Online Part Time Jobs For 15 Year Olds With No Experience


When discussing jobs for 15 year olds, it is paramount to understand that this is legal in many countries.

Kids who are 15 years have an opportunity to make money and get their life together. I am sure many parents plan to take their kids to boarding school and want to see them have an easy time.

Supporting them to look for jobs they can do is an ideal solution. After all, kids can work part-time, full-time, or during the weekends or holidays.

As a parent, you can support your kid to find one of the following jobs for 15 year olds depending on their interest.

We shall talk about four types of jobs for 15 year olds, and those are;

  • Offline part time jobs for 15 year olds
  • Online jobs for 15 year olds hiring near me
  • Jobs for 15 year olds with no experience


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Online Part Time Jobs For 15 Year 0lds

The number of online jobs that 15 year olds can do means many people can find a side hustle.

Online jobs do not require you to send an application and wait for a response. It is all about putting your skills into practice.

Most people working online have basic skills, meaning it is ideal job for 15 year olds.


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Virtual Assistant

Most businesses, especially those operating online, lack the ability or interest to have in-house employees.

As a result, they contract workers remotely to do some tasks. One of the jobs is the virtual assistant role.

A virtual assistant or manager can provide customer support, order confirmation, and address complaints.

Some businesses that mostly use virtual assistants are eCommerce, digital products websites, real estate, and law firms.

A virtual assistant earns between $10 and $40 Per hour, depending on the company.


Customer Service Representative

All businesses need a customer care assistant. Since not most experienced individuals would like to do such a job daily, employing a 15 year old would be a better option.

A 15 year old who is in college can enjoy working as a customer service representative because most businesses operate 24 hours a day in the US.

Customer representative needs basic skills such as communication, problem-solving, and computer skills.

A customer service representative earns between $10 – $30 Per hour


Play Video Games

The gaming industry has advanced to a point they have paid gaming competitions.

Since 15 year olds love to play video games, this is an opportunity for them to make money.

A video game player can earn up to $56k per year, according to Ziprecruiter


Referral Marketing

Referrals are a form of recommendation by friends or a family member to an employer.

As a 15 year old, it might be hard to plan your time searching for a job.

In this case, a recommendation may be ideal for finding a job near you.

Employers tend to trust recruits who come through referrals because other employees trust them.

You can make paypal money instantly with sites that pay sign up bonus for every successful referral.


Take Paid Surveys

Is there anyone who cannot fill out a survey? A 15 year old would find a survey exciting and a great way to make extra money while in college.

Surveys are jobs posted by companies, researchers, or community organizations seeking feedback about a particular service.

Most surveys are posted by companies that manufacture consumer goods such as electronics and other processed food products.

These types of surveys are targeted at a particular age group. Since 15 year olds consume a wide range of products, they are a target for these companies.

You need basic knowledge of a particular topic or product to share honest feedback.

Additionally, an online survey taker must have a computer, internet connection, and smartphone and be registered on a survey website.

The best online survey websites that will pay good money to complete simple tasks include:

Website Pay Per task
Swagbucks $0.5 – $5 normal survey.
Advanced surveys = $20 – $250
LifePoints Pays in points
***550 points = $5
InboxDollars $0.01 – $5
Survey Junkie $0.25 – $1
Opinion Outpost $0.5 – $5
Toluna Influencers Pays in points

3000 points = $1

MyPoints Up to 4 points per $1


Test Products

Product testing is a well-paying job that can be done online and offline.

Some companies which deal with hardware items tend to employ product testers in their production line. Those dealing with software-based products post their items on websites that provide testing services.

When it comes to online product testing, you need a computer/laptop and stable internet. This is because product testing is technical and demands high skills.

First, a product tester needs to understand the product well.

Second, the individual must have advanced reading skills to understand the product’s manual.

Third, a product tester must have the ability to identify errors or flaws in a product and note them down to share with the owner.

You have the skills and technical understanding of various products, but you struggle to find a job.

Not anymore; I have listed a few websites which provide legit product testing jobs.

Here is a list of the best Product Testing Companies:

Website Pay Per Task
UserTesting.com $10 – $60
Influenster Pays in form of free products
BzzAgent Free
Social Nature Free
Brooks $10 and above
Smiley 360 $10 and above
Vocal Point Free
PINCHme Keep the product after the review


Sell Stuff Online

When it comes to selling stuff online, a lot comes to mind. You can sell either digital or physical products which are listed online.

Selling stuff online can be an excellent job for 15 year olds. This can be done at any time, whether in college or not.

Selling online isn’t that easy. One has to understand the market landscape and identify marketable products.

You need a computer, an internet connection, a smartphone, and a marketing manual. This is an ideal approach to becoming a successful online seller.

The best products to sell online, which will attract buyers easily, include electronics, jewelry, clothes, and digital products.

What is the best site to sell stuff locally?

Website Estimated Income
Facebook Marketplace $1000+ per month (If well planned)
Craigslist $10+ depending on inventory listings
VarageSale $500 with a good inventory listing
OfferUp $100 with a good inventory listing
Poshmark $50 with a good inventory listing
Depop $50 with a good inventory listing
Vinted $100+
Decluttr $100+
Etsy $100+


Data Entry Work

Anyone can do data entry work if they have a good background in math-related courses.

A 15 year old can do data entry work well because they are in college and still have many concepts fresh in their minds.

A data entry job needs one to have a mathematical background.

If you intend to make a big buck, you must invest in understanding technical concepts in accounting, finance, economics, actuarial science, and data science.

Data entry jobs are easy to do. Companies share their data online through websites that support data entry services.

Such websites are structured well and integrated with significant accounting and mathematical logarithms to simplify data entry services.

A 15 year old can work on these websites because they have a great platform that makes it easy to understand even complicated concepts.

Let us look at some of the online data entry job sites.

Website Pay Per Task
MegaTypers $200 per month
Talent Desire $500+ per month
Upwork Between $10 – $30 per task
Fiverr Starts from $5 per task
Scribie $5 – $20 per task
Mturk From $0.5 per task
Naukri.com From $5 per task
Indeed $12+ per hour
Snagajob $13+ per hour
Sigtrack $20+ Per hour
3 Hour Job $15+ Per hour
Cleverism $13+ Per hour
Remotely $16+ Per hour
Google for Jobs $12+ Per hour
Craigslist $15+ Per hour
Monster $14+ Per hour
CareerBuilder $18+ Per hour


App Testing

Youths like using the application and translating that excitement into making some income are essential.

Major companies or established developers provide app testing jobs. As a 15 year old, it is good to have advanced computer skills.

At 15 years, most youths have mastered 2 or 3 programming languages. This means an individual can understand languages such as PHP, JS, JAVA, CW++, and Phython used in backend and frontend design.

Another necessary skill is communication etiquette. Since a 15 year old has taken some communication skills courses in English, it means they can do this job well.

Companies and developers needing app testers post their jobs on job sites or freelance platforms.

Some of the websites that have specialized in the provision of app testing services include:

Website Pay Per Task
Indeed $25 – $30 an hour
Simplyhired $60-$65/hour
LinkedIn Estimated => $50k+ Per year
Upwork Estimated=> $42.71 per hour
Fiverr between $5 and $100 Per task
Clickworker $8 per hour on average
Katalon Estimated=> $72,800 – $86,000 a year
Softwaretestinghelp Estimated => $40k+ Per year




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 Offline Part Time Jobs For 15 Year Olds Hiring Near Me

Part time jobs are reserved for individuals who have other vital engagements to attend to during a particular time.

For example, most college students are within the 15 years age bracket and have to attend classes. Even though this is the case, they can plan their time and still attend part time jobs during their free time.

The list of jobs for 15 year olds is long, but some offer good easy time management, and they are as discussed below;

Google Map Locator

Google has created a map feature that helps individuals find various business locations and money locator opportunities.

If you are seeking a job, you can use Google Maps locator to find businesses around you to ask them for a job.

Some companies that employ all the time include Walmart, Amazon, Target, Bestbuy, and Shopify, among others.

This means you can locate their office within your city and walk in to ask for a job.


Team Member

A team member is an individual who knows a place well and can act as a guide.

Some people may want to go out for a trip during the weekend and want to have someone who knows the place well.

As a 15 year old, this is a job you can do well.

Almost all companies have a position for a team member. The team member may be assigned other jobs such as store management, secretarial work, or customer support.

When searching for such a job, ensure you understand the specification not to compromise your learning schedule.

Team member pay is around $15 – $25 Per hour.



The mention of a cashier brings makes people think of the accounting profession.

In a real sense, any person with a good understanding of POS systems and who can count money flawlessly can serve as a cashier.

Companies and many other businesses post vacancies on job sites.

Some common job sites include FlexJobs, Indeed, Glassdoors, Ziprecruiter, and LinkedIn. If you search on these websites, you will find many cashier jobs.

Additionally, your parent or friends can recommend you to the place they work if there is an open position.

Pay for a Cashier: $15 – $25 Per hour


Grocery Store Worker

Working in the grocery store is an ideal job for 15 year olds.

Almost all supermarkets have a grocery section. Additionally, there are independently operated grocery stores where you can work.

If you are looking for such a job, you can approach the stores within your locality and ask them for a job. Alternatively, you can visit job sites and apply for the jobs they publish, which are in your city.

A Grocery worker earns: $15 – $25 Per hour or more.


Supermarket Attendant

There are thousands of Supermarkets in the United States which employ youths.

Some of the jobs you can do in a supermarket include cleaning, arranging products on shelves, cashier, checking out customers, security and delivery support.

The salary varies depending on the job and the amount of expertise involved.

There, a supermarket attendant earns between $15 – $25 Per hour


McDonald’s Worker

As long as McDonald’s remains operational, the company will always need new employees. Its mode of operation attracts younger workers than experienced older ones.

This means a 15 year old in college will enjoy working in a McDonald’s restaurant more than a 30 year old. Most McDonald eateries operate 24 hours a day. This means a 15 year old can work whenever their school session ends.

McDonald’s Pay vary depending on restaurant location: $10 – $20 Per hour


Pizza Delivery Driver

Currently, most Pizza restaurants are offering delivery services.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses have started home delivery services. This was to keep their businesses and continue to serve their customers.

As a result, Pizza restaurants adopted a similar model and employed delivery agents. If you have the passion to drive, you can become a delivery agent and start to make good money.

Pizza Delivery Deriver Pay: $10 – $13 Per hour


Restaurant Worker

A 15 year old can find such a job interesting because of the variety of delicacies served.

In most states, restaurants operate until late at night. This means a 15 year old who is in college can make money during their free time.

The best places to find a well-paying restaurant job are in busy cities such as New York, Washington, Long, Ontario, and Malborne.

Restaurants workers earn between $10 – $30 Per hour.



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 Jobs For 15 year Olds With No Experience

Can a 15 year old find a job with no experience? The answer is YES. Many jobs do not need experience.

One might have training or never stepped into a college but still do them well.

Some of these jobs include:

AMC Theaters

You can get a job in one of AMC theaters centers and make money as a 15 year old.

The company pays well and supports their career development.

Salary: $7.94 to $21.01 an hour


Bahama Breeze

Working in a restaurant can be a fantastic place for 15 year olds to work.

During holidays, one can go to Caribbean restaurants & grills to work and serve the best foods.

The Average Bahama Breeze hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.87 per hour for a Host/Server to $22.98 per hour for a Customer Service Representative.


California Pizza Kitchen

Working in a Pizza joint is impressive. The skills you acquire and your level of maturity is unmatched. One learns how to multi-task and be responsible.

Salary: Average California Pizza Kitchen hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.00 per hour for Assistant Manager to $34.65 per hour for a Facilities Technician.



Working in a hotel as a dishwasher can be challenging, but it is an excellent job for 15 year old who has no experience.

You can find dishwashing jobs from your locality or nearby hotels.

Salary: $21,000-$32,500 per year


Office Cleaning

An office cleaner is vital in any business, making such jobs attractive.

A cleaner does not have to spend the whole day at work

Salary: An office cleaner earns $10 per hour, depending on the company and location.


Yard Cleaner

A yard cleaner needs basic hygiene skills. An individual can clean physically or use a machine.

Salary: A Yard Cleaners in the US earn between $18,280 to $41,780



If you reside near those leafy suburbs, you can get paid well to do babysitting.

Many new mothers need someone to stay with their kids with whom they connect and learn. A 15 year old can easily relate to a young child.

In most cities in the United States, babysitters are highly valued for their role.

Salary: The average hourly rate of a babysitter in the United States is $15 per hour and above.


Wrapping It Up

A 15 year old is already within the legal working age. This means it is possible to apply and get employed in any job depending on the level of qualification.

There is a wide range of jobs for 15 year olds in different countries worldwide.

Although many support 15 years olds to work, some have a higher age. This means that, you have to understand the legal system in your country before seeking a job or helping your kid to find employment.

As a 15 year old and still attending school, it is paramount to plan your time well to know the time to work. Education is more important than the job, and allocating more time for studies would much ideal.

Other Age-appropriate Jobs:

Online Part Time Jobs For 15 Year Olds With No Experience Hiring Near Me



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