the front camera. Through such deals, the kids are paid vast sums of money.

How much does a child model make?

Kids get paid depending on the store or brand hiring them.

An 8 year old partnering with Gucci or Balenciaga may make $50k per video.

The average market salary for child modeling ranges between $30k – $100k per year.



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 Easy Jobs For 8 Year Olds

Sell Toys

Do you think you have outgrown some of your toys? Why not dispose of them?

Yes, selling toys you do not use and making money is possible. Selling toys is an ideal job for 8 year olds because it is interesting.

Where to sell Toys

A parent can setup up a stand at the gate and let them 8 year old sell old toys. Through doing so, the kid will make some money to purchase newer and better toys.

Some of the best places to sell toys by 8 year olds include;

How much can you make selling toys?

An 8 year old who sells toys can make between $100 and above, depending on the number of items sold.

The kid can make even $100k per month if the shop is well-established.


Sell Crafts

Some 8 year olds are naturally creative. As a parent, once you realize that your kid is creative, it is advisable to nurture that talent.

Some Crafts to sell for 8 year olds include:

How much can you make selling crafts

Crafts are marketable and an 8 year old can make from $10 and above.

If a kid gets good parental support in buying the materials, gold jewelry can be sold for more than $10k per item.

As a result, there is no limit to the amount of money a kid can make selling crafts.

Where to sell crafts?

The best places to sell crafts include Etsy, Amazon, Cratejoy, Zibbet, Folksy, and iCraft. All these platforms have dedicated categories that deal with draft items.

Parents can support their children by helping to create shops in these marketplaces to enable them to list their products.


Lemonade Stand

It seems lemonade stand is a business for everyone. A lemonade stand is the first option to consider when you think of an easy way to make money.

An 8 year old will enjoy operating a lemonade stand because it requires minimal skills.

How much can one make operating a lemonade stand?

The best way to maximize your profit is by selling different types of lemonades.

Lemonade standard cup prices range from $1 to $2 per cup.

This means an 8 year old can make high sales if the lemonade stand is set at a strategic point with many customers.


Pet Sitting

Kids love pets, which can be an opportunity to make money doing pet sitting.

For example, ladies love cats, and since they like spending time on people’s hands, kids can enjoy doing such a job.

Parents can help their kids by finding pet sitting jobs from their neighbors.

How much does a pet sitter make an hour?

A pet sitter makes $10 per hour and above. This means a pet sitter can make $25k per pear.

Therefore, a pet sitting job is ideal for 8 year olds.



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Jobs For 8 Year Olds At Home

Is offering your kid a job at home a good idea? The answer is YES. Although employing your 8 year old is not a bright idea, parenting is a process that requires creativity.

Giving your kid a job at home encourages them to learn responsibility.

The remuneration works as a motivator. As a result, it is good to learn some of the jobs for 8 year olds to help them become responsible.



Parents with small children can use that as an opportunity to help their 8 year olds.

Small kids bond quickly when together. Having an 8 year old play with a younger one would help them develop their cognitive abilities better.

How much money does a babysitter make a year?

Babysitters are paid $15 per hour and above. The pay may differ depending on the age and location.

An 8 year old may not make the amount but is guaranteed $8 per hour and above.



An 8 year old can do gardening jobs well. Light jobs do not require heavy machines that need a technical operation.

A parent can employ their kid to do gardening jobs or link them with their neigh who needs gardening help.

How much is gardener salary per hour?

Gardeners earn $15 and above per hour. Experienced gardeners earn $25 per hour and above.

Although this is the case, an 8 year old may not earn the same as experienced gardeners but will make good money.


Clean Car

An 8 year old can clean a car easily. A parent can support their child by paying them some little bucks after washing the family car.

Paying a kid does not mean it is a remuneration plan but a way to encourage them to become responsible. Therefore, the little payment serves as a motivator.

How much does a car cleaner earn?

Depending on location, a car cleaner makes $14 per hour and above.

As a result, an 8 year old can make $8 per hour or get paid a fixed amount.

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Walk Dogs

Dog walking is job that a person of any age can do. This means an 8 year old can find a walking dog job interesting.

A parent can offer a dog walking job to their 8 year old or find one from their neighbor. This is a way to keep their kid engaged.

How much does a dog walker make a day?

On a good day, a dog walker can make $100 depending on the employer, age, and location.

This proves dog walking job is ideal for 8 year olds.


Spring Cleaning

During the spring season, trees shade leaves in plenty. Rather than hiring an expert to do the cleaning, you can pay your 8 year old to clean.

A kid will not demand high pay, and remunerating them is a way to instill a sense of responsibility.

How much does spring yard clean up cost?

A spring yard cleaner earns $500 and above per completed job.

Employing an 8 year old to do the cleaning during the spring season can be a great way to keep them engaged.


Cleaning The Dishes & Other Chores

Paying your 8 year old to clean dishes can be an ideal way to teach them responsibility.

Additionally, a parent can approach their old adult neighbor and secure a dishwashing job for their kid.

Doing such a job will help the kid to develop positive morals.

How much to pay kids for chores?

An 8 year old can earn $10 and above per work done. In some circumstances, they can earn more depending on the employer.


Putting Away Groceries

Older adults can use 8 year olds help organize their groceries. If you reside near a residual owned by an older person, you can take the opportunity to help them for some little pay.

Although the job may not pay you that much, it is a way to stay active and learn how to help others.

An 8 year old can earn $5 or more per task helping older people to organize groceries.


Wrapping It Up

Although jobs for 8 years olds are plenty, it is advisable to find one that will not strain your kid.

The aim of 8 year olds working is not to make them financially independent but to teach them responsibility.

A kid who learns to make money early can become great financial expert in adulthood. Therefore, parents can utilize such opportunities to help their kids learn different skills.

Other Age-appropriate Jobs:




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