Ixqtv Review: How To Make Money Watching TV

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In this IXQTV review, we get to determine if this compensation plan is still legit and operational.

Let me start by saying that I am not an Ixqtv customer or promoter so I am not trying to market their products to you.

My goal is to help you determine if this opportunity for making money online or working from home is legit or not.

I have done lots of research and digging for you to be able to come up with a conclusion which you shall find out as you read through this Ixqtv review.

In this Ixqtv review we shall address the following;

  • Ixqtv reviews
  • What is Ixqtv?
  • Ixqtv channels
  • Is Ixqtv Legal?
  • Ixqtv Shut Down
  • Ixqtv Compensation Plan
  • Ixqtv Alternatives

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Ixqtv reviews-official-landing-page



Quick summary of ixqtv

Name: IXQ TV also written as one word Ixqtv

Founder: David Bremner

Do we recommend it: NO

We will not call this program a scam because it was very popular and legit before it was shut down.

Currently, we do not recommend it because it was shutdown which means there is no way you can sign up to it any longer.

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I had trouble finding clear information which answers this question because there seems to be no official website where you can find all information about this program.

It is claimed that Ixqtv.com is the official website. However, it redirects to an error page. There is a possibility that this domain name was closed

According to web stats online it was registered in 2018 by David Bremner.

Bremner was famous in 2015 when he launched the vStream TV MLM company. It later ran into scam scandals which could have affected the reputation of Ixqtv.

After some further research, I came across Ixqtv LinkedIn profile, which gave links to two official websites: http://watchmoretv4less.com and http://cancelcabletvnow.com/.

However, I was still not successful because the two websites above also redirect to an error page.

Therefore, we can conclude that Ixqtv is another Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model or program created by David Bremner. This means it’s an opportunity where you can make money online through their compensation plan.

Additionally, Ixqtv offers Tv streaming services through the cut the cord model where you are able to watch TV without any cable or satellite connections.

Therefore they offer customer services (see the channels and products section below) or as a business partner oppotunities (see the compensation plan section)

Ixqtv reviews-Customer-&-promoter-plan


Ixqtv offers two major opportunities to its customers;

One, you get to watch cheaply priced Tv shows and movies of your choice.

Two, you can make money through becoming an affiliate or marketer helping to promote their products.

What channels are on Ixqtv?

They have over 5000 channels with HD quality and live streaming option.

You will get premium channels, such as Showtime, HBO and Cinemax among others.

You shall also enjoy some of the best 100+ sports channels, such as NBA, MLB, ESPN and fox sports among others.

They also have free to air channels so you can still continue watching these even if you do not renew your subscription.

In short they have a variety of children, entertainment, movies, news and local programs to choose from.

Pros of Ixqtv channels

  • Wide variety: You have over 8000 channels to choose from.
  • 24/7 support: No downtime because any problem you encounter will get solved immediately.
  • No extra charges: You will only pay the monthly subscription fee and that is all. This means there is no cancellation fees, activation fees, contract fees and other types of extra costs.
  • No cable and satellite costs: Their live streaming feature allows you to access all the channels through 6 devices (Televisions, computer, phones, Android box, tablets and more) without incurring any extra costs.
  • Unlimited viewership: You are free to stream anyhow you want after you pay the monthly subscription fee.

Ixqtv Channels Pricing

They offer their streaming services in three levels:

  • Two concurrent stream connections: This is their lowest steaming package which costs $39 per month equivalent to $429 annually.
  • Four concurrent stream connections: This second level package costs $51 per month and $561 per year.
  • Six concurrent stream connections: This is the final package which costs $63 monthly and $693 per year.

Ixqtv reviews-channels

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How to join Ixqtv compensation plan?

First, you have to activate your pro membership plan by paying $59 per month.

Members of the pro membership plan enjoy the following benefits;

  • Never-ending or forever unlimited trials you can use to sign up new customers.
  • An iXQtv trial site you can use to show your referrals how to use the site and its benefits.
  • Free trial business cards and postcards you can give to your target referrals.
  • Lifetime access to free marketing materials and pintables.
  • Ability to get new leadership ranks
  • Enjoy 5 levels of residual income
  • Become a junior executive or pro-business partner instantly.

Ixqtv reviews-Pro-Plus-Membership-Benefits


Ixqtv Compensation Plan Definition of terms

Below are some of the terms you shall encounter as we describe how to make money with this compensation plan in this ixqtv review.

Ixqtv reviews-operational-terms


#1 Customer Commissions

For every successful customer you refer you shall the following commissions. Let say the customer pays the $39 subscription package, you expect to earn:

  • $15 on the first month
  • $10 residual income every month after they renew their subscription.

NB: The first mouth amount paid weekly while the residual income is paid monthly.

Ixqtv reviews-customer-commissions

#2 Pro Business Partner Sponsorship

Let say you sponsor someone to join the Pro-Business Compensation Plan by paying for them the $59 per month, you expect to earn the following commissions:

  • Get $20 on their first month of subscription
  • Get a $15 residual income every month after they renew their subscription.

Ixqtv reviews-business-sponsor-commisions


#3 Generation Bonuses

The affiliates you recruit will recruit others while those will also recruit others, and this creates a uni-level generation pyramid as shown in the image below.

Ixqtv reviews-unilevel-commission-structure

The main recruiter who is you will always earn commissions from all the recruits below you based on their level as shown in the image below.

ixtv reviews-generation-bonuses


#4 Leadership bonus

Every time you attain a higher leadership level you get a one-time compensation fee based on the level you have attained to encourage you to climb through the levels.

For example, if you attain the lowest level which is Regional rank you get a $100 bonus, and if you attain the highest level which is Diamond rank you get $50,000.

Ixqtv reviews-Leadership-rewards


#5 Matching Bonus

This is a bonus given out of all the people you sponsor to join the compensation plan by paying for them the $59 per month.

For every perfect sponsorship or match you get a 20% residual income.

For example you sponsored mark and he is making $5000 per month, then you get $1000 residual income every month.

The 20% residual bonus applies to matches made at the first level. This will decrease based on the level of your customer as shown on the image below.




#6 Team Builder Bonus

If your team get to over 5000 members you will get a $5000 bonus. That reward will double as your team members double too.

For instance, if you reach 10,000 members, you get a $10,000 bonus.

Ixqtv reviews-team-builder-bonus


Apparently it happens that Ixqtv is not in business because it shut down on August first 2019.

Below are two proofs of this;

Firstly, they sent emails to their subscribers and customers on July 31st informing them of the closure. See the image below.

Ixqtv REVIEWS-shut-down-email-alert

Secondly, they announced the news on their Facebook page as shown on the image below.

ixqtv REVIEWS-shutdown-facebook

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Is Ixqtv Legal?

Ixqtv does not reveal where they get the content they stream on their platform. It is possible that they hide their aggregator source because they obtain that information through illegal means. Additionally, the fact that ixqtv shutdown further proofs their business model was not legal enough to overcome the competitive forces in the market.

Was Ixqtv shutdown?

Yes it was. It is no longer offering any streaming services to its customers. That means their compensation program is not active anymore.

What channels are on Ixqtv?

They have over 8000 live channels, pre-recorded shows and movie offers on their platform. They offer HD quality TV channels, such as ABC, CBS NBC, FOX, FX, Disney, USA and more.

They also offer premium channels, such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz among others.

They have popular sport channels, such as PAC 12, Boxing, Tennis, NFL and MLB among others.

They also have local TV stations found in other countries, such as Germany, Italy, France, India and Spain among others.

What is Myixqtv?

This is an opportunity created by IXQ TV where you are able to do two things:

One, sign up as customer for $39 a month and enjoy over 3000 live streaming channels.

Two, sign up as a promoter, affiliate or business partner who helps to market ixqtv products then earn commissions in 6 ways described above (check out ixqtv compensation plan above).

Can you record on Ixqtv?

The simple answer is yes you can record on Ixqtv. However, I would discourage you from doing it because you might run into copyright related issues and lawsuits. It is illegal to record or download copyrighted content on the internet.




Here are the three major reasons we do not think that is a genuine opportunity to invest your time and resources on;

Firstly, the business was shut down on August 1st 2019.

Secondly, there is no website, app, link or instructions on how you can join the program. Therefore, there is no way you can become a member to something you cannot join.

Finally, they use illegal methods to obtain their content, hence numerous complaints, lawsuits and finally the shutdown.

You have come to the end of this review, I recommend you check out the following more legit ways to make money online!


Now that ixqtv is not in business anymore, you can check out the following alternatives which operate the same as ixqtv.

If you have read ixqv compensation plan and channels packages above you will not have any trouble understanding how the alternatives below operate because they use a similar business model.

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