Website ATM Review: 500 A Day? Scam Or Legit?

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Welcome to my Website ATM Review where I will help you answer the following questions:

  • What is Website ATM?
  • Is Website ATM legit?
  • What are some Website ATM scam proofs?
  • What are the common Website ATM reviews?

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Website ATM is a platform that sells you a way to make money online fast by just “pushing a button,” promising you to earn $500 per day.

To get that lack, all you have to do is pay the joining subscription fee of $47.

That fee will give you access to secret affiliate software and a website builder, which will do the work of secretly making money for you.

Your job is only to pay the fee, then push the withdraw button to get $500 every day.

When did making money get so easy? No matter how desperately you need money, I am sure you can tell that this opportunity sounds too good to be true.

Just think about it, how logical is it that $47 will make you $500 every day without having to do anything apart from pushing the withdraw button?

Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds?

Success is not an overnight journey or a get-rich-quick scheme, it is gradual, and the moment you shall accept that, you will never fall for make money online scams like this one.





I went ahead to look at Website ATM reviews on community forums and business review platforms below.

First, I looked it up on Quora and came across this many people who were asking how to get a refund from this website and calling it a scam.


Second, I looked up the website atm the better business bureau to see how it’s rated on BBB, and I could not get any specific reference to Website ATM. However, I came across similar business profiles, which were not recommended, like the one below.






#1 Where is the official website?

I looked for the official website with this domain name,, and I could not come across any such platform.

At first, I came across this site,, going by a similar name. There is nowhere they market an opportunity to make $500 per day or mention the $47 fee. They seem to be all about helping online marketers create websites that make money. More like a website builder, so I doubt if this is the official website atm site. Below is the marketing tagline of this site.


Later I came across this URL, Yes, the Website ATM image is on it, but the subscription fee is $17, not $47. Additionally, there is no mention of making $500 a day. There is not even an About page providing more information about this site.



#2 the fake hype

You can’t make $500 daily doing something as simple as paying a subscription fee and pushing a button. Look at the owner of this program had to create such a system and even promote it to make money. Earning cash takes handwork and consistency, so do not let anyone fool you that it is as simple as pushing a button.


#3 unknown owner

The owner of this website is Nick Harvey. It is claimed that he is an ex-accountant, but there is no proof of that anywhere. There is no much information about this guy, which proves his expertise in building such systems or being a reliable employer. He is a newcomer in the business and must establish his credibility to earn your trust.


#4 Fake Testimonials

Most scam websites go-to freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, then hire people to write fake reviews for them. Alternatively, some purchase stock photos then write fake testimonials. Website ATM used the later strategy because the images of people used in the testimonials are being sold on deposit photos and Shutterstock.



#5 the scarcity mentality

Most make money scams will make you believe that there are only fee spots available to push into signing up fast. The website, ATM marketing video, claimed that they are only selling 300 atm’s on a first-come basis.


#6 Do not tell anyone disclaimer

The video discouraged people who have acquired the ATM’s from telling anyone how the system works because the authorities might come after them. If the owners of this platform were confident that it is 100% legal, they would not give such a warning to its users.


#7 Continuous Rebranding & Redirecting to other URLs

Previously a site called Money Sucking Website came before Website ATM.

The sales video of both websites has the same features, which lead us to believe they were created by the same persons.

For instance, both claim to help you make $500 a day and created the scarcity mentality of 8 spots left, as shown in the image below.


Another similarity is Nick Harvey’s family photo introducing his three kids and wife are present in both videos.


It would help if you looked out for other businesses with the same “push button money-making machine” marketing model like Website Profits pro. That could be Nick once again trying to push another similar platform after people realized the last one was a scam.





It would be legit with all the seven scam proofs and red flags above.

Making money is not as easy as pushing a button. That is a lie. You have to work hard to become rich or even make any money.

Too little is known about the creator of this website. Why would you want to work for an employer with zero credibility, authenticity, and authority?

Why would you want to pay $47 subscription fee for something with zero proof that it have helped anyone make the $500 a day it claims? I would recommend you start with free opportunities to make money online like the ones below:



I want to believe that now I have given you Website ATM scam proofs, you can easily answer this question-is Website ATM legit?

This is a scam opportunity which will not help you to make any money online.

They claim to help you succeed in affiliate marketing, but all they are doing is lying to you. I am an affiliate marketer through my blogs, and I can tell you it is not as easy as making money through pushing a button. There are many other ways to make passive income online part from affiliate marketing.

They also claim to help you to make a money-making website, which is also alike. Check out this guide on how to create a website the right way.

In short, what I am trying to say is that there are more legit online businesses to make money with like the ones taught in these free online courses.

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