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Welcome to my Profit Point Autonomy Review!

I have never worked for this company, neither am I an affiliate promoting it. I am simply trying to help you determine if it’s worthy investing into or not.

My goal is to help you identify make money online scams you should avoid, and also lead you to some of the legit make money online opportunities.

There is so much hype on how profit point Autonomy would help you to make $500 daily. I took some time to dig into all these claims to help you determine is this program is really legit.

Continue reading to find out if profit point autonomy is a scam or a legit make money online opportunity.



Profit Point Autonomy Review Overview

Name: Profit Point Autonomy 

Founder: Not known/disclosed

Model of operation: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $47 per month

Recommended for who: Not good for anyone



  • You shall get free videos and training’s on affiliate marketing
  • The process is automated



  • Too many negative reviews
  • It’s a rehearsed version of other similar scam options like Website ATM and Home Profit System.
  • Fake promises and hype on making money.
  • No official website
  • Bad reputation of the owners



Profit Point Autonomy offers free videos, training’s and an automated system which will make you $500 daily at the click of a button.

Is Profit Point Autonomy Scam? I would say it is based on the above cons. Keep reading this review to discover more evidence about this.


What Is Profit Point Autonomy About?

This is a make money online opportunity which uses an affiliate marketing model.

Affiliate marketing is where you get paid a commission after promoting other peoples products or services. Read more about that here.

Profit Point Autonomy tends to work the same way platforms like Shopify do. This is where you are allowed to copy they system then reproduce it to be your own and use it to drive more clients to the main website.

For every successful lead or new client, you earn a commission.

Profit Point Autonomy was introduced through a sales video where they claimed that they will help you make $500 per day. I tried to look for the original video and I could not find it so check the image below.



Who Is Mason Brown?

Mason Brown is the man who was seen in the original video which introduced Profit Point Autonomy to the world.

He did not say whether he is the founder of the program or just an employee hired to do the sales video.

In the video he did not also disclose his identity or relationship with this project. All he did was tell a story of how he was struggling financially, then he used Profit Point Autonomy to change his story.

Here is a picture of Mason Brown…..



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How Does Profit Point Autonomy Work?

Profit Point Autonomy Account Activation

You have to complete the steps below to start making money with Profit Point Autonomy;

Step One: Create an account

This is the step where you sign up with your email address and password.

Watch this video to see a website which will pay you to sign up to websites.

Step Two: Activate Your Account

You must pay the $47 fee followed by an extra $7 monthly up-sells fee to activate your account.

Once your account is activated, you will be able to access the money-making automated system.

Step Three: Get Started

You can now begin watching the videos, affiliate marketing training’s and wait for the app to pay you money daily after you do that.


What Profit Point Autonomy Offers

After you successfully become a member through signing up and paying the subscription fee above, you get the following;

Free course

Profit point autonomy promises to give you a free course that will teach you how to make money online with affiliate marketing.


Profit point autonomy tends to market a copy and paste system or a Done for you (DFY) website where you will just need to download the templates and customize them into your own design.

In short, this works the same way you can get a free website platform on sites like WordPress, Wix and Blogger among others.

Therefore, your website at profit point autonomy domain name will look like something like, “”

Money back guarantee

Profit point autonomy promises to give you a full refund of your money within 60 days if you are not satisfied with their services. How true that is, I do not know.



Profit Point Autonomy Cost To Join

You will pay $47, then you are guaranteed to make $500 out of it!

The profit margin seems too big for such a small sacrifice, right?

This is where I tell you, when the deal seems to good, think twice about it.

In the original video, they make it look like you are paying the $47 as a one-time fee.

Wait until you pay it only to discover that you will have to pay $47 and extra $7 every month to keep your account active.

The $7 fee is for giving you access to affiliate marketing training videos. Personally, I would never pay for this because most of the information is available for free on YouTube.

For example, watch my affiliate marketing training video to see how I made $2000 from one blog post.



Is Profit Point Autonomy Legit? 6 Red Flags

Below are 6 red flags indicating this project is not legit, and we do not recommend it to anyone.

#1 Fully Automated

The Profit Point Autonomy system is fully automated.

That means it’s purely works on some robotic machine-operated system.

You need a system with real human support who can help solve problems in the real world.

Automated systems are also very rigid and non-flexible to accommodate your creativity and dynamic ideas.

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#2 The Fake Hype

Profit Point Autonomy promised to help its users to make $500 per day.

They further make it look so simple by claiming that you will make that by “just pressing a button”.

They further go on to say that they will make “cash to flood into your bank account 24/7/365”.


When did making money become so easy? One way to identify make money online scams is through identifying “too good to be true” selling language like the two fake promises above.

I have been working online for the last 10 years and I have never found any legit “get rich quick scheme”.

Anybody that promises you to make lots of money overnight, and then asks you to put in so little effort or even do nothing is lying to you.



#3 Owners Not Known

After reviewing several online scams, such as Viral Pay, and Cash for Patriots Program among others, I have noticed that most do not disclose their owners, about information and other personal details.

If something is legit and transparent, you would not have any problem selling it publicly, right?

Therefore, the only reason the owners programs like profit point autonomy do not disclose their identity is to protect themselves from getting caught up in lawsuits and other consequences resulting from scamming people money.



#4 Copied Templates

Most of the images used to market profit point autonomy business model were copied from other make money online scams which had failed in the past, such as, Website ATM and Point 2 Click Profits.

It is easy to copy other marketer’s campaigns when what you are doing is not legit.

Honest marketers spend lots of time creating their products from scratch to produce unique selling copies.



#5 Fake Testimonials

Scam programs online are good at hiring freelancers on Fiverr to write fake testimonials for them.

It seems that Profit point autonomy also employed this strategy when putting up its testimonials page.



#6 Fake Scarcity Marketing Technique

Giving an offer within a limited time like saying “this offer is available for the next 24 hours” creates a scarcity mentality which makes people to buy more.

That is exactly what the team behind profit point autonomy did by putting a fake countdown time showing that the offer to make $500 is only available for the next 24 hours.

They also claimed that there are only 13 slots left for people interested in making $500 a day.



Profit Point Autonomy Reviews Online

It was later discovered by some websites who were writing positive reviews about this program had been paid to do it. Find out more about this on AP News blog says….

“Is Profit Point Autonomy a scam? Frankly speaking, it is. It doesn’t have a real website, the testimonials about it are fake, and there’s no solid evidence that it pays!” blog says…

“Keep in mind that this scam is created to lure unsuspecting people without the knowledge of affiliate marketing, scams, and making money online.” blog says….

“The fact that the seller of Profit Point Autonomy is unknown, and they make pretty big claims I believe that this company cannot certainly not be trusted, and it’s difficult to say for certain that they are a scam.” blog says…

“Not only Profit Point Autonomy but many scammers out there claim that there is a way to make money immediately and easily, which is never true. I do not recommend Profit Point Autonomy.”



Is profit Point Autonomy a scam? Our Final Verdict

Yes it is!

No owners disclosed, copied marketing templates, fake testimonials, fake scarcity marketing deals, automated systems and fake promises are evidences that this is fake opportunity.

We recommend you stay away from this make money online scam and instead check the tried and tested ways to make money online free below:


1. SURVEY JUNKIE: Earn up to $50 per survey on this site. Read our Survey Junkie Review.

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5.  SWAGBUCKS: Get paid to take surveys, play games, shop, watch TV, and more in this post.


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