18 Best Jobs For 20 Year Olds With No Experience


What are the best jobs for 20 years olds with no experience?

Once someone is 20 years old, they are ready for the job market. One can search for a job in the world depending on their level of qualification.

What is more, the digital space has simplified job hunting. This means jobs for 20 year olds can be found easily on job websites.

It is prudent to understand how to go about your job search because some jobs can be done online or offline. Such variations mean that 20 year olds have to scrutinize each opportunity to ensure it suits them.


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18 Best Jobs For 20 Year Olds With No Experience

#1- Marketing Automation Specialist

Marketing automation involves advertising to increase sales or visitors to a particular business website.

The idea of marketing automation is new but has gained traction among many advertising agencies.

Some examples of marketing automation include:

A marketing platform is a software that has the ability to handle thousands of campaigns without manual user involvement.

The best time to do automation is when you intend to reach more audiences when introducing a new product.

Integrating automation software aims to increase conversation rate, reduce resource wastage, increase productivity and ensure constant communication with the target audience.

A 20 year old who is tech-savvy is well conversant with the existing automation systems and can easily comprehend how they function.

A marketing automation system is used to cross-post different targeted campaigns to reach a higher audience.

A marketing automation specialist earns $45k+ per year depending on the agreement and the amount of work assigned.


#2- Contract Graphic Designer

Contract graphic designers are more freelancers who are hired on a task basis.

A graphic designer creates attractive items which can use used on websites, physical businesses, advertising, or logos.

A graphic designer must have undergone training to understand the techniques applied in creating those beautiful designs.

Some of the skills of a graphic designer include the following:

  • Creativity
  • Understanding of Adobe Creative Apps
  • Knowledge of graphic editing using various software
  • Efficiency and ability to complete projects on time
  • Ability to understand Apps and websites user interface
  • Knowledge of video editing
  • Typography skills to know how to design logos

Some of the graphic design tools which professionals mostly use include:

  • Canva
  • PixTeller
  • Lucidpress
  • GIMP
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CorelDraw
  • Inkscape
  • Adobe Illustrator CC

There are many places to find graphic design jobs, and some of the trustworthy websites include:

  • Freelance Websites: Upwork, Fiverr
  • Job websites such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Flexjobs.

The estimated salary for a graphic designer is $10+ per hour. A 20 year old would find this job unique if they have the necessary skills.


#3- SEO Consultant

To become a fully-fledged SEO consultant, you ought to have previously experienced dealing with different companies.

A 20 year old who has experience in online marketing can do this job well.

It is advisable to have the necessary skills and master the market dynamics before you start SEO marketing like the ones below;

  • An SEO specialist should have a degree or a certificate of training.
  • Master of data analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Ahrefs, among others
  • Ability to work independently with no supervision
  • Coding skills to conduct technical analysis

An SEO specialist is tasked with analyzing website performance, optimizing, updating content, and reviewing indexing rates.

Further, an SEO expert can offer consultation services by advising the owner on best advertisement campaign practices.

An SEO consultant also conducts offline optimization on any business or company website to ensure high visibility.

SEO consultants earn $40,000 depending on the contracts assigned to them.

SEO jobs can be found on social media, freelance websites, or job websites.

Some Social media websites where SEOs are mostly posted include Facebook and Reddit.

Additionally, you can find SEO jobs on job sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn and Flexjobs, and Ziprecruiter.

Lastly, you can also find SEO jobs on freelance websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Peopleperhour.


#4- Film Editor

Film editing is a job that is difficult and only reserved for experts. The reason is, trusting someone to deliver your project depends on evidence of previous experience.

In this case, a 20 year old would find this job exciting and, at the same time, well-paying.

Editors play an integral role in producing exciting content which will wow viewers.

Being hired by an editing company is a blessing because you get exposure to many skill-based projects.

A film editor needs to have to following skills:

  • A certificate in video and graphic editing
  • Demonstrate experience in editing
  • A list of previous works
  • Creative
  • A record of the timely delivery of work

A film editor’s salary varies depending on the project. On average, an editor earns $20+ per hour. Overall, a film editor earns $40k+ per year.


#5- Freelance Writer

The exciting thing about a freelance writer is being dynamic.

These professionals are conversant in various fields, such as writing reviews, books, articles, SEO posts, website content, and technical writing.

There are thousands of freelance writing websites where one can find work.

Some of the well-known websites include Upwork, Chegg, and Fiverr.

Freelance writers are paid based on the task they are assigned.

Some tasks can cost $5 or $1000, depending on the length of content involved.



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#6- Virtual Recruiter

Lately, companies have started hiring international recruiters to help establish a global presence.

A virtual recruiter does interviews, hold events, and evaluates applicants remotely.

When hired as a virtual recruiter, you must understand the company’s policies to operate within their confines.

A virtual recruiter needs to have the following skills:

  • A certificate to demonstrate their qualification as a recruiter
  • Attention to details
  • Tech-savvy because the recruitment process is done online
  • Time management
  • Ability to multitask

A virtual recruiter earns $40k+ per year, depending on the agreement reached with the company.


#7- Web Design and Programming

Web design and programming is a highly sort after profession.

Many 20 year olds who have majored in computer science or information technology-related courses can do web design and programming jobs.

Web developers should have the following skills:

  • A certificate in computer science or information technology-related courses
  • Visual design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python

To become a professional web developer, you need to know a few frameworks to simplify your work.

Some of the leading frameworks include:

  • Django
  • Angular
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Flask
  • Flutter
  • js
  • JQuery
  • Laravel
  • GitHub
  • Yii
  • Bootstrap
  • Net

The average salary of a web developer per year is $66,000 and above.


#8 – Email Marketer

This is a job that requires an understanding of marketing processes.

An email marketer needs to master different marketing tools.

Currently, email marketing automation is the most used option.

A 20 year can find email marketing jobs from LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork, and Fiverr among others.

An email marketer earns depending on the contract. On average, a marketer can earn between $30k – $100k per year.


#9 – Tutor Or Teaching Assistant

A teacher is tasked with supporting learners at any level of learning, either online or offline.
The average annual pay for a teacher is $30k+ per year.

A tutor helps learners at different levels, either in a physical classroom or online. Online tutoring is the modern approach primarily utilized by tutors.

This means that 20 year olds who graduated from the university can tutor kids online and get paid.

There are many tutoring websites on which a 20 year old can find jobs.

These websites include Chegg, TutorMe, Wize, and Tutor.com.

Some apps supporting tutoring services include Princeton Review, Preply, Skooli, Pearson’s Smarthinking, and Chegg Study.

A tutor earns $15+ per hour depending on the company’s terms and agreement with the employer.


#10 – Childcare Provider Or Caregiver

A childcare provider is tasked with providing services such as cooking meals for kids, washing them, playing, and cleaning them.

The average national wage of a childcare provider per year is $30k+ per year.

A caregiver is mainly contracted to serve older people in nursing homes or for specialized purposes.

A caregiver earns between $35k and $70k per year, depending on the employer’s agreement.

Ladies who are aged 20 years mostly find babysitting interesting.

If you are just from college or on holiday, you can do this as a side hustle.

Babysitting is an exciting and well-paying job.

A babysitter earns between $35k + to $90k per year.


#11 – Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary jobs are primarily found in ranches or invited in homes to do vaccinations for pets.

A 20 year old who has pursued veterinary science can do this job well.

A veterinarian earns $35k+ per year.


#12 – Teller or Attendant

Tellers primarily work in banks or microfinance enterprises. A teller needs to have an accounting-related degree or certificate qualification.

Tellers earn an average salary of $35k+ per year.

Of all jobs, a bartender is not well-respected but the most interesting for 20 year olds.

The job involves serving drinks to people in clubs or fancy restaurants.

A bartender earns an average salary of $45k+ per year.


#13 – Social Media Helper

A social media helper is tasked with supporting a business owner in publishing content on a particular social media page.

It is estimated that a social media helper earns $9,000+ per month, depending on the magnitude of the work.

A 20 year old can get a socia media job without any work experience by sticking to simple tricks:

  • Focus on entry-level positions
  • Ensure your resume is well-written to demonstrate you are capable of doing the job
  • Highlight the skills you have acquired throughout your training process
  • Enrich yourself by taking extracurricular certificate courses
  • Build your network by focusing on people employed in different entities


#14 – No Degree Jobs For 20 Year Olds

Having no experience in a particular job does not mean you cannot do it. A fresh graduate has no demonstratable experience.

As a result, they join the job market with no experience.

This does not mean they are unemployable but can still find jobs.

Most jobs that one can do with no experience can be done offline and online.

Some of the jobs with no experience include:

Date entry – Average salary is $18 per hour

Proofreading – Average salary is $15 per hour

Virtual assistant – Average salary is $20 per hour

Social media manager – Average salary is $20 per hour

Graphic designer – Average salary is $15 per hour

Freelance Writing – Average salary is $10 per hour

Customer service Representative Average salary is $15 per hour

English tutor – Average salary is $17 per hour

Community Manager – Average salary is $70k+ per year


#15 – Offline Jobs For 20 Year Olds

Every 20 year old has an opportunity to make a living. Most of the time, no need to have a degree to do some jobs.

Some of the ideal jobs for 20 year olds with no degree, which can be found online, include:

Firefighter – Average salary is $18k+ per year

Real Estate Agent – Average salary is $30k+ per year

Carpenter – Average salary is $50k+ per year

Masonry Worker – Average salary is $15+ per hour

Solar Photovoltaic Installer – Average salary is $40k+ per year

Travel Agent – Average salary is $40k+ per year

Physical Therapy Aide – Average salary is $10 per hour

Artist – Average salary is $18+ per hour

Patrol Officer – Average salary is $50k+ per year

Sales Representative – Average salary is $60k+ per year

Flight Attendant – Average salary is $20+ per hour

Electrician – Average salary is $25+ per hour

Plumber – Average salary is $28+ per hour

Wind Turbine Technician – Average salary is $50k+ per year

The places to find jobs with no degree include online platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Indeed, and Zenrecruiter, among others.

Alternatively, you can ask companies within your city for available opportunities.



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#16 – Driving Jobs For 20 Year Olds

Driving jobs cover a wide range of services, such as transit truck drivers, delivery drivers, and private drivers.

Not all driving jobs can easily be found on job boards because some, such as private drivers, demand high trust.

Private drivers

A private driver is hired for personal reasons and drives the owner from one place to another within the town.

Some private drivers are hired to work with a family and support their movements as they attend different activities.

The salary for a private driver depends on the employer and the agreement they sign.

Transit Truck Drivers

Transit trucks are heavy-duty vehicles purposely designed for delivering goods to various areas within a particular geographical region.

Most transit truck drivers in the United States work 24/7 to ensure stores are supplied on time.

Further, people who want to move machinery call the services of transit companies.

Therefore, a 20 year old who is skilled enough and passionate about driving heavy-duty trucks earn good income delivering goods.

A transit truck driver earns $40k+ per year, depending on the distance traveled and the agreement with the employer.

Rideshare Driver

If your employer allows you to invite a passenger or two who can pay you, it is a nice way to make money.

Rideshare drivers are paid depending on the agreement reached with the passenger.

Delivery Drivers

Currently, there are too many delivery companies operating across different states.

Their services are vital to the efficiency and delivery of services by businesses.

What is more, most ordinary businesses have established online presence and integrated delivery agent services.

Some of the companies which offer delivery services where a 20 year old can find a job include:

DoorDash Driver – Salary is $25 per hour

Amazon Prime Driver – Salary is $18 – $25 per hour

Uber Driver – Average salary is $30k+ per year

FedEx – Average salary is $80k+ per year

UPS – Average salary is $172,000 per year

USPS – Average salary is $50,000 per year

DHL – Average salary is $21 per hour

Aramex – Average salary is $65,000 per year

Gopuff – Average salary is $19 per hour

Caviar – Average salary is $50,000 per year

Postmates – Appriximately salary is $18 per hour

Shipt – Average salary is $45,000 per year

Instacart – Average salary is $15+ per hour

Grubhub – Average salary range is $12 – 20 per hour


#17 – Pet Sitter

A pet sitter is tasked with taking a pet on the owner’s behalf.

Some activities involved in caring for a pet include house sitting, pet walking, pet daycare, collecting droppings, pet training, and grooming.

A pet sitter earns $25k+ per year. In most circumstances, pet sitters are paid $10+ per hour because most prefer working on peer day terms.


#18 – Retail Worker or Front Desk Receptionist

A retailer is tasked with providing support to a store owner.

Some activities involved in retail are arranging products, attending to customers, billing, and restocking shelves.

A retailer earns $30k+ per year, depending on the agreement with the employer.

A receptionist server is the communication link between a business and its visiting customers.

They are tasked with directing visitors to the correct destination or addressing their needs instantly.

Receptionists earn $30k+ per year, depending on the agreement with the employer.


Wrapping It Up

This article provides a few jobs that a 20 year can do and make a living.

Any person aged 20 years can do any job depending on their qualification.

Currently, most jobs can be done online and offline, and this post focuses on jobs that can be easily within your locality and do not have many limitations.

Other Age-appropriate Jobs:



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