11 Summer Jobs For 9 Year Olds Near Me To Earn Money At Home


Jobs for 9 year olds are meant to provide a basis for kids to stay engaged and learn accountability. In this case, parents can choose to teach their kids how to be responsible at an early age.

Recently, many jobs for 9 year olds have emerged, which kids can do with or without the support of their parents.

If you are a kid within this age bracket, you can ask your parent to help start these jobs.


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11 Summer Jobs For 9 Year Olds Near Me To Earn Money At Home

#1 – Yard Work

Yard work requires no experience, but as a 9 year old you need parental assistance to do such a job.

This job involves applying fertilizer and spraying pesticides on plants.

Since the work involves dealing with poisonous chemicals, a parent must watch a kid as they do the work.

A yard worker earns $10+ per hour depending on the agreement reached with the employer.


#2 – Parent’s Helper

Some parents may help their kids by offering them an allowance when they offer assistance.

Although not many would prefer this approach, such allowances serve as a motivation and a way to encourage the child to learn.

Some duties a 9 year old can help their parents to accomplish include: Washing utensilsCleaning the house, Dusting the carpets, Making the beds, and Washing family car among others.

A 9 year old can be paid $20 per task, or more, depending on the agreement with their parent.


#3 – Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand comes up anytime you think of summer jobs for 9 year olds.

To set up a lemonade stand, one needs to find the right location, find a catchy phrase for the business, cups, ingredients, and the table stand.

A parent can support their kid financially to buy the necessary items to set up the business.

The best locations to set up lemonade stands are near the street, the park’s gate, or the school compound.

A lemonade stand operator is assured of making $1000 and more per week during hot summer weather.


#4 – Baby Sitting

A babysitter needs to be trained and compassionate enough to care for kids.

Even though this is the case, parents prefer to hire 9 year olds to stay with their kids. This is vital because kids can play and bond well.

9 year olds can approach their neighbors and ask for babysitting jobs or ask their parents to look for a job within the area on their behalf.

“Disclaimer: If you are a 9 year old, looking for babysitting jobs online is impossible because the websites encourage only specialized individuals to register.”

A babysitter earns $15+ per hour and more.



#5 – Retail Store Worker

A retail store worker is tasked with arranging items on the shelves, assisting customers, and receiving payments, among other things.

A 9 year old can work in their parents’ or with a different person within their locality. This allows them to make extra income.

To become a retail store worker, you need to have basic math skills and the ability to count money.

The wage for a retail store worker is $10+ per hour. Overall, one is guaranteed $28k+ per year, depending on the agreement reached with the employer.


#6 – House Chores

A 9 year old can help their parent do house chores and get paid to teach and motivate them.

House chores form of jobs can be provided by parents or a neighbor who is in need.

Kids need guidance in the process, meaning house chores are ideal activities. Additionally, showing them how to do the chores improves their focus.

The skills acquired through doing such jobs become vital at a later age.

The pay for doing house chores is $20+ and more per under the table job task.


#7 – Take Surveys

Survey websites provide easy jobs which 9 year old can complete in their free time.

Since brands share most surveys, most kids have know-how about the products.

The skills needed to become a survey taker include a better understanding the brand and the products they manufacture.

Since the survey are written in simple language, a 9 year old can understand them easily.

Some of the well-known survey websites where you can find jobs for 9 year olds include:

Most survey companies pay between $0.2 – $20 per task. This means a young person can have enough money to cater to essential needs.


#8 – Make & Sell Crafts

Crafting is an artistic skill learned over time, and kids tend to be great crafters.

Parents can support their kids to become great designers early by providing them with the necessary materials to make unique items.

Some of the places a 9 year old can sell their craft items to make money include:

The average income one can make selling crafted items depends on the quality of the product. There is a possibility of making over $500 per or more if a kid makes many sales.


#9 – Create Illustrations

Rather than sticking to physical drawing, parents can support their kids by buying digital drawing tools for them.

These illustrations can be animated and sold to website designers or marketers. This means that creative illustrations can be a great online job for 9 year olds.

Some of the websites where you can create illustrations include:

Further, after creating your designs, you need to showcase them to buyers. In this case, the best websites where you can list your products include:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Creative Markets
  • Shopify
  • Sellfy
  • Digital Product Deliver (DPD)
  • Gumroad
  • Themeforest by Evanto
  • Depop
  • Poshmark

The amount of money one can make selling illustrations depends on the items listed and their quality. You are guaranteed over $100 per month when you have a good listing.


#10 – Sell Photographs

You meet new and exciting things every day in your town or leisure parks. You can combine fun with work by carrying a camera to take photos and sell them.

People are constantly looking for unique pictures online to use in their projects.

Listing such pictures on digital marketplaces can help a 9 year old to earn extra money.

Some of the well-known digital marketplaces include:

Depending on the selling price, a photographer can make $5 per item and above.


#11 – Pet Sitting

Caring for a pet involves different activities to ensure good hygiene and health.

Although a 9 year old may seem young, the ability to bond with pets is unequaled, making them ideal for such a job.

Some pets that 9 year olds can take care of include dogs and cats.

As a result, pet sitting jobs for 9 year olds involve pet grooming, pet walking, and playing.


Pet grooms involve washing a dog and cutting excess fur and nails.

Kids bond well with animals, and pet grooming is an ideal job for them.

A 9 year old needs a comb, a nail clipper, and a trimmer to do pet grooming.


Pets are mostly active during the morning and evening hours. This is the moment most people go for exercise.

If it’s hard for you to take your do for a walk, you can employ a 9 year old to the task. This will ensure your do remain active and healthy.


A 9 year old would enjoy playing with a pet. As a result, this jobs is ideal for kids because they find it fun to play with pets.

A pet sitter earns between $15 and $40 daily, depending on the agreement. Although a 9 year old is not experienced enough, they can earn $10+ per hour.



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 Jobs For 9 Year Olds Frequently Asked Questions

What can a 9 year old do to make money?

The best jobs a 9 year can do to make money include pet sitting, taking online surveys, and running a lemonade stand.


How can a kid make money fast?

A kid can make money fast by getting paid to help parents or their neighbor do simple chores.


What is the best nail cutter for dogs?

The nail cutter for pets that kids can use during pet grooming include boshel dog nail clippers, aussie do nail clippers and zen clippers


How can I make money in one hour?

You can make money in one hour helping your parents or babysitting, where you get paid hourly.


How can I make extra money weekly?

You can make extra money weekly by doing weekend pet sitting, yard work, helping parents, and taking online surveys.


Wrapping It Up

The number of jobs for 9 year olds discussed in these post depends on your locality and their availability.

In most states, 9 year olds are not allowed to work. As a result, parental or guardian supervision is required.

Parent, therefore, can support their kid by connecting them to their neighbors who can offer such jobs.

Alternatively, a parent can buy the necessary equipment for the 9 year old if they choose to work online

You can locate businesses that offer “jobs for 9 year olds near me” using the Google Map Locator.”

Other Age-appropriate Jobs:



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