Selling on Depop vs Poshmark


Welcome to this selling Depop vs Poshmark comparison post.

Previously I wrote this guide on how to sell on Poshmark, which you can read first to understand how the platform works.

For the sake of balance, you can also read this guide on selling on Depop to get the other side of the coin.

There are many differences between the two marketplaces, so every seller has to do some research before listing products on any platform.

Despite the differences, each platform has several unique benefits for its sellers.

Comparing the two marketplaces makes it possible to identify the one with better terms.

This Depop vs Poshmark comparison post will make it possible to decide which platform is the best.


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Selling Depop vs Poshmark Comparison

Ease of Setup

When it comes to the ease of setting up a shop on these two platforms, the sign-up is straightforward and short.

Both Depop and Poshmark are easy to use and sellers take a short time to register.

Also, the process of registering an account, taking pictures, optimizing, and posting products is almost the same.

Once a seller lists a product, buyers can like and post comments, which increases the item’s visibility.

In regards to that, Poshmark offers better marketing features, while Depop operates like a social media platform.


Listing Fee

These platforms benefit from the commission they charge sellers.

As a seller, it is advisable to do due diligence by reading through the policies of both marketplaces to avoid surprises.

The Depop fee is 10% of the total item sale price. Depop charges other fees, which include payment processing costs.

In European countries, it costs 3.4% + £0.30 with funds from Depop.

United States sellers are charged a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 to withdraw their funds.

Poshmark charges are straightforward, and sellers do not struggle to know the costs of listing their products.

The Poshmark fee for all products worth below $15 is $2.95.

On the other hand, the fee for products above $15 is 20%.

In this situation, the company takes 20% while the sellers keep 80%.


Shipping Fee

The shipping fee varies with the products and weight. Poshmark’s partner USPS charges $7.45. The rate also varies depending on the carrier.

In most cases, Poshmark sellers give buyers shipping fee discounts. If that happens, the buyers do not pay the Poshmark shipping fee.

In Depop, sellers can ship using the in-App option, USPS, especially for mainland USA, or arrange local shipping services.

Depop shipping starts at $3.75 for a 0.25-lb product. When compared with Poshmark, Depop is cheaper.

The rate may vary depending on the charges involved if the seller chooses to ship independently through other means.


Customer Service & Support

They both communicate with their sellers and buyers through email.

Both Depop and Poshmark have extensive buyer and seller guides, making it possible for users to find solutions.

The buyers’ guide has steps to place an order, communicate with the seller and launch complaints.

Similarly, the sellers’ guide provides detailed tips on how to address to list and sell products. Also, there is a guide on how to withdraw funds after making a sale.



In Depop, once a buyer has made a purchase, the payment is deposited directly to the seller’s PayPal account.

The seller then undertakes the shipping process until the product gets to the buyer.

Similarly, all disputes are handled by PayPal. If a product is defective or not as described, the buyer can place a complaint through PayPal, which Depop oversees until completion.

Poshmark puts the customer first. Once a purchase is made, the buyer is allowed 3 days to confirm and accept the product.

Once a buyer accepts the item, a seller can be paid directly to the bank or use the funds as a credit to shop for products for listing.


Product Trends & Listing

The types of products listed on each platform differ slightly in the ways below;

Depop focuses on vintage and trendy products which mostly attract the youthful population.

On the other hand, it allows the listing of products from many brands but serves customers from youth to older age.

When listing on both platforms, it is vital to consider the type of item and the target age group.

The marketing process also varies with the target group. Older clients may not attend Poshmark parties, and making products targeting them may prove challenging.

Equally, listing products on Depop targeting older clients is fiddly because most do not fancy scrolling social-media-like pages.


Availability Of Unique Features

 In Poshmark, buyers can make offers for products through a bidding option. Although this is an exciting feature, buyers can abuse the service sometimes, which can cost the buyer big.

If the items are great and potential buyers like them, they will place good bids. This makes the bidding feature beneficial to the seller.

Depop encourages buyers to message the seller to ask for prices directly. In most cases, buyers prefer browsing the product pages and making purchases independently.


Type of Products Listed

The products listed on both platforms include fashion items. Some of these products include clothes, jewelry, make-up, purses, bags, male and female designer clothes, and vintage products.

Depop has some unique products. For example, they have vintage and rare clothes similar to those listed on eBay and Amazon.

Poshmark stands out because of its broad merchandise. The company allows the listing of both used and new products.


Seller Protection

Poshmark provides complete coverage of sellers to shield them from any scam. A seller receives complete protection if a product thoroughly scanned and tracked through USPS gets lost.

Further, Poshmark requires buyers to sign if an order worth more than $400 is made. The aim is to protect the seller.

PayPal handles most Depop transactions. As a company, PayPal has a bad reputation regarding sellers’ protection.

If a customer receives a product but goes ahead to do a chargeback, PayPal does not hesitate to refund. In such an event, the seller suffers loss.


App and Website Usability

Depop and Poshmark are designed with users in mind. Their Apps and websites are well-structured and have excellent graphic that makes users attractive.

The Color balancing and organization of items and menus make the platforms highly usable.

Depop resembles Instagram, especially on the homepage. It feels like a social media page feed.



Browsing through a website is an essential factor when it comes to usability.

Depop seems much easier to browse. Potential customers can follow sellers with attractive closets. When a seller updates merchandise, the buyer gets notified.

Poshmark takes the shape and design of an eCommerce website.

A potential buyer must browse the categories to find their ideal product. Buyers can follow sellers to ensure the products of interest appear in the home feed.


Refund Policy

The Poshmark refund process is friendly. If a buyer finds a product is defective or not as described, it is possible to send it back to the seller.

The advantage is, Poshmark oversees the refund process. This makes both the seller and buyers feel safe.

The Depop refund policy is clear, but the process is complicated. If a product is defective, a buyer has to launch a complaint with PayPal or through the payment gateway chosen during payment. The process is upsetting and discouraging the buyer.


Seller Ratings

Rating is essential in any marketplace. Buyers rate sellers depending on the quality of service, products, and communication.

Depop stands out for its excellent rating system. The seller’s rating is publicly posted. A buyer can view the reviews made about the sellers before making a purchase decision.

Poshmark, on the other hand, has a bit of a flawed seller rating system. Seller ratings are posted privately. This is highly disadvantageous to the customer because they cannot know which seller has better service.


Buyer & Seller Interaction

Depop is unique when it comes to buyer-seller interaction. They allow direct messaging, making it easier for the seller to convince the buyer.

Poshmark, on the other hand, does not support direct messaging but hosts events for buyers and sellers to interact. Additionally, the company allows customers and sellers to share products, which enhances interaction.


Ease of Making a Sale

Selling on Depop or Poshmark is a process that requires patience. In most circumstances, sellers have to go further to engage third-party applications to increase their chances of selling more.

Some applications which can help to increase sales are PosherVA for Poshmark and SellerAider for Depop.

Sellers have to keep refreshing by clicking edit and then save. Through doing so, the product remains on top of the listing. More visitors will view them and possibly buy them.

Poshmark is a little different. A seller has to list products and share or attend Poshmark parties to engage buyers. This increases the chances of winning a sale.



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 Depop vs Poshmark Frequently Asked Questions

What type of clothes has the highest sales on Depop vs. Poshmark?

Depop and Poshmark support the sale of both used and new clothes. Some sellers list new clothes, and because of the large number of visitors, they still win buyers.


How do Poshmark and Depop pay their sellers?

Poshmark pays its sellers through PayPal, Venmo, and direct bank transfers. On the other hand, Depop pays through PayPal.        


Is selling on Depop better than Poshmark?

There are no apparent superior features when comparing Poshmark with Depop. Selling on both apps offers a unique experience but a win for the sellers.


What is the difference between Poshmark and Depop?

Depop has flat-rate commission charges, while Poshmark commissions vary. Additionally, Poshmark does not show the shipping price, while Depop displays the rates clearly for the buyer to view before deciding.


Is selling on Depop worth it?

Yes, selling unwanted clothes is a great way to create space in your wardrobe and make some extra cash.


What is the downside to Poshmark?

Poshmark fee is higher than Depop, which reduces sellers’ income tremendously.


Do people buy from Poshmark?

Yes, Poshmark is a reputable website with monthly traffic of over 7 million. This means many people buy from Poshmark.


Why is Poshmark so overpriced?

Poshmark is not overpriced. They protect sellers and buyers by engaging trusted shipping companies such as USPS.


Is it difficult to sell on Poshmark?

Selling on Poshmark is easy because the listing process takes a few minutes. A product listed on Poshmark will take less than a month to get a buyer.


Can you make a living off Poshmark?

Yes, some people make four-figure sales on Poshmark, meaning sellers can make a living off Poshmark.


What sells the most on Poshmark?

The products that sell most in Poshmark are Nike Shoes, Adidas sneakers, Kate Spade Purse, UGG boots, and Lululemon athletic clothes.


What percentage does Depop take?

Depop charges a 10% fee once an item is sold.


Why do people list things as not for sale on Poshmark?

Some sellers purposely list products as not for sale to demonstrate to the buyer that the products are out of stock.


What is the secret to selling on Poshmark?

The secret of selling on Poshmark is grabbing buyer attention by posting high-resolution photos of the products.

Additionally, attending Poshmark parties and frequently sharing products on social media would increase the chances of winning more sales.


How much of a cut does Poshmark take?

Poshmark takes a $2.95 commission for all products below $15 and 20% for products above $15.


 Depop vs Poshmark Final Verdict– Which is the best?

Depop and Poshmark have emerged as great marketplaces for buyers and sellers.

Even though this is the case, Depop has more friendly fees. Sellers will earn more selling on Depop than on Poshmark.

The advantage of Poshmark is its wide range of merchandise. It serves customers across all ages, Unlike Depop, which focuses mainly on trending products.

Before deciding where to list products, it’s advisable to do thorough research under each platform. The number of website visitors matters, and as a seller, that is a factor that should be overlooked.

Selling on Depop vs Poshmark



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